"Faith gives you an inner strength and
a sense of balance and perspective in life."

Gregory Peck

Chinese charater for innerpeace



Be on the lookout for symptoms of healing and inner peace!!!

The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to inner peace, and it is possible that humans everywhere could come down with it in epidemic proportions. This could pose a serious threat to what has, up until now, been a fairly stable condition of conflict on the Flat Earth.


A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than remain
frozen in fear based on past experiences or corporate media hype.

An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment and
frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

A loss of interest in judging others
and in interpreting the actions of others.

A loss of interest inconflict and of the ability to worry.
(This is a very serious symptom!)

Contented feelings of connectedness with God,
with others and with Nature.

An increased tendency to let things happen rather than to try to make
things happen along with frequent attacks of smiling and laughter.

An increased susceptibility to compassion offered by others
as well as the uncontrollable urge to grant compassion.


If you have any of the above symptoms, please be advised that your condition of healing and inner peace may be so far advanced as to be incurable! If you are exposed to anyone exhibiting any of these symptoms, remain exposed only at your own risk! - adapted from Saskia Davis

peace vaccine

"In the light of his vision he has found his freedom:
his thoughts are peace, his words are peace and his work is peace."
- Dhammapada

"I was heartened on the summit between leaders of Islam and Buddhism. Our world situation is so divided that we need dialogue that reminds us that we are connected not just by economics but spiritually and morally as well. we all rely on the Earth and each other for our survival.

As the Dalai Lama has said, "If you see yourself in others, then whom can you harm?"

I hope political and community leaders will join these spiritual visionaries to wake up the people of Earth to the fact that what happens to anyone of us happens to us all. When we can see these connections and act in the interests of and compassion for others, the Earth will be a safer place for us and for future generations."
- Laura Hunter

If you can detach yourself from all worldly worries,

You will live in the rapture of Eternity's garden.

If you purify yourself with the holy water of abstinence,

The murkiness of your heart will change into clear light.

If you can separate yourself from the house of natural desire,

You will come into the sanctuary of Divine Majesty.

In the heart of the ocean of Unity, you're not

A pearl that any worldly money can buy;

If you're brave enough not to grovel in the dust,

You can find a home in the heights of heaven.

If you dive now headfirst into profound contemplation,

You can dissolve all the past debts of destiny.

Doing such things are the sign of the real seeker

The signs of fire of those who race along the Path.

- Rumi

misused imagination


"Do not worry about things:
food, drink, clothes, for you already have life."
Christ Consciousness

"Neurosis is a natural response of human nature if a normal person is subordinated to domination of pathological people. The same applies to the subordination of a society and its members to a pathological system of authority. In a pathocratic state, every person with a normal nature thus exhibits a certain chronic neurotic state, controlled by the efforts of reason." - Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Western culture carries with it a ponerological hangover from the Dark Ages.

We can trace the ponerological seed back to Saul of Tarsus. No individual Eternal Soul of a human can attain Nirvana without immense suffering. The truth is that most people are immersed in the process of living and never break the living patterns initially set.

In Western culture we are raised to worry and aren't considered adults until we perfect the art of worrying - or being perpetually unhappy - as there are so many things to fear. Millennium old cultural conditioning has given us a nasty neurosis: the belief that happiness must be "earned".

Once acquired through programming, the conditioned habit of worrying is hard to stop.

To the extent that worrying is a conditioned behavior, it can be undone. There are psychological gimmicks for undoing the worry habit.

Laid on top of the neurosis of worrying is the false idea that spending money will make you happy. We never stop working, we never stop spending money and we're never really happy – ideal conditions, coincidentally, for a certain type of slave economy.

You won't stop worrying if you think worrying serves you. So it is a good idea to distinguish the fight-or-flight response, a healthy bodily reaction to immediate danger, from worry - an emotional problem. By making this distinction, you're less likely to overrate the value of worrying. The fight-or-flight response is useful on rare occasions of real danger. In animals, the fight-or-flight responds to "external" stimuli; in humans it responds also to worries about imagined danger, and to socially conditioned psychological stimuli: "what will people think about me?", etcetera.

Worrying is never useful.

It handicaps and diminishes us.

