imitation of Jesus

eight descriptive facets of God

The End of Stoning:
Jesus and the Personhood Revolution

The Image of God and Creativity

imitation is defined as:

not genuine or real

artificial and inferior

a copy that is presented as the original

something derived or copied from an original

made to resemble another, usually superior material

the act of condition of imitating another species of animal, plant, or inanimate object

the doctrine that representations of nature or human behavior should be accurate imitations

that which is made or produced as a copy; that which is made to resemble something else,
whether for laudable or for fraudulent purposes; likeness; resemblance

one of the principal means of securing unity and consistency in polyphonic composition; the repetition of essentially the same melodic theme, phrase, or motivate, on different degrees of pitch, by one or more of the other parts of voices

imitation of Jesus

(or if you want to know if I am crazy here is were you find out)

Interviewer: Are you insane?

I am a product of mainstream or popular American social culture which is mired in an imaginative fantasy that is as loony as the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. I honestly feel that we are being poisoned to death with is reflected in our thought process'. Too much pertluorooctanoic acid, bisphenol A, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, mercury, serotonin uptake inhibitors, alcohol, lead, MTBE, PCB, etcetera

Interviewer: Are you a mainstream American Christian?

Popular American social culture is shallow, glorifies violence through social militarization, sexualizes its victims and revolves around wasteful consumption. I see many dazed, confused and deceived people sucking down drugs, legal and illegal, while allowing the photon streams from cathode ray tubes to play on the backs of their eyeballs for hours every day causing them to become susceptible to fanatic materialistic ideologies.

For example, accepting every verse of the Bible as literal actual fact instead of as metaphorically beautiful tales of enlightenment into the reality of God's Natural Laws and enlightenment into the nature of the relationship between God and man. Or for another example the interpretation and reinterpretation of the reality of God, God's will and God's rule as presented by . The loan sharks are in the temple.

Interviewer: Why don't you conform to the mass media celebration of celebrity?

Worship idols and graven images if you want to wallow in spiritual corruption !

Interviewer: Do you believe in God?

If you define "God" as the cause and originator of all substance, the governing force that set the laws of nature in place, as existing within all life as the essence of a force that grants and sustains life in inanimate matter and as existing as the Creator and Sustainer of the underlying forces of nature which congeals the raw radiant energy that exists within all of creation turning some of that energy into what we call substance.

Interviewer: Does God talk to you?

I hear the Creator and Sustainer's voice in what is termed by man - a conscience.

Interviewer: Have you seen God?

I have seen the handiwork of the Creator and Sustainer in all that exists.

Interviewer: Have you experienced the presence of God?

I have experienced the presence of God much as Teresa of Avila explained it. As a Panentheist I am immersed in the Creator and Sustainer.

Interviewer: What religion do you subscribe to?

Every religion has different layers of understanding. The reality of the miracle of everything evolving and becoming ever more complex rests in the physics of the reality we experience as living on the planet Earth, a satellite of the Sun which is only one of the nearly countless stars that make up the Milky Way galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is only one of a possibly infinite number of galaxies in an ever expanding universe with natural laws that clearly explain how we have come to live on this Earth at this time.

Interviewer: Speaking of miracles, do you believe that God intervenes in human affairs by which the ordinary course and operation of Nature is overruled, suspended, or modified?

The word miracle is so defined in modern times but in ancient times the word miracle was defined as "something wonderful" or in other words it was an unexplainable occurrence in the eyes of the beholder which created a sense of awe and wonderment in the beholding individual.

Interviewer: Do you believe men are made in the image of God?

Physically I believe men are mammals that is why women have mammary glands. I believe the patriarcal God of the Old Testament, Yahweh, was created in the image of man. The only literal way men could be created in the image of God is if God was a mammal as well. Where would God, the omnipotent omnipresent mammal that created the universe, live?

Spiritually I believe human beings soul/mind/spirit or consciousness is one facet or one expresion of the soul of God and in that regard men are made in the image of God.

Interviewer: Do you worship God?

I stand in awe of the Creator and Sustainer continously all the time through every action and thought as I understand my existence continues only by the grace of the Creator and Sustainer.

Interviewer: Do you believe in the Christain trinity?

If you mean that Jesus was made of the flesh of man, the Creator and Sustainer, the source of all substance created the universe and that the Creator and Sustainer's force premeates the universe as the Holy Spirit which is the action of God's Natural Laws in reality, then yes, I believe in the trinity but I prefer to think of the trinity in terms of the Three Faces of the Sophia of Jesus.

