Myths are attempts to explain with symbolic archetypical conceptions the reality of life

When you kill the Beast say to him in your heart:

"By the same power that slays you,
I to am slain; and I too shall be consumed

For the law that delivered you into my hand
shall deliver me into a mightier hand

Your blood and my blood is naught but
the sap that feeds the Tree of Heaven."

- Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Chinese charater for myth

life is a treasure chest

myth : life

Chinese charater for a living being

to live

"We are rejecting our society's priorities and falling in love again with life. That is our true nature, which we can deny only with increasing effort. It is our nature to love life in both senses of the word: biological life and our personal lives.

To love the world and to compassion our time in it.

We have long been frightened into rejecting both, accepting as a result their plunder: the reduction of the living world into resources, things, money, and the reduction of our time into commodified hours, jobs, the grim necessity of making a living. The good news is that when we let go of separation and thus fall in love again with life, these results will also give way to their opposites. For the world and for ourselves, we will accept nothing less than lives devoted ardently to creating beautiful things, beautiful music, beautiful ideas."
Charles Eisenstein


"People say that what all people seek is a meaning, or purpose, for life.

I think that what we are all seeking is the experience of being alive, so that our reallife experiences resonate within our own innermost being, deep within our souls, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.

Life is, in its very essence and character, a terrible mystery - this whole business of living by killing and eating.

'All life is sorrowful' is the first Buddhist saying, and so it is.

It wouldn't be life if there were not temporality involved, which includes sorrow - loss, loss, loss.

The ends of things are always painful.

You've got to say yes to life and see it as magnificent the way it is; for this is surely the way life was meant to be.

Life is joyful, just as it is.

The way to awake into life is not to be afraid of life, and to recognize that all of reality, as it exists, is a manifestation of the power of creation. " - Joseph Campbell

annihilating boredom

"The cognitive capacities we now possess define our reality - give it substance.

The prospect of growth is as much a prospect of loss, a threat to security, as a bounty.

One must emotionally die in order to emotionally live.

Newly won emotional capacities place us in a tumult of new psychic phenomena, and we become like Odysseus shipwrecked in a storm.

Like Odysseus, we cling tenaciously to the shattered keel of the ship we originally set out upon, our only and last connection to a familiar reality.

Why give it up?

Do we have the strength to change?

Perhaps the voices encouraging us to venture out on our own belong only to the cruel Sirens.

So we close our eyes, and hold to what we know." - Arthur Zajonc

war of all against all

concept of original sin

"Pain is part of there being a world at all. You must say, 'I will participate in life. It is a wonderful, wonderful opera - except that it hurts.'

Affirmation is difficult. We always affirm with conditions. For example, "I affirm reality on condition that it is the way I fantasize it to be." Affirming it the way it is - that's the hard thing, and that is what rituals are about.

Ritual involves group participation in the most hideous original act, which is the act of life - killing and eating another living thing. We do it together, we do it everyday, when we sit down to eat a meal. This is the way life is." - Joseph Campbell

Primordial original sin is the sin that man bears for killing animals and eating them.

As men are empathetic they can relate to the life that exists in an animal that lives, breathes and bleeds as they do. When a man takes the life of an animal he takes something that can not belong to him as the life of an animal belongs to that animal.

Using his empathetic nature man finds the life force that resides within him also resides within the animal he has slain. He notes that the life force of the animal has been taken by him through his desire or will.

This places an empathetic human in an awkward position.

An empathetic human feels emotional pain at the loss of the life force of the animal. Unfortunately it is necessary for him to kill the animal because his family is hungry and needs the food to survive the coming winter.

Emotionally there are only two ways to go:

I realize I have taken a precious thing that did not belong to me, that which animated the animal, life. I think of the animal as just meat on the hoof and I never give the light I watch dying in the animals eyes a second thought.

The first emotional response will elicit regret and gratitude - regret that I had to kill the animal to assure the survival of my family and gratitude to the spirit of the animal, that which animated it and gave it life.

The second emotional response is experienced by those that believe themselves to be entitled to the fruits of the Earth unconditionally.

The first emotional response relieves the bearer of regret through the vehicle of gratitude. His sin of killing the animal is redeemed because he has a proper respect for the life force of the animal and he makes restitution to the spirit animating the animal by giving that animating spirit the proper respect it so richly deserves for the sustenance it provides.

The second emotional response is the same response that is experienced by non-human animals, basically indifference, and is the response that bestows upon the bearer "original sin." By not recognizing the gift given, the bearer then begins carrying the spiritual burden of "original sin."

psychic security

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

Live with a individual to understand that individual;

Live with a family to understand that family;

Live with a community to understand that community;

Live with a culture to understand that culture;

Live with the Earth to understand the Earth.

Lao Tze

Myths are attempts to explain with symbolic archetypical conceptions the reality of life
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