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One Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language

"Familiarity with the ways of the Eternal as they are revealed in the physical universe certainly tends to keep a man sane and sober and safeguards him against the vagaries and half-truths which our creeds and indoor artificial lives tend to breed.

Think of the obsession of the speedy 'end of the world!' which has so often taken possession of whole communities, as if a world that has been an Eternity in forming could end in a day on the striking of a clock." - John Burroughs

"History was finite and contained within comprehensible limits.

It began with the Creation and was scheduled to end in a not indefinitely remote future with the Second Coming, which was the hope of afflicted mankind, followed by the Day of Judgment.

Within that span, man was not subject to social or moral progress because his goal was the next world, not betterment in this.

In this world he was assigned to ceaseless struggle against himself in which he might attain individual progress and even victory, but collective betterment would only come in the final union with God." - Barbara W. Tuchman, A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century

End Times or the End of Days, usually refers to the eschatological ideas in the three Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

End times is often, but not always, depicted as a time of tribulation that precede the predicted coming of a messianic figure.

A number of religions and faith traditions have eschatological beliefs about end times, resulting in various belief systems, traditions and behaviors.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that we are living in the last days.

Some Latter-day Saints believe that the earth has a temporal existence of 7000 years and that the present day is somewhere near the 6000th year.

Wars, pestilence, economic despair, natural disasters and a finally a great earthquake will signal the end times.

In Shi'a Islam the end of time theory believes that the coming of Jesus will coincide with the return of the Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is considered by Shi'a as the 12th appointed successor of Prophet Muhammad ibn 'Abdullāh.

Shi'a believe that Jesus and the Mahdi will work together to bring about peace and justice on Earth between all peoples of faith.

In Sunni Islam the Sun sets, does not rise for 3 days, then rises from the west, rising till mid-day and then setting in the west.

The Dajal (The Anti Christ) appears and deceives the majority of mankind. Jesus Christ descends from heaven. Famine and disasters occur.

A man appears in Madina and is named the Mahdi.

A great war between Muslims and Jews occurs.

A wind comes taking the souls of all Muslims leaving only infidels on Earth.

Zoroastrians believe "at the end of thy tenth hundredth winter the sun is more unseen and more spotted; the year, month, and day are shorter; and the earth is more barren; and the crop will not yield the seed; and men become more deceitful, more given to vile practices and they will have no gratitude. A dark cloud makes the whole sky night."

Zoroastrians also believe an end time battle will occur between the righteous and wicked.

Sinners who repent will be punished but then forgiven.

The world will reach perfection as poverty, old age, disease, thirst, hunger, and death cease.

Evil and the spirit of evil will cease to exist, dualism will end and goodness will prevail.

The concept of a Final Judgment is found in all Abrahamic religions.

The concept of a Final Judgment originated in Persia under Zoroaster.

In Christian eschatology, Final Judgment, the Last Judgment, Judgment Day, or Day of the Lord is the judgment by God of each individual soul.

In Islam, the Final Judgmnt is called, among other things, yaum al-Qiyamah - literally "the Day of Standing" when Allah judges all of Creation.

Osiris returns to Earth on the Day of Awakening, resurrects every human being that lived by the Golden Rule and causes all sorrow and suffering pass' away forever in Heliopolitan eschatology.

The ideation of God is a conceptual construct.

This conceptual construct, held in the mind of man, may or may not, resemble the actual form of the Creator and Sustainer.

To suggest that a woman or man must hold a certain predefined conceptual construct that defines the Creator and Sustainer with absolute perfection is both ludicrous and patently ridiculous.

And to suggest that - come Judgment Day - the conceptual construct you hold will be the basis of your admittance ticket into an out-of-body place called Heaven - is to suggest that you purchase a ticket to the most fantastic conceptual construct ever dreamed of by the delirious mind of man.


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