The more worrying triggers the fight-or-flight with imagined threats, the more it prevents critical thinking - our greatest survival asset. To stop worrying simply cultivate the habit of postponing worrying. Your mind becomes (re-)conditioned to not dwell on worries in the present.

The trick is that whenever you feel plagued by a worrying thought, note it down on a "worry sheet" (a piece of paper set aside for just that purpose) – you can then forget about it, knowing that you plan to worry later. This deceptively simple technique is effective because it bypasses the psychological obstacles mentioned above. Your mind is "fooled" into thinking that you haven't given up worrying.

Meanwhile, you lose the conditioned habit of worrying in the present moment. You can plan to revisit noted worries at a later time when you are not pressed of time. Be warned - don't postpone your worries indefinitely as they each must be carefully analyzed for actual value when you are clam and collected. The best time to do this is when you are relaxed and meditating.

That might sound bizarre, but then so is the notion that you must experience endless unhappiness, in the form of worrying before you're allowed to be happy. It is more than likely that in using this technique you will simply forget your original worries – they will never have bothered you. - from Undoing the Worrying Habit

energetic vampirism

Chinese charater for guilt


"One of the most important means by which our society socializes children is by making them feel ashamed of behavior or speech that is contrary to society's expectations. If this is overdone, or if a particular child is especially susceptible to such feelings, he ends by feeling ashamed of himself." - Theodore John Kaczynski

"An occasional spanking is probably less damaging than a prolonged campaign of control that makes the child feel never good enough for complete acceptance. Never good enough. When approval is conditional on performance, then no degree of perfection can ever suffice to put the child at ease. Far more than pain, what a child fears the most is rejection or abandonment by the parent. The primal fear of abandonment is instrumental in breaking a child's spirit. The "training" or acculturation of children taps into survival anxiety at the deepest level. "The message "you are evil" saturates our entire civilization. Relentlessly pounded into us from early childhood, it is bound to our most fundamental beliefs about self and world." - Charles Eisenstein

There is guilt that is justified and guilt that is unjustified. If you feel guilty because you have wronged someone then that is justified guilt. Unjust guilt has been heaped upon all segments of society under the corporate umbrella for social control purposes.

Most of the unpleasantness in MICE culture can be traced to unresolved unjust guilt for the communal sins of the MICE. Wetiko revolution mindset creates a dark agency which brings with it competitiveness, hostility, resentment and anxiety.

Wetiko revolution mindset is a campanion to unresolved guilt for taking action not appreciated as well as unresolved guilt from failing to act in a timely manner.

MICE culture conditions us to create our own version of Hell on Earth in which the unresolved unjust guilt of the communal sins of MICE culture continually resurfaces.

Unresolved guilt for taking action first occurs in infancy when we receive the message, usually from our parents, that we are "bad" or "not good enough." We have taken an action that has been labeled bad. We incorrectly associate our behavior with our self-identity.

We are conditioned to believe that we are indeed evil, that we are corrupt.

We are neither evil or corrupt - our behavior is unacceptable and we have been reprimanded to modify our behavior. But that is not how it feels. To us, our fall from innocence mirrors the ejection from the Garden.

Unresolved guilt from failing to act occurs in adolescence when we identify evil actions but are unable to right those evil actions through retributive actions. We feel empathy for those who unjustly suffer and yet we fail to express the empathy we feel for those experiencing suffering by acting on those feelings of empathy.

We become spiriually corrupt when we bury feelings of empathy - we force ourselves to no longer identify others as being of the same order as us. Unresolved guilt from buried empathetic feeling creates a stone cold heart. The depth of this unresolved guilt should not be underestimated - we are conditioned to believe that we will never be "good enough" - that we are irredeemable corrupt, that we are uncouth uncivilized beasts rejected from the presence of God due to our inadequacies.

Not knowing how to dispel this gnawing sense of unresolved guilt, of spiritual corruption based on our feelings of inadequacy, we eventual enter "normal self-centered materialistic social culture," which functions essentially as a guilt projection system for recirculating undigested unresolved guilt.

We each carry an imprint of unresolved guilt from our childhood - we are evil; and from our adolescence - we are helpless so any feelings of empathy must be repressed. Guilty for our actions and guilty for failing to act.

We repress this unresolved guilt by hiding it from our ego, denying it and projecting it onto those who appear to belong to the competitive, threatening social culture of which we do not quite 'belong'. Externalization of costs is impossible for an individual - only repression works.

