akhenaten moon

Cattle browse peacefully,
trees and plants are verdant,
birds fly from their nests,
lift up their wings in praise of Aten.

Animals frisk upon their feet,
winged things fly and alight,
coming to life with the rising of Aten.

Papyrus barque sail upstream and papyrus barque sail downstream,
when Aten rises thoroughfares open.

Before the face of Aten fish leap up from the river, the rays of Aten reach the green ocean.

Aten, it is who places the male seed in woman, who creates the semen in man; Aten quickens the Son in his mother's belly, soothing him so that he shall not cry.

Even in the womb Aten is his nurse.

Aten gives breath to all Aten's creation, opening the mouth of the newborn and giving him nourishment.

from Pharaoh Akhenaten's 'Hymn to Aten'

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