Red Zionist Terror

Fort Dix Five Terror Plot

The Hungarian Soviet Republic or literally Republic of Councils in Hungary was a short lived communist rump state.

Though the de jure leader of the Hungarian Soviet Republic was president Sándor Garbai, the de facto power was in the hands of foreign minister Béla Kun, who maintained direct contact with Lenin via radiotelegraph.

Béla Kún (Kohn)*

"Béla Kún, (Kohn), had been compelled, in consequence of petty embezzlements committed at the expense of the proletariat, to resign his post in the office of the Kolozsvar Workmen's Insurance Institute.

Earlier in life he had been a votary of night orgies; and during the 'lean' days of the Soviet regime he did not abstain from sumptuous banqueting.

While at Petrograd, in the service of Lenin, Béla Kún had Hungarian prisoners of war, officers and privates alike, shot en masse with machine-guns, for refusing to join the Russian Red Zionist Army.

As People's Commissioner, he took up his quarters in a fashionable hotel on the Danube Embankment, under the protection of a body-guard armed with hand grenades.

When, under the pretext of 'nationalization,' the Soviet authorities proceeded vigorously to confiscate property, thirty-four banks were occupied by armed forces and placed under Communist management.

The entire stock of money and securities was seized, as well as the jewellery, gold coins and foreign currency deposited in the safes.

From the Austro-Hungarian Bank (Budapest branch) two hundred million crowns were taken and conveyed to Vienna for propaganda purposes; while foreign currency of the value of at least forty to fifty million crowns was distributed among the immediate adherents (male and female alike) of the new masters of the country.

Of the foreign securities seized several millions' worth were sold; while the Sacred Crown, the most jealously guarded of all the nation's treasures, was offered for sale.

The salaries of the persons employed by the new bureaucracy, and the wages of the workmen were raised so enormously that there could be no doubt as to the probability of a speedy bankruptcy of the State.

A prison warder was paid wages amounting to about 30,000 crowns a year.

The Exchequer was soon empty; and there was a shortage of the means of payment.

At this juncture Julius Lengyel, People's Commissioner for Finance, declared to a meeting of the 'trustees' (Vertrauensmänner) of the officials of the bank of issue that 'there are excellent foreign and native forgers able to make perfect counterfeits of the Austro-Hungarian banknotes.'

The services of these 'excellent forgers' were actually requisitioned; and they made an enormous number of forged Austro-Hungarian banknotes, of 200, 25 and 2 crowns respectively.

Thus the workers' delight at the rise of wages became converted into bitter disappointment, for they were paid in forged notes which possessed a very trifling purchasing value.

The country folk refused to have anything to do with money forged under the aegis of 'authorities' whose term of power was so problematical, and in consequence ceased to supply the capital with food." - Oscar Szollosy, Councillor in the Royal Hungarian Ministry of Justice, THE CRIMINALS OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT

Otto Korvin (Klein)*

Otto Korvin (Klein), a well-paid official of a joint-stock incorporation, issued orders for the seizure as hostages of politicians, judges, bishops, writers, manufacturers, generals:

former Prime Minister, Alexander Wekerle;

former Ministers of War, Hazay and Szurmay;

Count Stephen Tisza;

the Speaker Charles Szasz;

Nicholas Dobsa;

Béla Madarasz;

Gustavus Szigeti;

Eugéne Rakosi and Bishop Mikes.

In the prison attached to the Budapest Central Court of Justice alone 1,461 persons were held in custody, persons arrested as politicians, and not charged with any criminal act.

Alexander Hollan and Louis Navay with family members were murdered.

The actor Andrew Szocs was murdered and his body left to decompose in the courtyard of the Houses of Parliament.

Otto Korvin's inquisitors showed accused persons a heap of noses, tongues, and ears that had been cut off corpses.

Gerson Itzkovitch*, laughed hauntingly that he was in the habit of gouging out a bourgeois' eye with a single turn of his knife, 'like the stone from a peach.'

"These frenzied blood-orgies betray all the symptoms characteristic of that perversion which manifests itself in a perverse and fiendish delight in the shedding of blood, in shrieks of pain, and in maddening tortures." - Oscar Szollosy

Helen Peczkai*

Helen Peczkai took pleasure in assisting at executions; her hobby was to be allowed to determine whether death had ensued, and she showed a particular eagerness in making inquiries as to when and where the next execution was to take place.

The Governing Council appointed the lawyer Dr. Eugéne László political commissary for all the revolutionary tribunals.

This man was the offspring of a marriage between cousins, and his mother died insane.

Other terrorists included Joseph Cserny, Tiberius Számuelly, George Lukács, Stephen Láday, Ernest Seidler, Gabriel Schán, Nicholas Gelbert , Géza Groo, John Nyakas, Gabriel Csomor.

Louis Kovacs, Arpad Kerekes (Kohn), and Charles Sturcz, who, at a mere sign of the hand from Számuelly, hanged or shot seventeen, forty-six, and forty-nine persons respectively.

"In comparison with these monsters, the jackal is a mere lamb, the rattlesnake an innocent gold-fish.

They walked in human guise; but the bestial instinct for plunder and butchery latent within them was not restrained by any human.

With their souls full of hatred, they made boastful promises of earthly bliss to those whom they swept to perdition." - Oscar Szollosy

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