"I won't say that I'm an agnostic, since agnosticism maintains that one cannot know. I am not averse to the idea of some intelligence or some organizing force that set up the initial conditions of the universe in such a way that ultimately generated stars, planets and life." - B. F. Skinner


not knowing;

no mythical knowledge;

no knowledge of spiritual matters;

not seeing the patterns inherent in Nature;

in the abyss of darkness supporting MICE culture

"The horror and pain of the world are forged out of
ignorance and the ego's blindness." - Vincent Cole


"Do not become archivists of facts.

Try to penetrate to the secret of their occurrence,

persistently search for the laws which govern them."

Ivan Pavlov




mystical knowledge;

walking the thinspace;

knowledge of spiritual matters;

seeing the patterns inherent in Nature;

walking in hand with the Creator and Sustainer.

Bad stuff would happen if your brain didn't cycle

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