Asset Forfeiture

Stop and seize

Asset seizures fuel police spending

Seizure Fever: The War on Property Rights

Police Department Wish List of Assets to Seize

Taken: Americans stripped of cash, cars, and homes

Policing for Profit Visualized: How Big Is Civil Forfeiture?

Federal Appeals Court Rules Cash Seizure Violated Constitution

Innocent College Student's Life Savings Seized by Feds

340 Editorials Call For Civil Forfeiture Reform

DEA and NSA Team Up to Share Intelligence

DEA Unchecked Access To Call Records

systemic problems

"Corruption is endemic in the enforcement of drug laws.

Many people who have cash and property seized are never charged with a crime.

Many police departments are dependent on drug related seizures for basic budget items." - Clifford A. Schaffer

In rural East Texas, methamphetamine labs often operate unnoticed.

Misdemeanor drug charges in Smith County; about 100 miles southeast of Dallas, are as common as drunk driving arrests according to district attorney Matt Bingham.

In the last six years, the Troup police force sent just 2 felony drug cases to the district attorney's office.

Major Mike Lusk, head of criminal investigations for the Smith County Sheriff's Department, said Troup police sent a total of two drug evidence samples to the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab since 2000.

"We do that much in an hour." - Major Mike Lusk

"It appears from the current investigation that the problem is not with the Troup Police Department prosecuting innocent people, it is that they were not prosecuting guilty people." - district attorney Matt Bingham

"America contains 4% of the Earth's population and has incarcerated 25% of all imprisoned people on Earth.

Twenty years ago America spent $36 billion on police, courts and incarceration a year while today it spends $167 billion.

The economic costs of a criminal justice system that emphasizes punishment and incarceration at the expense of rehabilitation and the potential for recovery are unsustainable." - Joe Domanick, senior fellow in criminal justice at USC Anneberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism.

"Since 1975 California criminal justice policy has developed haphazardly, through laws passed by politicians whose chief goal was to appear to be tougher on crime than their opponents.

One obstacle to serious reform in the California prisons is the California Correctional Peace Officers Association, the correctional officers union, which wields tremendous political power.

Even legislators who understand the issues involved in transforming the prison system have been unable to do what they need to do because of the union's willingness to use dollars and scare tactics against reform-minded politicians." - Jeanne S. Woodford, California Department of Corrections

GE Theater: "No Hiding Place" - 1958

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