Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause.

Stand and,

grip hard,

thrust upward,

bend to the winds of heaven,

and learn tranquility.

Prayer dedicated to Richard St Barbe Baker, Father of the Trees

The Man Who Planted Trees

Indian man single-handedly plants a 1,360-acre forest

"I can imagine a time when a tree was not a tree, but a distinct individual.

If it is just a tree, one among a whole forest of trees, it is no great matter to chop it down.

Nothing unique is being removed from the world.

But if we see it as a unique individual, sacred and irreplaceable, then we would chop it down only with great circumspection.

We might, as many indigenous peoples do, meditate and pray before committing an act of such enormity.

It would be an occasion for solemn ritual.

Only a very worthy purpose would justify it.

Now, having converted all of these unique, divine beings into just trees, we level entire forests with hardly a second thought." - Charles Eisenstein

Richard St Barbe Baker was born in a country house in South Hampshire, England, on 9 October 1889 and from his earliest days developed a keen awareness of the beauty of the forests and creatures therein.

At Cambridge Richard St Barbe Baker studied forestry and after finishing his degree he was posted to Kenya as a forester with the Colonial Office.

Appalled by the continued destruction of the scrublands in the northern highlands by the Kikuyu tribesmen Richard St Barbe Baker convinced the people there to plant trees to replace those they had removed.

Richard St Barbe Baker instituted a Dance of The Trees out of which arose the Men of The Trees, the Swahili for which is 'Watu wa Miti'.

1924 Richard St Barbe Baker founded Men of The Trees in England and became interested in the Baha'i faith which he pursued until death.

1931 Richard St Barbe Baker went to Palestine at the invitation of Sir John Chancellor, the Governor, to assist in establishing a tree planting program.

Richard St Barbe Baker spent some time in Jerusalem co-ordinating a meeting of the heads of the Islam, Hebrew and Catholic communities to plant trees under the banner of Men of The Trees.

Richard St Barbe Baker travelled to America on a lecture tour, during which he wrote his first book Men of the Trees.

Seeing the giant Redwoods he became involved in a move to conserve these trees from further destruction by launching Save the Redwoods Fund which eventually delivered twelve thousand acres of redwoods to the State of California as a reserve.

Richard St Barbe Baker's friendship with Franklin D Roosevelt resulted in the establishment of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Richard St Barbe Baker founded the Forestry Association of Great Britain.

1952 Richard St Barbe Baker goes to Europe, addressing conferences in Germany and Austria and lecturing to university graduates in Vienna on the importance of tree cover.

Richard St Barbe Baker returned to New York, campaigning for tree preservation and late in that year led the first Sahara University Expedition, raising funds by writing Famous Trees.

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1954 Richard St Barbe Baker goes to New Zealand at the invitation of Men of The Trees there to convince the New Zealand State Forestry Service of the need for trees in Central Otago.

1955 Richard St Barbe Baker organizes an exhibition in Cambridge called Man Against Nature and a similar exhibition was staged in Paris.

June 5th, 1982 Richard St Barbe Baker plants his last tree in Saskatoon, Canada, in a ceremony celebrating World Environment Day.

The inscription on Richard St Barbe Baker 's grave marker reads:

9 OCTOBER 1889 - 9 JUNE 1982

may the forest be with you

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