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Chinese charater for myth

myth : God

Chinese charater for God

God, the miraculous mystery self-aware life may never fully comprehend, is impervious to finite reduction.

Physical images of gods come in two dimensional drawn, painted and chipped images and in three dimensional sculpted talisman and statues.

Symbolic images of gods may come in any form.

Both the Celts and the Ancient Hebrews scoffed at the chaotic pagan way the Greeks and Romans physically represented gods dressed in human skin.

Orthodox religion relies on physical images of gods clothed in human skin that closely resemble subjects - or victims - depending on your frame of reference.

Jesus liberated form Sin

Spirit In The Sky

"We despise all reverences and all the objects of

reverence which are outside the pale of our own list of sacred objects.

And yet, with strange inconsistency, we are shocked when other

people despise and defile the objects which are holy to us."

Samuel Langhorne Clemens

A Christian archeologist, excavating in the 18th or 19th century happens upon a grotesque depiction of Mictlantecuhtli, or Shiva-Nataraja wearing a necklace of human skulls, sees a graven image.

He believes that the creators of the conceptualized physical depiction actually worshiped the sculpture as a god not as a physical representation of a god who operated in reality unseen.

He labels the social culture an "idol worshiping culture."

In the not to distant future an archeologist happens upon a grotesque sculptural depiction of a poorly fed man his face contorted in agony, his hands and feet crudely nailed with rusty iron spikes to a rough hewn wood cross, wearing a crown of razor sharp thorns which tear his skin creating rivulets of blood and as a final afront an iron pike pierces his liver.

Without the cultural knowledge of having heard the narrative of sweet Jesus, this archeologist sees a man being put to death in a most gruesome manner.

He could easily surmise that a social culture that worshiped an idol depicted in such a manner would glorify torture and death and be a most bloodthirsty homicidal social culture - a graven image of a son being put to death in the most agonizing fashion at the behest of his father.

true ultimate god

God is unknown and unknowable.

God is beyond the ability of humans to conceptualize.

God is beyond names, symbols, images and concepts.

Within all the basic foundational mythic concepts of Creation there lies the story of unity differentiating.

In India the spark of God residing within is called the 'inhabitant'.

To identify the divine immortal aspect of your soul with the divine spark of the Soul of God, that inhabits each life, is to awaken to the noumenon.

Understanding of God, of the ultimate mystery of being, cannot be explained as true knowledge transcends the conceptual symbolic imagery available.

We cannot enwrap God with words because words are inadequate to describe the existent reality of God.

The concepts, symbols and images avaliable are based in the temporal material world and as such bear with them temporal material conotations.

But we have no choice but to use these concepts, symbols and images as they are what is available.

To transcend is to go beyond the thought structures in use within the culture.

The word in the English language for that which is transcendent is God.

But as soon as you think of God, you have a concept.

Patriarchial monotheistic religions conceptualize God as the Father.

If the God of Creation is the Mother then the Earth is her body.

If the God of Creation is the Mother there is nowhere else but Earth.

But a male God must exist - for how else could the Mother become impregnated and produce children?

As a male God must exist such a male God must not exist on Earth but must exist somewhere else - perhaps in the sky?

A male God must be able to walk through the sky.

Male and female - two aspects of one divine principle.

Everything in the field of time and space has an opposite.

It is absurd to speak of God as either male or female as the divine power of Creation is antecedent to duality.

One problem with Yahweh, according to Valentinian Gnostism, is that Yahweh forgot he was a metaphor.

Yahweh thought he was material.

And when Yahweh said, "I am god, " a voice was heard to say, "You are mistaken, Samael."

Samael means "blind god": blind to the Lumière Infinie of which he is simply a local historical manifestation.

This is known as the blasphemy of Jehovah - that he thought he was God.

Hegel spoke of God as the gaseous anthropomorphic vertebrate.

Perhaps concieved as a bearded patriarch with an unpleasant temperament?

This is a false and materialistic way of talking about the transcendent, of conceptualizing God as something supernatural, outside of nature, somewhere out there, separate from humanity and Earth.

Transcendent properly defined is conceptualization beyond all concepts.

Immanuel Kant tells us that human experience is bound by time and space.

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