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American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

1914 American Joint Distribution Committee (JOINT), is founded initially to provide assistance to Jews living in Palestine under Türkish rule.

Henry Morgenthau, US Ambassador to Türkey, cables Louis Marshall and Jacob Schiff requesting $50,000 to save the Palestinian Jews (then under Türkish rule) from starvation.

Louis Marshall is President and Felix Warburg is Treasurer.
1921 JOINT arrives in Poland.

Nearly every Yiddish community exhibts typhus due to filth.

July 1921 to April 1923

JOINT helps 300,000 Jews immigrate.

JOINT sets up Malaria experimental research center in Israel where it cares for 1,300 orphans.

May 3, 1924 American Joint Reconstruction Foundation and the Jewish Colonization Association founded.

Felix Warburg and, later, Bernard Flexner act as presidents.

The American Joint Reconstruction Foundation works as a credit cooperative.

1926 JOINT helps maintain 1800 educational institutions in Europe with 225,000 students.

1932 JOINT has expended $80 million.

March 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes Chancelor.

"Within a few weeks appeal after appeal came from the German Jewish community of some 600,000 souls." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 166 (6 hundred thousand ≠ 6 million)

JOINT accelerated its aid to German Jewry.

JOINT helps 250,000 Jews flee Germany and 125,000 to leave Austria.

600,000 - 250,000 = 350,000 German Jews in Germany.

1934 "The growing strength and number of state monopolies, which displaced the Jews in many commercial and industrial fields; intensifies economic boycott, the exclusion of Jews from government employment, public office or civil service all tended to sap the courage and morale of Poland's 3,000,000 Jews." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 169

1937 JOINT helps resettle a quarter million people on 300 thousand acres of land vacated in Crimea and Ukraine by the Holodomor.

"By 1937 the collectives had become strong enough to take in new memebers without outside help." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 160

1938 "In May, 450,000 Jews in Hungary are subjected to numerus clausus reducing their participation to 20% of the total." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 176

Operations in Germany are liquidated on December 31 in preparation for war.

1944 JOINT enters Europe's liberated areas and organizes a massive relief effort.

1947 700,000 Jews in Europe have received aid from JOINT.

250,000 live in Displaced Persons (DP) camps operated by JOINT.

JOINT has enabled 115,000 refugees to reach Palestine.

1948 Israel proclaims its independence.

JOINT, in coöperation with the Jewish Agency, helps some 440,000 Jews to reach Israel from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

1988 JOINT returns to Soviet Union.

1990s JOINT provides aid to tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews as they await aliyah.

They Didn't Want Ethiopian Jews in Israel

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