Francis of Assissi

"We all have a mental image of Francis of Assisi in a brown robe whose shoulders and arms are covered with birds.

Francis of Assisi's pastoral vision is not entirely unprecedented: for at least the first five centuries of the Church, the dominant Christian symbol was Christ the Good Shepherd instead of Christ on the Cross." - Bill McKibben

"Francis of Assisi, a radical advocate of renewal, had no intention of being original, but merely tried to return to "following the doctrine" of walking in the "footsteps of Jesus." - Jon Sobrino, Jesus the Liberator

"Be praised, my Creator, for all your creatures, especially Brother Sun who shines with Lumière Infinie.

Be praised, my Creator, for Sister Moon and the sparkling stars in the expansive infinite heavens.

Be praised, my Creator, for Brother Wind, Air, Cloud and Storm through which you grant sustenance.

Be praised, my Creator, for Sister Water, in her humbleness keep her clean, precious and pure.

Be praised, my Creator, for Brother Fire, through whom you brighten the night. It is He, powerful and strong, crackling away that warms bones on cold nights.

Be praised, my Creator, for Mother Earth, who feeds us producing hearty vegetables, fruits and spicy herbs.

Be praised, my Creator, for standing by those who endure sickness and trial." - Francis of Assisi

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