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"The International Monetary Fund's Articles of Agreement prevent countries from restoring the "dual exchange rate" systems that many retained down through the 1950s and even into the 60s.

It was widespread practice for countries to have one exchange rate for goods and services (sometimes various exchange rates for different import and export categories) and another for "capital movements."

Under American pressure, the IMF enforced the pretence that there is an "equilibrium" rate that just happens to be the same for goods and services as it is for capital movements.

Governments that did not buy into this ideology were excluded from membership in the IMF and World Bank ­ or were overthrown.

The implication today is the only way a nation can block capital movements is to withdraw from the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization.

For the first time since the 1950s this looks like a real possibility, thanks to worldwide awareness of how the US economy is glutting the global economy with surplus "paper" dollars ­ and US intransigence at stopping its free ride.

From the US vantage point, this is nothing less than an attempt to curtail its international military program." - Michael Hudson

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It must be understood that broadcast and print media have a commanding control of the thoughts and opinions of the population.

For the plan for world domination to succeed it is therefore required that control of the media rests in the hands of a few specially chosen agents.

Once media control is consolidated the media can then be used quite effectively to influence mental development in the desired direction.

License broadcasters to assure conformity.

Divide media components into three layers:

1) publications of an official character that support the plan;
2) semi-official publications that waver over issues of lukewarm importance;
3) opposing camp publications that are opponents of the plan.

Use the media to:

Destroy freedom of speech.

Condemn defenders of true liberty, liberation theologists and liberals.

Condemn true conservatives, honest religious folk and environmentalists.

Equate happiness and success in life with material possessions.

Turn ‘news' into oratorical contests between inexhaustible disrespectful babblers.

Excite and inflame the passions as sensuality disorganizes the capacities of the mind and clearness of views.

Keep the public away from serious reflection by burying issues which may arouse calculated résistance.

Practice censorship rigorously by allowing only certain issues and opinions are heard by defining the ‘important issues' of the day for journalists.

Superficially discuss issues without touching the essence of the matter.

Confuse the issue by mixing truth with lies along with contradictory facts.

Dispense opinions and forecasts contrary to reality which further our purposes through confusion and distraction.

Encourage the flaunting of traditional natural morals.

Swallow up and confiscate the last scintilla of independence of thought.

Distract the forces of the mind towards meaningless competitions in entertainment, sports, the arts, rheotorical oratory, ad infinitum.

Direct all thought toward technical knowledge and predetermined materialistically centered conclusions.

Use those minds that refuse the predetermined path to point to vain conceptions of new fantastic theories that appear progressive to the underdeveloped mind.

Weaken personal confidence through criticism - point out all individual flaws and then sell a product to "fix" it.

Elevate materialism to the point where citizens see each other as roadblocks to personal wealth and happiness.

Advocate immorality, fossil fuel chemical drug use, homosexuality, prostitution and selfishness by interjecting poorly executed senseless abominable media products.

Emphasize the current "crime wave" while making the average citizen appear to be a criminal.



Destroy morality by teaching moral relativism.

Fool, amuse, enchant, bewitch, entrance, hypnotize and corrupt the youth by teaching a false morality through endless repetition of fantasy.

Sweep away all forms of personal spiritual belief by tolerating only strict adherence to State approved MICE culture religious institutions.

Corrupt spirituality by denying the mystical nature of reality and claiming the Demiurge is the faulty Creator of Nature.

Destroy the family by teaching children in public schools that homosexuality is no different than hetrosexuality.

Create moral shocks, disenchantments and advertise failures of prominent members of the community especially if they have shown moral fortitude.

look for the helpers

"I feel the greatest gift we can give to anybody is the gift of our honest self."
Fred Rogers


Sow discord to dislocate collective forces unwilling to submit.

Destroy autonomy; make every individual conform to our template.

Lack of advancement saps the spirit - endlessly point out differences of achievement, social status and financial position.

Submerge the culture in violence through warfare.

Use the violent imagery of "sports" to militarize the social culture.

Make sex an ugly act of violence and perversion through sexually explicit masochistic pornography.

Entirely eliminate privacy by installing surveillance cameras everywhere.

Discourage initiative by replacing personal initiative with ‘teamwork.'

Fill citizens minds with social problems that have no solution to keep their minds off of the imbalances embedded within the social culture.

Force all citizens to work endlessly through the threat of poverty.

Define tranquility as the state of serfdom.

Use drugs to dim, confuse and dampen empathy.

Use electroshock, neuroleptics and frontal lobotomies on any individual that shows heightened levels of empathy.

political rhetoric


As the undeveloped mind is incapable of doing analysis and observation, and even less capable of predicting future trends it is necessary to assure mental faculties remain undeveloped.