We can never 'belong' as we have empathetic feelings that must continually be repressed. When observing we think - Orson's life looks good from the outside. Orson must be guilty of a crime as he does not appear to be struggling as we are.

We say to ourselves - I do not deserve to be happy as I am inadequate which leads to self-mutilation, drug addiction, destructive behavior and suicide. The unresolved guilt we hide in ourselves creates an attenuated expectancy of punishment, making us feel insecure and defensive, leading to irritability, resentment, hatred and more unresolved guilt.

A viscous cycle may ensue. It may become a self-replicating meme surviving generations. A competitive materialistic social culture – with its constricting fear, pettiness and suppressed ragecan hurt us emotionally only if we participate in the repression or projection of unjust guilt. Our own repressed guilt makes us vulnerable to the unresolved unjust guilt system's effects. We've become unwitting receptacles for the rebounding projection of our own unresolved guilt at a social level.

A simple solution exists: to reject the idea of inadequacy as unresolved meaningless unjust guilt.

What did your first "guilty" thought mean?

To your ego it meant you had failed once again. In reality it meant nothing, except in your agitated mind. Neither did the next feeling of guilt, or the next. Yet by accepting guilt as real, you created your own personal hell.

"Materialistic culture" is the name we give to the guilty Hell we share. In a Materialistic culture one of the most popular pastimes is comparing oneself to others in ways that make us seem good-by-comparison, self-inflation, of the ego - think Maury Povich, Dr. Phil, Phil Donahue, etcetera.

This is just a desperate, unsatisfying attempt to compensate for our hidden feelings of "badness"/guilt.

Guilt originally developed as a child control mechanism. Later guilt morphed into a "religious" social control mechanism. Guilt is used by commercial interests to sell product. And guilt, along with fear, is used extensively by politicians. But we can become guilt free.

All we have to do is realize that we condemn ourselves, typically because we have failed to meet our own expectations.

If we truly hold the concept of "no harm" foremost and work hard to put the "no harm" concept into practice then we truly are innocent and should not allow guilt based on trival breaches of our expectations of perfection to ruin our lives for in reality we are truly innocent.

You can undo the hold unresolved guilt has on you by seeing your true innocence.

You can accept the guilt programming of your personality if you want life long misery, but to believe that you – a unique being in unique circumstances – are always guilty is insane.

In reality, anything but a perception of your unconditional innocence leads eventually to insanity. Religious rebirth/sanctification is commonly used to regain unconditional innocence and lift the sins of the world off your shoulders - remember Atlas.

Unfortunately, the socially programmed mindless human automaton rejects this perspective as he has been taught that to not accept the fact that he was born into sin will create a lack of remorse for the unresolved guilt that he was socially conditioned to feel.

What is truly immoral is treating family, neighbors, fellow citizens and fellow human beings badly, in ways that we do not wish to be treated, and then claiming we do so from the moral high ground. Hypocrisy!

The culturally programmed mindless human automaton can not escape its evaluation of its own guilt: it judges rejection of guilt as the ultimate guilty act.

Wake up from your culturally programmed unresolved guilt trance and feel the serene invulnerability of your actual true innocence.

We all follow destructive social cultural programming to different degrees, occasionally leading to tragic consequences and large-scale suffering.

To regard others, those evil doers, as the guilty parties will keep us from getting what we want while keeping us enslaved to our own unresolved guilt since accepting unresolved guilt as justified reflects the decision to accept guilt for imperfections as an absolute reality. Better to innocently unravel and expose the faulty social cultural conditioning/programming. So entrenched is the unresolved guilt, that it will take more than one moment of sanity to undo its effects.

The guilt will return – as will the projection of guilt. But every moment of remembered innocence weakens the unresolved guilt system and reduces its insane consequences.

And do not forget - those that are condemned as evil doers will, unfortunately, try to live up to the role that social culture has given them.

"We have lost our humanity when we allow fear and vengeance to bring us to treat our fellow humans without humanity." - Carl Terwilliger

'Heavy with guilt' - more than a metaphor

Chinese charater for emotion

socially appropriate emotion

Mice culture sells "emotion" like any other commodity. Having the "wrong" emotion gets you in social trouble with those channeling the pathology of political correctness.

