"I am opposed to the military use of animals.

I am also opposed to the military use of men."

BF Skinner


Brain Injuries in Childhood Have Lasting Effects on Learning

‘Molecular madness’ in brain after blast injury

IED blasts leave distinct scars on the brain

"When the rich make war it's the poor that die."

Jean-Paul Sartre

"Through many decades and many wars, the US military has been honing its training skills, learning to take a civilized human being and turn him into a killing machine.

A traditional way of doing this was to motivate the soldier to hate the enemy and want to kill him.

After World War II, this approach was shaken by the Army's official World War II historian, Samuel Marshall, who in 1947 upset the entire military establishment with a slim book called "Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command in Future War."

In this book, Marshall claimed that in World War II, at best one in four combat soldiers ever fired their weapon at the enemy, and in most combat units only about 15% of the available firepower was ever used.

Recently, I was discussing the Marshall book with two World War II veteran friends.

The one who had not been in combat found the report hard to believe, but the other, who had served in the infantry in Europe, said, "I had a machine gun. I never fired the thing."

"Why not?" the other asked. "If you fired it, they'd shoot back at you."

Many in the military challenged Marshall's fmdings.

But military training became focused on how to improve what Marshall had called the "ratio of fire."

Starting with the Vietnam War, the ratio of fire has greatly increased through training techniques that involve simulated combat - so that the soldier acts without thinking.

Soldiers today often will commit acts that they regret and will be uncertain about why they did them.

In a documentary I saw recently, a confused American soldier in Iraq said he was not sure why he had intentionally run over a woman and killed her; his only explanation was that he had been trained to respond that way in that situation." - Mark Kurlansky

chessboard pawns

Playing War: How the Military Uses Video Games

"As long as people believe in absurdities,
they will continue to commit atrocities."

Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

Can a Marine take on the mantle of benevolent overseer?

American soldiers are sent out to kill the enemy.

But become the force of an occupying power.

Where there is no force monopoly, atrocities are inevitable.

It happened in Vietnam War; it is happening in Iraq.

The problem is exacerbated in an alien culture with overextended tours.

Being constantly on guard against ambush but not being able to respond as a trained warrior with decisive force develops enormous pressures.

It does not take a psychiatrist to deduce that men and women break.

We can not bully people into democracy.

Mythology surrounding warfare needs to move beyond the facile imagery of goodness confronting evil in a fair contest with a good outcome.

Such rectitude exists only on movie screens, not in the realworld.

the socialization of the American State

Lucky Man

"Moral hazard" is a term commonly applied to financial contracts, under which one party is obliged to pay another money if a specified event occurs.

Moral hazard refers to situations in which the very existence of the contract alters the behavior of one party increasing the probability of the event's occurrence or the size of the monetary payoff based on that event, or both.

If the monetary and the blood cost of war are shifted mainly to citizens other than the elites who are empowered to declare war and decide how it is conducted, then that elite is more likely to embrace war and to spend on it.

Very few of the offspring of the policy-making elite in Washington served in the armed forces and faced the bodily risk of war." - Uwe E. Reinhardt

2005 America has over 1.4 million men and women in uniform.

69,000 troops are stationed in Germany.

40,000 troops are stationed in Japan.

160,000 troops are stationed in Iraq.

500,000 standing troops to protect resources critical to transnational elites.

2006 Army bans privately purchased body armor even though independent testing confirms that the American militaries claim that out-of-the-loop competitors body armor is not as good as governmnet issue was false, in fact the out-of-the-loop competitors body armor is better!

Ryan Kelly, 25, is billed $2,231 by the military after spending nearly half a year fighting and losing a leg.

"It hits you in the gut. Its like thanks for the service and now you owe us." - Ryan Kelly

Over 200,000 veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been treated at Veterans Administration medical facilities.

Over 66,000 have been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, acute depression and substance abuse.

At some Veterans Administration medical facilities it can take several months to be seen by a doctor for mental health issues.

The Veterans Benefits Administration has a backlog of 400,000 pending claims causing veterans to wait from 6 months to 2 years to receive benefits they are entitled to by law.

It is likely the cost of providing benefits for the returning Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans will cost between $300 billion to $600 billion.

Jay Platt developed Von Hippel-Landau disease while serving as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

The trigger for Jay Platt was solvents used to clean weapons.

Discharged with no medical benefits.

"You could be in the military and be a six-pack-a-day smoker, and if you come down with emphysema, 'That's OK. We've got you covered,' but if you happen to have a disease where there is an identified genetic contribution, you are screwed." - Kathy Hudson, director of the Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University

"The war on terrorism has provided a convenient excuse to stifle scientific discourse and the release of information on government operations. Those who stand to lose the most from this policy are the service members it was ostensibly designed to protect." - Maj. Remington Nevin

wounds never heal

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