Dollar Program

Dollar Program

1986 Camilo Padreda, a former conterintelligence officer for Fulgencio Batista and the GOP campaign finance chairman for Dade county, hires Jeb Bush to be the exclusive leasing agent of a Padreda office building built with HUD funds.

1990 Camilo Padreda pleads guilty to falsifying HUD documents in order to get the $17.8 million loan for the office building.

HUD would sell a foreclosed home in it's possession to the local city government for a dollar.

Local city government was supposed to sell the home to a low income family but typically sold it to a speculator who later sold it at a substantial profit.

In the mid 1990's the Hamilton Securities Group designed software titled Community Wizard that mapped the financial flows of HUD government money to specific communities.

The Hamilton Securities Group, a HUD contractor, was attempting to create value out of repossessed HUD properties.

The idea was to return any excess market value to the community in which the repossession took place.

Instead of selling repossessed properties at below market value where investment bankers could pick them up for pennies on the dollar and resell them at substantial profits thanks to HUD regulations the idea was to allow people in the community to purchase the distressed property creating equity value for the new community based property owners.

Once the flow of government funds became transparent it quickly became apparent that departments of the US government were complicit in the laundering of massive quantities of money from criminal activities.

During the criminal investigation of the Hamilton Securities Group the departments of the federal government acted in a normative manner - normal for a fascist police state.

" We were later to discover that the Department of Justice was using CACI International Inc as a litigation support contractor on our case.

CACI was the leading supplier of Geographic Information Systems software and services to the US government who later was in the headlines as a result of their connections to the prison at Abu Grahbi in Iraq.

This begs the question whether DOJ was paying our competitor to help themselves to our proprietary software and databases.

Some time after our entire digital infrastructure was taken over, DOJ came out with a geographic information systems mapping tool to help support increased policing and enforcement product.

You had to wonder if this was the "Sheriff of Nottingham's" answer to Community Wizard - rather than using software to allow citizens to understand what government was doing, why not use software to provide increased surveillance of citizens by government.

The fastest way to connect the dots would have been for me and my teammates to have looked at the maps of high HUD single family defaults contiguous to areas of significant narcotics trafficking that we had posted on the Internet and then use the Hamilton Securities software tools and databases to dig deeply into government financial flows in the same areas, including patterns of potential mortgage and mortgage securities fraud.

The destruction, suppression and theft of our software tools, databases and computer system was arranged by a series of events between late 1997 and early 1998 that was orchestrated throughout government." - Catherine Austin Fitts

CACI International Inc, motto Ever Vigilant, provides services and solutions to federal clients "for national security, improve communications and collaboration, secure the integrity of information systems and networks, enhance data collection and analysis, and increase efficiency and mission effectiveness."

According to the CACI paper Assymetric Threat Global Snapshot, November 2009 the greatest future terrorist threats will emanate from within from disgruntled radicalized Americans who are sympathetic with Islamic jihad.

"There is consensus that asymmetric threats, including acts of terrorism, will be a prominent feature of the threat environment." - National Security Strategy,

Herb Karr and Harry Max Markowitz* founded California Analysis Center Inc., precursor to CACI International Inc., in Santa Monica, California.

Harry Max Markowitz, a University of Chicago graduate, received the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

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