crazy horse

I swear the Earth shall surely be complete

to him or her who shall be complete,

The Earth remains jagged and broken only

to him or her who remains jagged and broken.

I swear there is no greatness

or power that does not emulate those of the Earth,

There can be no theory of any account

unless it corroborate the theory of the Earth,

No politics, song, religion,

behavior, or what not, is of account,

unless it compare with the amplitude of the Earth,

Unless it face the exactness, vitality, impartiality, rectitude of the Earth.

Walt Whitman

peace pipe


expressing the unexpressible

It seems that there will always be problems with expressing the unexpressible.

Buddhists call what I see as God "nothingness," which Europeans term void. Genghis Khan, a Tengri Shamanist, began each speech to his followers dedicated to the will of "the endless sky."

Genghis Khan's "endless sky" translation is incorrect if one thinks of the endless sky as empty. The endless sky is an analogous metaphor for the eternal transcendence of God. God set the Laws of Nature/ Laws of God and is the force that sustains our lives.

This is not some imaginary force but a very real force
that has acted in the physical realm and that continues to act in the physical realm.

Buddhists call this force/power "nothing" because God does not have a human voice.

Most of us take our religion as literal fact when young.

We, as youth, are unable to think in the abstract manner that is required
to even glimpse the reality of God and need something more "literal".

This may be fine in youth but becomes a problem when these conceptualizations are carried into adulthood.

Many religious teachers never make the leap from "literal" to metaphorical. They are "literally"
creating a regression to superstition as opposed to a progression toward universal enlightenment.

It is true that you can not get to God without understanding logos but to believe that the only path to God is defined by the current reigning theological authorities through a predefined and predetermined path as defined by currently reigning theological authorities is ridiculous. (theocratic absolutism!)

If, as a child, you were raised as a devout imperial Christian, a Talmudist or a Muslim this may be true for you. (Just because it is true for you, as your brain has already been conditioned to think in that manner, it does not mean that others can not find God through different pathways contrary to popular neo-evangelic myth!)

A compassionate God would not and could not condemn a man for the way in which God created him. (Now on the other hand those who practice tyranny must find convenient scapegoats - never the system always the individual - to blame for a cultures social ills. The practitioners of tyranny must use the social control mechanisms of division, fear, programming through "education," confusion through corrupt religion, propaganda and "antidepressants" to control popular thought.)

If God made a man with doubt how can God then condemn a man for those doubts?

One aspect of Islam that is absolutely correct: There is no question of the existence of God/Allah. An unbeliever is not an atheist in the Western sense of the word. An unbeliever is one who is ungrateful to God/Allah, one who can see clearly that everything he ever has or will ever have is due to the compassion of God/Allah for him but who refuses to honor God/Allah in a spirit of perverse ingratitude. In Islam an unbeliever is apostate.

One absolute of Judaism: God can not be described by a formula - the "face" of God was different for every person. Each and every person experiences God in a different way to answer the needs of his or her own particular temperament. Each of the prophets had experienced God differently because his personality had influenced his conceptualization of God.

In the search for truth it is necessary to discover whether there is a common ground with the way in which men conceptualize God.

If there is such a common ground then it behooves those called by God to search for truth in an attempt to be able to communicate these base conceptualizations to rest of humanity and return to the heart and soul of religion as opposed to following false beliefs based on the fantasies of religious leaders of times long gone by.









John Ruskin

Saint Patrick

DH Lawrence

e. e. cummings

Meister Eckart

Southern Busmen

Chief Dan George

Shuntaro Tanikawa

Pharaoh Akhenaten

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Richard St Barbe Baker

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
praying hands up
praying hands down

Saint Teresa of Avila explains to beginners how to pray

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