Lifestyle products are advertised to strike emotional chords. Emotions revolving around agency – confidence, control, success - are marketed as socially appropriate emotions.

Advertisements are seen as performing an "educational" function, rescuing humanity from all kinds of embarrassing, antisocial behaviors brought on by inappropriate emotional responses. Watching the televised programming and seeing the advertisements teaches one to behave appropriately in comparable social circumstances. Having the 'correct' product or using the 'correct' service elicits, by conditioned associations, the "correct" emotion at the 'right' time and place.

Negative emotions have a "right" place too. For example, crimes are supposed to emotionally "sicken" us. To be "sickened" is the right response, unless the crime is committed by the State for National Security purposes, in which case to be "sickened" is the wrong response.

So we have been conditioned to either suppress or express emotion but only in the proper place at the proper time. Emotional correctness in these matters is particularly important for public figures, who, by expressing appropriate emotions, set an example the rest of us are supposed to follow.

If our emotions do not fit within projected guidelines then we must suppress them. People who do not exhibit the 'right' emotions are seen as either; "cold", "repressed", "cynical", "emotionally uptight", "unfeeling", "aloof", etcetera or sometimes simply as "raving lunatics". We are taught to not trust anyone who comes across as inappropriately emotional as he/she is a "raving lunatic" unable to mask and hide his/her emotions - a sure sign of mental instability.

Emotions are the lowest form of consciousness emanating from subconscious. An action based entirely on emotion is the most contracted, narrowing, dangerous form of behavior. And yet we are many times blinded to the fact that emotions can create an active and harmful form of stupor or trance.

Emotions are caused by biochemical secretions in the body as a survival mechanism to external stimuli. Strong emotions are emergency alarms.

The organism at the point of death terror goes into a paroxysm of frantic activity - much like the everyday existence of individuals immersed in MICE culture. Like a fish flipping blindly out of water. Like a crazy, cornered animal. (mania = hysteria = panic = frenzy)

Emotions become an addictive narcotic stupefacient. By rejecting the dichotomy of emotional expression through repression we gain relative freedom from the concept of control of emotion as "good". To free ourselves from the cycle of repression we need to culturally accept the expression rather than repression of emotion. Freedom from a never ending emotional rollercoaster occurs when we can learn, harmonize, grow, merge, join, and understand in the absence of emotional confusion.

This is when we can focus.This is when we can think critically.

Those who meditate call this state bliss or ecstasy and it is attained through centering and balancing one's emotions. (An outward physical manifestation of the soul's center is seen in the sacred axis mundi.)

When one's attention is focused the intense emotional churning that affects our internal lives stops. We are then free to release the emotions that we have tried for so long to bury.This is the experience of mystical release that has changed so many lives for the better throughout history.

This is the great kick of the mystical experience, the exultant, ecstatic hit, the sudden relief from emotional pressure which creates a journey into bliss and a release from emotional bondage.

"The writer cannot make the seas of distraction stand still,
but he can at times come between the madly distracted and the distractions."
Saul Bellow


3-second distraction doubles work errors

Distraction skews actions and perception differently

The New Extremism and Politics of Distraction in the Age of Austerity

MICE culture has the tendency of turning naturally focused people into chronically distracted mindless human automatons.

This frenzied distraction is began by outside forces, but it soon becomes internalized and self-reinforcing.

MICE culture regards focused people as a threat, they ask too many awkward questions - the kind slaves are not supposed to ask.

To avoid these questions, MICE culture distracts the individual by requiring the individual to embrace a frenzy of competitive activities requiring relatively little critical thinking.


Jobs take place in boxes. Corporate media answers every question. Advertisers teach us to embrace unnatural desire.

Celebrity trivia, con games, scandals, sexcapades leading to extortion, robbery, rape and murder endlessly encroach on our peace of mind as we learn of all the horrible tragedies that have befallen the celebrities we identify with.

So after a distracting day the television viewer pursues more distraction in the form of 'entertainment' rather than enter a focused state of mind. Eventually the mind become the source of distraction as it skips gleefully from one disparate thought to another mimicking the patterns implanted by the biological orienting response while watching the cuts, edits, zooms and pans that stimulate the subconscious making it impossible to actually fall into healing sleep while watching television. This leaves them in a hypnotic trance like alpha-theta wave border brain state - a zombie - available only for more distraction with logical rational linear thinking mired in beta-amyloid plaque. This is the definition of attention deficit disorder.