Interviewer: Do you believe that Jesus is of the same substance as God ?

Yes. I believe that Jesus is the personification of the Creator and Sustainer, the same substance as the Creator and Sustainer. Son of God is an applicable title for the Gnostic Hebrew Messiah. The Creator and Sustainer permeates all of creation, all men and women are the sons and daughters of theCreator and Sustainer, Creator and Sustainer's children. Creator and Sustainer, by creating human life, is mankind's parent.

Interviewer: Do you believe in the rapture or in the return of the Gnostic Hebrew Messiah?

Yes. I have beliefs that are anti-thesis to imperial Christians, Zionists, Talmudists and to the Zaddikim . I do not subscribe to most modern Christian revival movements prefering to follow in the footsteps of John Welsley and George Fox. I believe in the revelation that I myself have experienced which suggests that Christ Consciousness is real. I believe that any reasonably inteeligent man or woman, through contemplation of the living of their own lives coupled with the True Knowledge of the Mystery of Life can attain Christ Consciousness. Throughout history people have realized that many times when they "prospered" they depleted the natural resources once at their disposal. There will be a reckoning when the global fossil fuel economy collapses in the near future as the temperature continues to rise and when most of the complex life on Earth has been ruthlessly and pointlessly murdered by the Mudheads. This is why I am on this mission.

Interviewer: Do you believe in the second coming?

In the blazing and glorious light of enlightenment Jesus returns to Earth awakening those who sleep to the reality of the magnificent artwork of the Creator and Sustainer.

Interviewer: Do you believe in salvation?

I believe in redemption.

Interviewer: Do you believe that most men understand the true nature of God ?

I believe only a few souls engage in enough contemplation to understand and see the True Nature of the Creator and Sustainer, or the True Nature of Reality as the Creator and Sustainer made it as opposed to how an individual wishes it to be. Although this is true of most people of all cultures in general the nature of the reality of the Creator and Sustainer is there for all to see if they but take the time to look.

Interviewer: What congregation do you commune with?

I commune with a congregation that already exists everywhere on Earth, the tenants of which can be discerned from these writings.

Interviewer: What is the name of the congregation?

The name of the congregation I am a member of is the Truth of the Way of Life!

Interviewer: Where are the church buildings and is this a registered non-profit religion?

The church building is vast, some call it the universe. The Creator and Sustainer does not live in a building and the Creator and Sustainer does not have need of institutions run as non-profit religions.

Interviewer: Do you believe in 'heaven' and 'hell'?

Literally I do not believe there is ‘Magic Kingdom magic' in the universe. I define Magic Kingdom magic as an abridgement of the Creator and Sustainer's Natural Law. There are no imagined fantasies in reality. By definition every thing that exists is within Nature.

Metaphorically heaven and hell are states of the human consciousness. Feelings created by experiences that are a direct result of actions taken by the individual.

Interviewer: Do you believe in evolution or creationism?

I believe that the evolutionary theory of Darwin is basically correct as this seems to best explain the manner in which the life on Earth is slowly transformed by environmental conditions. I believe a force, a force most would name "God", is a naturally existing phenomena powerful enough to create the reality we perceive as the ever expanding universe.

Interviewer: Do you believe any man or woman can become spiritually corrupt?

I believe that most men and women do not know that spiritual corruption is what keeps them from the true joy of living. Most men and women have a conceptual understanding of reality that is corrupt in that their experience and knowledge is, naturally, incomplete and inadequate. Most men are corrupt as their minds are inadequate to envison the Creator and Sustainer as their emotions have corrupted the dream which has now become their false reality.

Interviewer: Are you corrupt?

Naturally. Perfection is only an idea, an imaginative human concept.

Interviewer: How can the average man or women tell if his or her religious teachers know God?

If your religious teachers believe that the force of arms and the killing of men for any reason, other than personal self defense, is justifiable then they do not know the Creator and Sustainer.

Interviewer: How do you know God exists?

I have felt the Creator and Sustainer's presence and consciousness permeating reality.

Interviewer: Why have you shared your thoughts, emotions and opinions out here?

The Creator and Sustainer charges those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear to bring the Creator and Sustainer's word to humanity.

Interviewer: Do you believe, as a child of the Creator and Sustainer, that you have supernatural powers?

Any supernatural power I have is only because I am willing to think outside of the predefined parameters imposed by the social control propaganda of the American cathode ray tubes. I have the power to explain to humanity a way to heal the corruption in the heart of humanity. Whether a man or woman choses to listen or not is entirely up to the individual. A way to heal the corruption is expounded within this text - unique-library.