Reeducate the population to create conforming submission.

Abolish every kind of freedom of instruction by mandating curriculum.

Replace general education with specialized education.

Each specialization must be trained within strict limits to restrict broad understanding.

Direct education away from critical thinking.

Frequently impose lessons of humility to instill obedience.

Mandate an official view of history eliminating any cultural crimes.

Reeducate youth by marketing freedom of conscience as desirable, by suggesting Mammalian World Order is no longer applicable and by falsely representing traditional religious views.

Turn the youth and the simple minded into obedient children of authority.

The explicit public punishment of individuals who commit a breach of established social order should make up the bulk of the social sciences.

Instill the belief that ancestors were bigoted thoughtless primitives.

all empires collapse


Dwindling resources are not a problem.

The global fossil fuel industrial revolution is not melting the ice caps.

Misdirect the population by cleverly maligning scientific theory.

Relentlessly repeat fallacies until they are generally accepted as truth.

Suggest false principles of economics with energetic propaganda.

Perpetually broadcast heinous crimes and glorify the criminal through photos and background info so citizens believe crime is rampant and growing.

Create confusion and bewilderment by broadcasting contradictory facts.

Twist Darwin's survival of the fittest to make human predators admired.

Con-vince people daily doses of poison will solve emotional problems.

Portray members of other social subgroups as odd deviant aliens.

Allow radical subgroups to claim they represent the whole group.

fear is not real whereas danger is real


Pacify violence through the application of violence.

Create and cultivate external and internal enemies to build a climate of fear.

Commit "false flag" terrorist acts and blame the strongest opposition.

Use fear to pass unpopular legislation and commit heinous acts.

corporate news


Incarcerate as many members of opposition cultural subgroups as is feasible.

Create extensive police agencies at every level of government to deal with insubordinate citizens.

Increase the size of the military and police forces eventually merging military and police functions.

Generate all-engulfing terror through false flag operations.

Create admiration for the application of violence to pacify opposition.

Generate citizen informers from all ranks of society who will falsely believe they are working toward the greater good.

Incarcerate any and all verbal threats of violence - create felony speech.

Exempt leaders under our control from any and all criminal penalties.

Incarcerate odd behavior, social outcasts, non-conformists and truthsayers.

Slay without mercy all who take up arms along with each and every relation.

Preemptively invade independent nation states identified as exploitable.

Use genocide in occupied territories to enhance investment opportunities.

never give up


Create a flood of immigrants from a culture with language, customs and religion different from the native one.

Divide, stereotype and categorize citizens into classes to create internal strife.

Create envy by highlighting the differences between those with and those without.

Destroy interpersonal relationships with the use of theocratic absolutism, competing theologies and reliance on dogma.

mark of the beast


Inculcate people to be obedient and submissive to authority.

Disembowel loyalty to family, to neighbor and to community.

Project alternate lifestyles as preferable to a tradition familial lifestyles.

Create strife through any method that divides losely assimilated groups.

fiat paper monay


Loan money at usurous rates.

Never forgive any debt, 'restructure' debt only under duress.

Create a huge non-legal work force to destroy honest business.

Destroy national self-sufficiency in resources.

Seize the property of small competitors without hesitation.

Start wars to gain greater domestic economic control.

Control central banking systems to create tumultuous contractions and expansions of the monetary system.

Deprive the common man of ownership of land and eventually ownership of shelter.

Create economic crisis through deception to consolidate holdings.

Use economic clout to bankrupt honest business' and families.

Encourage speculation as speculation drains resources and capital from worthy industry and suppress' innovation by putting honest entrepreneurs out of business.

Increase and decrease the money supply through the purchasing and selling of long term interest bearing bonds.

Set up systems of accounting that only highly trained specialists can understand.

Propose reforms in the financial regulations that allows the tying of investment and commercial banking reserves to hedge fund insurance policies based on the churning of stocks, futures options, portfolio swaps, short selling schemes, security investment vehicles, derivative contracts, commodity futures, emerging market debt, ad infinitum.

Await the expected financial bubble and create chaos in financial markets.

Put the squeeze on loan holders.

Once financial chaos is forged propose a return to previous regulations.

As market value falls foreclose on delinquent mortgage holders to consolidate ownership.

Teach that enormous debts are possible to repay and burden future generations with the debts of past generations.

Tax transfer of real estate and personal property; tax the purchase of all products; tax the wage labor in order to keep the common citizen from developing capital reserves.

Collect inheritance tax on small business inheritance so owners must divest themselves of the business.

true wealth


Create hedging structures to ensure asset protection.

Encourage greedy demand for worthless luxury items over sustenance staples.

Guarantee our division heads wealth and security of that possession.

Allow the wealthy to set up blind trusts to assure chosen descendants economic freedom.

