God's Natural Law is that rational plan by which all creation is ordered. Natural Law is universally binding by nature and the precepts of Natural Law are universally knowable by nature.

natural rights

Natural Law of the Creator and Sustainer

Chinese charater for the natural order

(the natural moral order)

"If they had stood before me and listened to me,
they would have spoken my words,
and they would have turned my people
from their evil ways and deeds."
Jeremiah 23:22

Love the Creator and Sustainer with
all your heart, soul, and mind.

Love your neighbor as you love
the Creator and Sustainer.

Chinese charater for be kind to each other and love each other

MLK's Philosophy was Rooted in the Natural Law Tradition

An individual that accepts the reality of the truth of his or her existence on this Earth will realize that all human beings possess a basic knowledge of the principles of the Creator and Sustainer's Natural Law.

The Creator and Sustainer's Natural Law is that rational plan by which all creation is ordered.

Robert Baden Powell

The Creator and Sustainer is the giver of Natural Law.

Natural Law is universally binding within nature and the precepts of Natural Law are universally knowable through the observation of nature.

There is a core of true knowledge that all human beings develop over their lifetimes. Gnostics access this true knowledge in the Akashic Records.

Natural Law holds that we know immediately, by intuition, that there are a variety of things that will benefit human beings in life; pursuit of knowledge, social contact, and reasonable moral conduct, procreation - also known as the natural moral order.

The principles of reasonable moral conduct hold everywhere, always, absolutely.

The Creator and Sustainer's choosing to bring into existence human beings who can act freely and in accordance with principles of reason is enough to justify our thinking of those principles of reason as the Creator and Sustainer's Law.

The fundamental principle of the Natural Law of the Creator and Sustainer is that human actions of those humans who have awakened into consciousness of gnosis must be in the reverance and affirmation of life.

Natural Law is given by the Creator and Sustainer.

Natural Law is naturally authoritative over all human beings.

Natural Law is naturally knowable by all human beings.

Natural Law grounds all human beings in innate human traits.

Human beings who comprehend the reality of the Creator and Sustainer, stand in awe of the Creator and Sustainer.

Human beings' common nature, their physiological similarity, makes them such as to have desires in common, and these desires are so central to human aims and purposes that we can build important and correct precepts of rationality around them.

What is good for an oak is what is good for the oak, and this depends on the category of thing that an oak is by nature; and what is good for a human depends on what is good for a human, and this depends on the category of thing a human is by nature.

Human beings enjoy a warm cozy dry shelter on a rainy windy dark night;

Human beings desire to pursue honest living of their lives;

Human beings enjoy other amiable friendly polite human beings;

Human beings desire to be accepted, enfolded, enwrapped and admired within their social culture;

Human beings enjoy the aroma and flavor of a meal prepared from wholesome food;

Human beings desire to live freely and be the benificants of their own sweat and blood - labor(employment);

Human beings enjoy the breeze on their faces, the sun on their shoulders and the trickling sound of a cold clear brook;

Human beings desire to live in the natural environment, thirsting after clear, clean water and pure refreshing air;

Human beings desire and thirst after knowledge in an attempt to understand reality as reality truly is;

Human beings enjoy bringing new life, their sons and daugthers, into this glorious wonderous life on Earth;

Human beings are grateful for every day they wake up to enjoy another day;

Human beings enjoy the immense relief of the realization that an abandonment of the constant concern for self (body and mind/spirit/soul), inherent in all human beings, returns the mind/spirit/soul to the Dreamtime, the time before that fateful day that the Serpent tricked Eve into giving Adam the fruit from the Tree of Good and Evil that doomed him to a material life were Adam's principal overriding concerned became with himself and his material situation - a return to the time when Yahweh strolls hand in hand with Adam, his son, through the bountiful and blissfully enchanting Garden of Eden in the fading evening sunlight on a day with perfect weather;

and so forth.

individual liberty

What is that?

Reflection on desires in common among humans occasions an immediate grasp of the truth that living life with respect, dignity, honor and integrity toward all other life, seeking knowledge, enjoying friendship and simple honest pleasures is good for humans.

By careful study of a human being's desire forming mechanisms, it becomes apparent that certain things would be desired by biologically sound human beings which would also benefit that human being and the human beings around them.

Certain things are good for human beings!

The primary precepts of the Natural Law bid us to pursue these things.

There is a substantial good surrounding the moral rules mankind has formulated to facilitate cooperation over the last few millennium.

What is good for humans?

Life, procreation and family, social life and friendship, rational conduct, practical reasonableness, authenticity, integrity, justice, knowledge and truth, virtue and wisdom, appreciation of beauty, aesthetic experience, inner peace, contentment, happiness, health, playful activities and the enjoyment of the natural Earth are all good for humans.

There are a number of situations in which there is a right answer, yet in which that right answer is not dictated by any set of man made rules, but rather is grasped by the individual through intuition.

Rational human beings like us are able to grasp our role in reality and freely act upon that knowledge.

Moral truth is dependent on our being able to recognize practical wisdom.

Moral rightness belongs to a family of concepts to which the notion of reasonableness belongs.

Jesus, Thomas Aquinas, held and Thich Nhat Hanh holds that this master rule is the rule of universal love, that one should love one's neighbor as one loves one's own life.

This Golden Rule bids us to respond lovingly wherever it can be realized - !! FIRST NO HARM !!

Respect the knowledge that each and every life is individual; no two lives can ever possibly have identical selves.

Lives may be similar through cultural, social or environmental means but can never be the same actual SELF, not even a clone would be the same.

The Natural Law of the Creator and Sustainer is incompatible with nihilism, with materialism and conventionalism. (21st century American popular culture can be easily identified as the cult of materialist, nihilistic conventionalism).

All human beings are obligated to follow the Natural Law of the Creator and Sustainer. Failing to follow the Natural Law of the Creator and Sustainer causes us to fall into the spiritual corruption of judgemnetal biases. When we attempt to reject the Creator and Sustainer's Law in favor of laws of our own devising we have fallen into the transcendental temptation. Those who espouse relativism, moral precepts based on expediency, have rejected the Creator and Sustainer's Natural Moral Order for an order of their own devising.

Dishonesty with one's self leads to a failure of one's vision, a walk in the dark removed from the consciousness of presence of the Creator and Sustainer, an acceptance of a false reality based on unattainable fantasy resulting in great unhappiness which in turn causes both physical and spiritual corruption.

Morally correct’ by current religious ideology, dogma, has become so corrupt it should be jettisoned, leaving in its place the notion of the reasonable, the Creator and Sustainer's Natural Moral Order.

psychological warfare

The ancients did not seek to rule men with knowledge,

But to help them become natural.

It is difficult for knowledgeable men to become natural;

So to use law to control a nation weakens the nation,

But to use nature to control a nation strengthens the nation.

Understanding these two paths is understanding subtlety;

Subtlety runs deep, ranges wide,

Resolves confusion and preserves peace.

Lao Tzu

Clear and frequent impressions about living according to nature are constantly and consistently showered upon us by the Creator and Sustainer.

A life lived in accord with nature is dependent on the Creator and Sustainer and the Creator and Sustainer's gifts, help, and inspirations.

Nothing hinders any person from living according to nature accept not observing the admonitions of the Creator and Sustainer.

God's Natural Law is that rational plan by which all creation is ordered. Natural Law is universally binding by nature and the precepts of Natural Law are universally knowable by nature.
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