When children learn new skills - walking, running, swimming, flying , etcetera - they have to focus; they tap into a reservoir of potential concentration. But when a skill becomes habitual/automatic, the concentration is no longer needed. By the time we're adults, most essential skills are habitual – we no longer need to concentrate in order to walk, talk, behave politely, etcetera.

The reservoir of potential concentration should therefore be free for other uses. But instead of tapping into this 'freed' up potential concentration, we're seduced or coerced with industrialized materialistic consumer oriented social cultural distractions. Our minds swarm – we react involuntarily to any passing stimuli. Try to walk by a television that is on without involuntarily looking at it. This is the true meaning of "fitting in".

Distraction is the social norm and anyone who doesn't join in is regarded as antisocial or suspiciously non-conforming. Advertisers brainwash us into reflexively associating distraction with enjoyment, as if involuntary fragmentation of attention is the definition of fun. Meanwhile, 'education', for most people, was about having to focus and concentrate on things found to be boring and unpleasant - taking and cramming for exams, which is intended to program us precisely as it has.So we end up being programmed to think that focusing or concentrating is an unpleasant task and distraction creates happiness.

But the opposite is true according to brain chemistry: focus can trigger a big release of endorphins, whereas distraction usually inhibits this release. We become emotionally imbalanced. Survival, for most of us, requires a degree of "fitting in" to "normal social culture".

Powerful economic forces make sure that our "fitting in" is long and distracting = 40+ hours a week. Given this chronic distraction, it's not surprising that so few people tune into focused states of mind. Distraction addicts often seek more and more intensity of distraction, but never feel satisfied. The best thing for thrill-seekers is to sit in a quiet room learning how to concentrate.


"Nothing contributes so much to tranquilizing the mind as a steady purpose, a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye." - Mary Wollstonecraft

As a person grows into adulthood their life becomes an expression of their purpose. This purpose for living operates subconsciously and many times people are consciously unaware of it.

You don't need anyone's permission to decide your own purpose! No boss, teacher, parent, priest, pundit, proselytizer or other authority can decide your purpose for you.Your purpose has nothing to do with sacrifice, getting approval, being 'selfless' or conforming to somebody else's idea of the correct way to live. Your purpose is derived from what you value most.

It doesn't mean giving up something you enjoy, unless it is self-destructive, for something more 'worthy'. Be aware that if you chose a path that is not based in reality, on the natural order and respects the Laws of God you run the risk of becoming a Darwin Award stat.


Incorrect presuppositions and time-saving assumptions lead to illusory contradictions as there are no contradictions in reality. If you are facing a contradiction you have a faulty presupposition.

It pays, therefore, to resolve conflicting values now so that you avoid being a slave to someone else's purpose.The following thought technique allows you to identify your purpose, if it is known only subconsiously, by bypassing the conditioned conscious thought associations relating to 'permission' and 'disapproval' syndromes:

Keep in mind at all times the principle of "no harm".

Firstly, identify your talents. Secondly, identify how you most like spending your time. Finally, imagine your idea of a perfect world based in reality.

Your purpose is what connects these three things together. Your purpose the way you can use your unique characteristics, abilities and attributes in activities you enjoy, to manifest your vision of a perfect world based in reality.

Do not be deceived into believing this will not work because of the simplicity of this technique.


Marketers are aware of MICE culture bias towards "self-determination" = individual self-control of external conditions.

Marketing and public relations people, 'policy marketers', know we're more likely to yield to their persuasions if we believe we're personally in control and not being coerced - when we sense coercion we respond with resentment and resistance.

Large MICE culture institutions, basically corporations and the State, make frequent use of self-determining words such as "opportunity", "incentive" and "challenge" - tools of resentment management.

In MICE culture language is saturated with self-determining words that hide coercion by disguising dilemma as "choice".

In such a MICE culture employees may actually come to believe they are performing repetitive, mindless tasks eight hours a day, out of personal choice, rather than economic dilemma.

Resentment management is a subset of "damage limitation".

Damage limitation plays a massive role in advertising – many large institutions use advertisements, not for selling products, but for deflecting some of the hostility, suspicion and anxiety the public feels towards them.

establish a new life
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