Construct legal entities to sheild wealth from social responsibility.

prisons for profit


Legislate "morality" to destroy the Mammalian World Order.

Create legal structures to avoid responsibility for actions.

Redefine freedom and liberty as the right to do what the law allows.

Suggest contracts need not be read - the arbitration clause will protect you.

Remove redress through court proceeding by replacing court proceedings with mandatory contractual arbitration.

Settle civil disputes by purchasing silence with large amounts of money.

Hide details of wrongdoing in government and corporate civil cases by sealing settlement information.

Endlessly introduce new restrictive laws with harsh penalties to control social behavior.

Quietly introduce laws, get them passed and then present them to the public as an accomplished fact.

To debase and subvert the code of law make alterations of law which appear to have been arrived at by the process of logical and methodical reasoning not based on monetary interests.

Alterations mask and destroy the original intent of the law eventually creating a tangled web of law that no one person can decipher which stokes injustice.

Take political slogans, such as the 'War on Drugs' or the 'War on Terror', and make them cornerstones of complex legal hermeneutics.

Freedom fighters, insurgents, rebels, thieves, jaywalkers and tax dodgers are forthwith to be swept up under the umbrella of the moniker "terrorist".

gulf of tonkin


Courts are overwhelmed so the application of justice must be streamlined.

The judiciary will abide by administrative decrees or face career termination.

Create automatic enforcement of onerous law by not taking into account extenuating circumstances.

Create further class division by allowing wealthy con artists to buy their way out of criminal charges.

Condemn the upright and acquit the guilty to destroy belief in the possibility of justice.

Twist existing laws without substantial alteration by contradictory rulings.

corporate dictatorship


Demand absolute submission !!!

Establish an uneducated absolute majority to control democratic processes.

Abolish individual freedom: little by little, step by step, withdraw all rights.

Show no mercy to opponents while pardoning and protecting your own.

Create a strong central government in order to gain a stranglehold on independent self-sufficent communities.

Severely punish disobedience to onerous law, non-adherence to political correctness and the revealing of social engineering techniques and systems.

The aura of power demands strong punishment for the slightest infringement as the promoter of rebellion becomes conscious of his strength.

Capital punishment maintains terror in a populace.

Instill fear of government tax collectors and officials in the average citizen.

Break apart collective solidarity of civil servants by binding their interests to the internal interests of the agency they are dependent on for employment.


War is the way to discipline a rogue government and facilitate regime change.

The sanctity of law, prosperity of citizens, and the solvency of every treasury will be sacrificed by every government in a primal act of self-survival.

A government will expand its debt when involved in war or the threat of war.

The greater the threat the greater the need for debt.

To involve a country in war or the threat of war, it will be necessary for it to have enemies with credible military might.

If such enemies already exist, all the better.

If they lack military strength, it will be necessary to provide them money to build their war machine.

If an enemy does not exist at all, then it will be necessary to create one by financing the rise of a hostile regime.

An obstacle is a government which declines to finance wars through debt.

When this happens it will be necessary to encourage internal political opposition, insurrection, or revolution.

Assassination of heads of state could play an important role in this process.

No nation can be allowed to remain militarily stronger than its adversaries, for that could lead to peace and a reduction of debt.

Balance power by financing every sides of a conflict.

Proclaim the virtue of peace knowing the objective is perpetual war.

change we can believe in !


The best form of government is despotic tyranny.

Only a despotic ruler, a Supreme Leader, can effectively govern.

Good examples of effective leadership include Abdul Hamid II, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Jean Kambanda, Omar al-Bashir, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Mao Zedong, Francisco Franco.

Put forward only individuals that believe expediency trumps morals.

Confuse and merge ideologies of political parties until all political parties conform to the plan.

Use doublespeak to sow confusion and discord.

Don the mask of honesty so as to be accepted as benefactors.

Remove the representatives of the common people from the presence of the common people.

The one who is chosen as Supreme Leader must be able to appeal to the emotions of the people and appear do make concessions to them.

The Supreme Leader will interpret the meaning of newly passed laws and define them through signing statements.

The Supreme Leader will have the right to propose martial law, to declare a state of war and the ability to nullify Constitutionally enshrined rights.

The Supreme Leader will be the all-powerful final authority that makes final decisions.

The Supreme Leader is to have the appearance of a father/guardian/protector - a Big Brother - so devotion bordering on deity worship will ensue.

Our Reptilian World Order will have all the components of its structure logically arranged so our superiority will be respected and unquestionably fulfilled in each one of our decrees.

Once our Reptilian World Order is in place it will ignore all complaints, all disagreements of every kind and will destroy the root of every kind of manifestation of them by world wide punishments publically executed.

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