"There is torture of mind as well as body; the will is as much affected by fear as by force." - Justice John Paul Stevens quoting Justice Felix Frankfurter

Jose Padilla, an American born citizen of Puerto Rican descent, is held in solitary confinement for three years without charges being filed .

Jose Padilla, injected with what he identified as a PCP/LSD cocktail, ends up spending 1,307 days under sensory deprivation conditions.

Jose Padilla had no history of mental illness when ordered detained as a enemy combatant by presidential decree.

Jose Padilla's lawyers claimed that interrogation methods included the use of psychotropic drugs and other forms of torture.

Jose Padilla's 'treatment' has been classified as a state secret.

"I can't talk about what happened because it is classified." - Jose Padilla

Psychological tests suggest Jose Padilla suffered brain damage and he exhibits symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Mr. Padilla shows extreme anxiety. He is fearful of his time in the brig. Everything that he talks about is with regard to the time at the brig, no other time point." - Patricia Zapf, psychologist

"People who have known Jose Padilla and loved him before his military detention don't feel they can even bear to see him because he is so clearly mentally ill."- Stuart Grassian, psychiatrist

The legal strategy used was designed to make it possible to suspend the Constitutional Rights of American citizens by presidential decree.

A precedent was set that future presidents can use to suspend the Constitutional Rights of any American citizen.

Three purposeful constitutional violations occurred:

The writ of habeas corpus was suspended even though America was not being invaded nor was a rebellion taking place.

Jose was denied a speedy trial.

Jose suffered cruel and unusual punishment.

What was Jose' crime ?

Jose was arrested for 'plotting' to detonate a radioactive 'dirty bomb'.

Then Jose 'plotted' to blow up apartment complexes with natural gas.

Finally Jose was indicted and convicted of conspiracy to 'murder, kidnap and maim' people overseas after a confession.

"The jury did seem to be an oddly cohesive group. On the last day of trial before the Fourth of July holiday, jurors arranged to dress in outfits so that each row in the jury box was its own patriotic color "red, white or blue."- Washington Post

2008 A FOIA request finds the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) cannot locate recording of the final interrogation of Jose Padilla which includes his confession.

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