The Tannaim were teachers of the Oral Law or Oral Torah.

They were direct transmitters of an Oral Tradition passed from teacher to student that was written and codified as the basis for the Mishnah, Tosefta, and tannaitic teachings of the Talmud.

According to rabinnic tradition, the Tannaim were the last generation in a long sequence of oral teachers that began with Moses.

Jesus started as a traditional Tannaim who revealed the fallacies of the teachings of the Sadducees of the Hasmonean dynasty and the Pharisees of Alexandria to the people of Galilee.

Jesus looked beyond the mystery doctrines of the Sadducees and the "Rule of Law" of the Pharisees toward ethical teachings that apply to humanity universally while synthesizing the scientific work of the Therapeutae.

Jesus spent time with the Essenes in the desert wilderness at Qumran.

Jesus denied the central Hasmonean Sadducee priniciple of Hebrews as a divine race directly descended from God.

Under the influence of Saul of Tarsus, Jesus, became Chrestus - superhuman supernatural agent of the Will of God directly descended from Yahweh.

Chrestus is the Son of the Father, Yahweh, and his consort Asherah.

Yahweh, the patriarchal nomadic warrior is psychologically internalized and reborn in Yahweh's son Chrestus who redeems humanity from being human.

This ponerological formula, a salvationist concept, was originally introduced into Abrahamic religion from the Mysteries of Mithras as it was not present in the Torah.

Conservative Jews reject Chrestus as the "Messiah".

The Messiah of Reform Jews conquers the world with the sword - or - pornography - or - cultural subversion - or - fungible assets.

The word Messiah relates directly to Levant Kings descended from Heaven.

Annointed with Holy Oil the King ascends the Throne as Savior or Messiah.

paradise got lost in the retelling

Humans must continue to suffer, just like Prometheus, unless they adhere to the Word of the High Priest.

This ponorological psychoreligious icongraphy imprints the victim-perpetrator ideology into the Abrahamic religions.

The schizoidal victim-perpetrator ideology inserted into the Abrahamic religions makes suffering a divine calling.

This occurred when the conceptual constructs of Hellenism were misunderstood and misapplied to the lives of Zaddikite sycophants.

The student of Greek mythology recognizes the Greek pantheon of gods is modeled on the aristocracy of the Greek cities states.

Greek myths forewarn of the fallibility of human judgment.

They are designed to check the elements of unnatural desire expressed by aristocracy - people who have never known want or suffering.

They forewarn peasants of how aristocracy will treat them - virgins impregnated by gods and abandoned or put to death in hideous manners.

Zaddikim, Hebrews, in contact with Helleinstic culture for three centuries, adopted this ideal of Aristocratic Perfection not understanding that this is an ideal to be sought after - not a possible physical reality to strive for!

Introduced into the religious life of humanity is the notion of a superhuman standard for human behavior, a standard impossible for fallible human.

The Zaddikim Tzaddik, "absolute righteousness," is not just a stricture:

it is a callous demand for conformity to an impossible standard of 'purity'.

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