Humans are "infovores."

We crave info like drugs, junk food, and cash

The human eye fixates three times a second, drawn to novelty.

Without new information to assimilate, humans experience boredom.

Cognitive neuroscience tells us endogenous opioid peptide neurotransmitters are being activated.

The effect of these endogenous opioids is pleasurable.

The same neural receptors are involved in the high from opiate drugs, such as Heroin™, OxyContin® or opium.

In the past opioids were believed to exist primarily in the spinal cord and lower brain centers where they reduce the sensation of pain.

A gradient of opioid receptors has been discovered in a region of the cerebral cortex, humans' enormous outer brain layer that is largely responsible for perception, cognition and emotion.

In areas of the cortex that initially receive visual or auditory information, opioids are sparse.

In "association areas," where sensory information triggers memory and taps into previous stored knowledge, there is a high density of opioid receptors.

So the more a new piece of information tickles that part of your brain where you interpret the scene or conversation, the bigger the opioid hit.

Staring at a blank wall will produce few mental associations.

Gazing at something that leads to a novel interpretation spurs higher levels of associative activity in opioid-dense areas.

We are thrilled when new insights tap into what we have previously learned.

Once we learn this truth we seek ways to feed our endogenous opioid desires.

The first time we experience a new perspective - a scene, a movie, a literary passage, a new experience - there's a high level of activity in which a few neurons are strongly activated by connections to memories and knowledge.

When we "return to reality," connections to memories and knowledge have now been made, the strongly activated neurons produce less opioids reducing overall activity and pleasure now that we have absorbed the information.

This agrees with the theory of the Hedonistic Thermostat and what any introspective person already knows - old information and repeated experiences do not give us that endogenous opioid hit that we so desire.

It also helps explain the altered realities of heavy opium users like Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey, William Blair, HP Lovecraft, Edgar Alan Poe, ...

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