Interviewer: As a child of the Creator and Sustainer do you understand and know all the aspects and attributes of the Creator and Sustainer?

My mind is inadequate to encompass the Transcendent Reality of the Creator and Sustainer. My soul is washed clean by the illuminating power of the Creator and Sustainer's compassion when the Creator and Sustainer choses to grant me that mercy. I understand that those that have experienced intense emotional distress seem to be able to see within their innermost being where they find a spark of the Creator and Sustainer's soul residing but I do not feel that this is the only path to the Creator and Sustainer. Many paths exist including meditation; contemplation; ascetic practices like yoga, kundalini, tai chi, falun gong, etc; imbibe entheogens; mystical immersion in studying nature; etc.

Interviewer: What should people do to attain enlightenment?

Read a cross section of material from different times, different cultures and a variety of social cultural situations to become knowledgeable about the reality of existence on Earth.

Look for behavior patterns, belief systems and archetypical symbology common to the social cultural cross section of people from different times and places then identify common beliefs, behaviors and symbology so you may understand typical human motivation or human nature.

Conserve resources.

Live within the Creator and Sustainer's Natural Law.

Embrace the Golden Rule.

Remain skeptical of professed motives.

Stop state sanctioned violence.

Question the authority of politicians and the wealthy.

Take control of the American government away from American aristocracy
and the Zionists by requiring absolute institutional transparency.

Require broadcasters to return some of the mass media monopolized 'air' time
to the public for the common good to be used by all candiates for public office thus eliminating campaign contributions (legal bribes).

Stop the propaganda machine of mass media that turns us away from
dealing with the ills of social reality by deceiving us with cultural fantasy.

Think for yourself instead of letting mass media think for you.

Educate others to the reality of the Earth and the reality of the Creator and Sustainer.

Walk the path of the truth of the Creator and Sustainer - away from physical and spiritual corruption.

Seek the Truth of the Way of Life.

Redeem yourself and live in the lap of the Creator and Sustainer.

Turn from spiritual corruption, also known as sin, embrace reality and the natural laws of the Creator and Sustainer of all existence.

Spread all scientific knowledge for the enrichment of all of mankind
as opposed the enrichment of a few aristocrats, billionaires and Zionists.

Interviewer: Are you a liberal or a conservative?

I am a liberal if being a liberal means taking corporate control and subsidies away from the American aristocracy and the Zionists.

I am a conservative if being a conservative means protecting freedom, the environment and taking the American government away from American aristocracy and the Zionists and giving American government back to the American people.

Interviewer: Are you successfully getting your message out?

No, very few Americans will read this. 50% of Americans do not read at all. Reading is not as visually stimulating as television. Americans are taught to live in a fantasy out of their imagination by television. Men, women and children slave for their masters to create the wealth American aristocracy, the Zionists are addicted to.

Laborers, with their cups extended away from their chests, wait to catch the trickle down so they may purchase some object they have been mislead into believing they must possess.

true faith in God

If you want your faith in God to be true and last
it must be grounded in true reality, grounded in everyday common experiences.

Your faith in God has to relate to you and your actual life, or it won't work as your faith.

Your faith in God must enhance your actual daily living experiences
and the lives of those around you or it is not a true faith in God.

Your faith in God must teach that religious truth
is learned from the inside out and bottom up - no one needs an intercessor!

Your faith in God must teach you that your reason and intuition are to be trusted,
and no religious teaching should ever be accepted if it does not make rational logical sense.

Your faith in God must teach that the true reality inside your heart and soul (fantasy daydreams not included!) can be trusted to have a common structure with the true reality outside of us in which we are immersed.

Your faith in God should teach that the true reality surrounding you is the true reality of existence,
not evil, not good, simply the environment in which you live.

Your faith in God should teach you to focus, to find central pillars of faith to which you can adhere
without the fear of your loss of faith in God - a bulletproof faith built on the pillars of honesty with oneself
- a reasonable, truthful, logical , rational, realistic faith.

Your faith in God will awaken your understanding of the emotions that drive you,
guiding you toward living a full life by finding joy in all the moments of your life.

eight descriptive facets of God

"An attribute is a permanent quality of a thing. This is its generic definition. It is that which is predicable of a thing as essential to its nature. The natural attributes of God are those permanent qualities which belong to his nature; those qualities without which he would not be God." - Charles G. Finney

God is: eternally infinite, transcendent, omnipresent, omniscient, essence, sovereign, compassionate and personally present.

God is infinite in that God is limitless - God has no limits or boundaries.
All attributes of God are absolutely infinite. God is the eternal source of true reality.

