Sex Plague

Pope Francis: 'About 2%' of Catholic clergy pedophiles

Catholic dioceses declare bankruptcy on eve of sexual abuse trials

Maybe schools shouldn’t be lobbying to defend sexual predators

Richard Dawkins defends "mild pedophilia," says it does not cause "lasting harm"

"In a step critics charge could result in decriminalizing sexual contact between adults and children, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recently sponsored a symposium in which participants discussed the removal of pedophilia from an upcoming edition of the psychiatric manual of mental disorders.

Psychiatrists attending an annual APA convention May 19 in San Francisco proposed removing several long-recognized categories of mental illness - including pedophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, transvestism, voyeurism and sadomasochism - from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)." - Lawrence Morahan, Cybercast News Service, June 11, 2003

"If pedophilia is deemed normal by psychiatrists, then how can it remain illegal?" - Linda Ames Nicolosi

1989 Robert Bauserman, employed by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, writes about 'man-boy sexual relationships'.

1996 David Webber, former director of the Calgary Jewish Community Council and Youth Director of Beth Israel Synagogue, was sentenced to six years in prison "for possessing child pornography and molesting seven boys over the past eight years."

Police found in his possession 3,635 photos of young boys, 16 pornography videos, 224 books and articles about "man-boy passion," and other indicting materials. The provincial prosecutor called Webber an "unrepentant pedophile."

Harris Mirkin, a professor at the University of Missouri @ Kansas City, published an article in the Journal of Homosexuality complaining that boys who have sex with men "are never considered willing participants."

2002 "The lawyers, investment bankers, politicians and other prominent members of Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan struggled to square their image of the cantor, Howard Nevison, the golden-voiced tenor who led them in prayer for 23 years, with the Lower Merion police's description of him as a violent sexual abuser of a child.

The imposing temple at Fifth Avenue and 65th Street, said to be the largest synagogue in the world, is home to one of the nation's most prominent reform congregations." - New York Times, February 22, 2002

Howard Nevison, with his brother Larry and nephew Stewart plead guilty to sodomizing another nephew Joel.

"Prosecutors filed 11 criminal charges alleging lewd acts with two girls who attended a religious school and sexual battery involving two women who worked there.

rabbi Richard Marcovitz, 64, was arrested last week, freed on $80,000 bond and placed on administrative leave from Emanuel Synagogue, where he has worked for the past six years." - Channel Oklahoma (Channel 5), February 27, 2002

"The former rabbi of a Morris County synagogue plead guilty Tuesday to having child pornography on his temple computer.

Juda Mintz Jr. admitted that at that time he had at least 10 computer files containing photographs of minors engaging in sexual activity, including some images of children under 12." - Newsday, February 26, 2002

2003 "Elected chief rabbi Yona Metzger sexually harassed four men of various ages and from various sectors of society." - Haaretz April 25, 2003

"rabbi Israel Kestenbaum flinched when prosecutor Jennifer Steiner asked whether he believed in January that "the person using the screen name 'East80Kattie' was an actual 13-year-old girl."

The rabbi hesitated, inhaled and said, "Yes."

rabbi Israel Kestenbaum, the former ethics watchdog at the prestigious New York Board of Rabbis, then acknowledged inviting his cyberpal to meet him for sex after they talked nine more times on the Internet." - Barbara Ross, New York Daily News, August 13, 2003

"A Chicago pediatrician, Dr Marc Watzman, who spent thousands of dollars on 200,000 images of child pornography was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison.

A hidden panel in his car contained drugs such as opium, compounds used to induce unconsciousness and a substance used to induce temporary muscular paralysis." - IOL, October 28, 2003

rabbi Sidney Goldenberg, formerly of Petaluma's Congregation B'nai Israel, plead no contest at Santa Rosa Municipal Court to a felony charge of lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor under the age of 14.

The sexual misconduct took place over several months while Goldenberg was tutoring the victim, a 12-year-old girl, for her Bat Mitzvah. "I can honestly say that he ruined not only my Bat-Mitzvah, but my faith in Judaism."

rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, who resigned as president of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in December because of sexual impropriety, will become executive vice president of Birthright Israel USA, Inc., based in New York.

He was recruited for the position by Michael Steinhardt, the hedge fund manager-turned-philanthropist who co-founded the Taglit-Birthright Israel program which has sent more than 200,000 Jews ages 18 to 26 on free trips to Israel since 1999.

"Although the specific nature of Zimmerman's actions have not been made public, they seem to repeat a pattern in Jewish life where male rabbis known to have transgressive behaviors in their past have not often suffered professionally for it." - Lilith

Pope Francis to Lecture Congress on Morals
Today As Priest Victims Say Abuse Rages On

"Those who suffered shameful abuse under the guise of religion will never be the same. I suffered under a priest in Los Angeles. This man was a monster who beat children for the thrill of hearing them cry." - MJ Fleming

"Documented sex abuse cases in Catholic Church scandals involve incidents between priests and boys. I have read grand jury documents and been struck by the fact many priests abused young schoolgirls."- John Kinkel

2007 McCormack pleades guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse for molesting five underage boys when serving as a priest in Chicago.

McCormack used his position as a priest, teacher and basketball coach to abuse boys in his care.

2009 Elected Representatives hold a moment of silence to celebrate the tumultuous life of the superstar pedophile Michael Jackson.

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