time actuality

Come Down In Time

"It's all now you see.

Yesterday won't be over until tomorrow,

tomorrow began ten thousand years ago."

William Faulkner


Long Long Time

Chinese charater for moment


time is defined herein as:

a series of moments

a linear way to envision events

of, relating to, or measuring passage of moments

a system by which event intervals are measured and numbered

a nonspatial continuum in which events occur in irreversible succession

it is possible to stop time !

Physicist explains why time travel isn't possible

What is time?

"What is time? It is a secret - lacking in substance and yet almighty."

Thomas Mann, from The Magic Mountain.

It is as impossible to comprehend the flow of time in the same way it is impossible to step into the same river twice.

Originally even in ancient Greece time was conceived of as cyclical.

The seasons cycle, life cycles, the moon cycles - an ebb and flow - forever repeating a pattern in a cyclic nature.

The concept of cyclical time was universal among cycle of life cultures.

Aztecs made use of a calendar carved in a huge circular stone, the Sun Stone.

Hindu tradition conceptualizes time as cyclical.

The concept of time as linear is unique to the Mediterranean region.

Three cultural groups - Hebrews, Greeks and Persians - seemed to have conceptualized time as an irreversible process with a unique beginning and a unique end at about the same period in human history.

They replaced the concept of time as cyclical around the Age of Zoroaster.

These three completly different conceptualizations of reality - Law of Moshe Rabbenu, Hellenism and Zoroastrianism - transformed, merged and eventually morphed into Gnostic Christianity.

The Roman Catholic Christian conceptualization of time as an irrevocable process condemns the concept of cyclic time as a superstition.


8th century BC

Hesiod, a Greek historian, described five ages of mankind, beginning with the Golden Age in the remote past, where human beings lived in peace with each other and in harmony with nature, down to the miserable contemporary age of Iron, characterized by dispute and warfare.

305 BC

Pharisees in Alexandria begin to codify Torah and scribe it onto scolls after Ptolemy I Soter declares himself Pharaoh of Egypt, founds a new religion and declares himself the Son of Aten.

2nd century BC

Hebrews use the narrative format of Herodotus to create the Septuagint.

early 5th century AD

Augustine of Hippo argues strongly in favor of this linear concept of time in City of God.

Yet Augustine of Hippo, in Confessions, asks:

"What is time? I know well enough what it is, provided that nobody asks me; but if I am asked what it is and try to explain, I am baffled."


Christian mystic Teresa shares the Eternal Moment.

18th century

Enlightenment philosophers suggest time is an endless process.

19th century

Nietzsche states "all desire yearns for eternity."

20th century

TS Eliot in Four Quartets sees a timeless present, "the still point of the turning world."

great year


a millennium from NOW

In the beginning,
once upon a time,
in a non-existent galaxy,
a trillion light years away,
there was Nothing.

then SOMETHING happened !

not quite sure what it was as no one was there to see what it was ...
but you know how it is - Jesus said "BANG!"

- anyhow to get back to telling tale tales -

molecules collapsed upon themselves under immense gravitational force

roaring hydrogen furnaces come into Being

spinning, energy modulations twirl away into the Void

gyrating energy modulations pirouette


finally enough molecular variation to create LIFE congeals

electromagnetic storms energize the Primordial Soup and SPARK LIFE !!!

Eons pass but not in stasis ... LIFE becomes more complex.

Eons pass again ... LIFE becomes aware of ITSELF ...

LIFE, afraid of living, hides waking conscious behind a Cognitive Veil.

LIFE gazing into THE GARDEN sees Itself and thinks "I am a Gardener!"


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