Eternity - were no past, present, or future exists - is that dimension of here and now that is beyond all thinking in temporal symbols.

God is transcendent in that God is impossible for the human mind to fully conceptualize.
God always remains partially unknowable and unknown beyond names and forms.

God is omnipresent in that God is everywhere at once.

God emanates the underlining forces of reality, our universe, at all times thus sustaining existent true reality.
No God = no existence.

God is omniscient as God has infinite knowledge of the very structure and laws of reality, God's Laws, and everything that ever existed or will exist sprang from God - the Creator and Sustainer. As Creator and Sustainer God has knowledge of all things that ever occur anywhere and everywhere at all times.

Everything ever existing and all events occurring are written in the fabric of God's soul.

God, the essence of existence, the Creator and Sustainer, the source of everything is omnipotent holding infinite natural power as an attribute. God breathes life into inanimate matter by sharing a small portion of His soul which, when implanted in inanimate matter, creates life.

God is compassionate in that God grants life and soul to individual beings. God grants the mental facilities required for continued existence in the physical world to animals. God grants life sustenance in that God permits and expects life forms to eat other living life forms, plants and animals, which also carry God's soul.

God always has been and always will be self-active, entirely sovereign, acting with total liberty and absolute freedom. God is sovereign in that God's Laws, the God's rules of true reality, are set and do not perceptibly vary. If we carefully observe God's Laws and learn the lessons they teach then our lives will be easier and we will experience peace and contentment on Earth. God's Laws include these eight descriptive facets of God.

God is individually present in that every human carries the divine spark of God's soul in his or her soul and the divine spark of God's spirit in his or her flesh. Men are made in the image of God in that they carry God's spirit in the divine spark of God's soul which they carry.

God is a personal God in that God is the Father of every human as each human carries a divine spark of God's soul and God's spirit within. God can be personally known by turning inward and meditating on the divine spark of God's soul that resides in every human soul - men call this conscience.

The path to the Creator and Sustainer lies open to all. To access communion with God one must abandon ego/self. When communing with God we pass beyond ego/self and achieve a selfless state. In this state God's creation is seen as perfect. God reveals Himself in nature. This communion with God has sometimes been termed "cosmic consciousness". When you commune with God your fear of death evaporates.

When you commune with God time slows to an imperceptible crawl, an experience of eternity.

When you commune with God the truths of true reality are revealed.

When you commune with God the grindstone weight of deep seated subconscious emotional fear/despair/anxiety/terror/regret/anguish, buried emotional suffering in general, is lifted and removed, thus does God redeem those in despair that have faith in God. As God permeates true reality, is omnipresent, we understand we are connected to the whole universe - a part of a larger whole and that we are not entirely separate individual beings alone in dark soulless universe.

The divine spark of God's soul which men carry in their own souls is the source of morality. Man's sense of morality is not flawed because of the Fall, because their never was a Fall - the Fall was designed as a social control mechanism. Men have a good sense of morality they just refuse to acknowledge it - as they many times refuse to acknowledge God. Men refuse to acknowledge their sense of morality because they have been led astray by other men that were either mistaken or were purposely trying to corrupt morals for purposes expedient to themselves. There are universal morals that exist in the all social cultures that can be discerned by careful analysis and these are the natural moral laws set by God.

It would be better if God was referred to as asexual
- God, not being an animal, being beyond physical description, has no sex.

God has many faces or facets. No human can "see" all the facets or faces of God. A human who searches diligently for God, truth and true reality, can "see" several facets of God which gives that human a clearer image of God than those that try to "see" God by looking from only one direction. Fundamentalists = literalists gaze toward God from only one direction - "seeing" a flat cardboard cut out of God.

"We must develop greater perspective, looking at situations from all angles." - Tenzin Gyatso

God does not require worship as commonly conceived. Most people go to a worship service and then forget about God for the rest of the week. God requires us to acknowledge Him, admit His presence and obey God's Law at all times if we are to lead a full life and enjoy peace and contentment on Earth. God forgives us when we err but we inevitably have to pay a price for each and every time we do not do what is morally correct. Continually ignoring God and God's Law both moral and natural results in corruption of the human soul/spirit.

God does not answer prayers that are physically egocentric - "please God do this for me." God does not answer prayers that cause physical changes to the structure of true reality, those changes that breach God's Law. God does not breach the Laws set within nature to answer a human prayer. God does not answer prayers that change the beliefs and opinions of other people.

God answers two types of prayers, both of which are individual and personal.

God grants individuals the first level of knowledge - intellectual knowledge - if this is prayed for and sought after diligently through the intellectual pursuit of knowledge held in libraries. Many fail to attain the this first level of knowledge as they limit themselves to reading material that concurs with their fantasies.

Spiritual healing is granted which leads to physical healing when communing with God. Communing with God occurs on a spiritual level through one's soul - no intellect is involved. To commune with God the intellect has to be left behind.

The greatest sin is apostasy. Acknowledging God, knowing God but refusing to accept God's will, believing that you can live a better life without God as a constant companion. God is with all men whether they accept God's presence or not. To have to constantly rebut God as non-existent or irrelevant is a daunting task that leads to physical and mental illness as humans are individual beings attached with an "umbilical cord" to God through the divine spark of God's soul which is constantly being revealed to them through their conscience - moral sense.

We "know" what is right and what is wrong in our hearts/souls/subconscious. People can and do fool themselves into believing that consciously they can always discern the difference between right and wrong by using their intellect. To know the truth we must search within our conscience which has a direct connection to The Heart of the Universe.

Humans are intelligent sapient mammals that have the ability to feel empathtic compassion have a conscience and the ability to predict a future - as in the sun will rise tomorrow and the divine spark of God's soul, embodied in our flesh, will return to God from all things that live at the end of their natural life spans. At death no one truly knows how much of our individual personalities return to God with the divine spark of God's soul that we carry within us that has been variously named spirit/soul/mind/heart. All hypothesis of life after death are conjecture. No human has returned from the grave to tell us what death is like.

There is no "meaning" to human history other than it is an inaccurate record of what has occurred written by observers of social culture throughout recorded history. As a record it offers warnings of what can occur when a social culture has strayed into dangerous territory by refusing to acknowledge the natural moral law of God and/or rules of reality/existence.

Humanity does not have to have a greater purpose than simple existence. Why is it necessary for any "thing" to have a purpose? Does a rock have a purpose? This is an improper question to ask of humans. A human being can give himself a purpose. Parents do when they choose to find meaning in the bringing forth of new life in their offspring. Being commissioned by God to bring God's word to mankind gives a person a purpose. Bringing relief from emotional or physical suffering to other people gives a person a purpose. Simply existing does not require purpose.

People make their own personalities into what they want them to be. Their attitude, thoughts and beliefs will be reflected in their personalities. People can not modify true reality through thoughts, wishes, prayers, magic incantations, etc. People learn by mimicking others. People have never been and can never be entirely free as they exist in a social culture to which they have been conditioned and naturally adhere.

Human beings are individual separate animals but when they come to full consciousness they realize that they are connected to everything and that when you add everything together everything becomes a single unified whole. When humans personally experience wholeness they have come home to sit in the lap of the Creator and Sustainer.

Knowledge is a true glimpse of reality. All existing higher nervous systems, one's with brains, were designed to take advantage of natural environmental conditions. They must have true knowledge of reality in order to continue to survive.

There are no contradictions. If you see a contradiction in reality then you have misinterpreted reality. A paradox or contradiction occurs when your logic and reason is faulty - you have made an incorrect assumption.

Good and evil does not exist independent of the thoughts and actions of men. Good and evil exists physically only in the hearts/souls of men based upon intent. Men who have become spiritually corrupt, by refusing to accept the reality of God, commit actions based on their evil/corrupt spirituality. Evil springs from desire that can not be satiated in reality because such a desire is based upon fantasy. A simple categorization of unsatiated fantasy desire that morphs into sin involves seven elements: greed, lust, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride and wrath.

True reality is as it is whether or not we "comprehend it". True reality has elements of both order and chaos. Order is easily seen. Chaos is the misunderstood complex interactions of "things".

True reality is understood in physics to be spirit/force/energy coagulating into inanimate matter. Spirit/force/energy is analogous to the "lifeblood" of the Creator and Sustainer. Inanimate matter is analogous to the "flesh" of the Creator and Sustainer. Creator and Sustainer breathes the divine spark of Creator and Sustainer's soul into a human granting that human a soul.

These words clearly define the Creator and Sustainer in an analogous or metaphoric way. The Creator and Sustainer is like nothing else that we as humans can fully conceptualize and so can not truly be compared with anything else in reality as the Creator and Sustainer encompasses all of reality. Everything in reality, except all the facets of the Creator and Sustainer, can be categorized and understood in a basic way through diligent study of reality/nature. As all the facets of the Creator and Sustainer can never be fully conceptualized the Creator and Sustainer remains a mystery.
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