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"There was nothing accidental about the crisis."

Paul Krugman

"Auction-rate preferred securities is the largest fraud ever perpetuated by Wall Street on investors." - Harry Newton

"This has gone beyond Greece, at this point, the markets smell the blood, and they're picking off each weak link." - Win Thin, senior currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman committing of the Greek meltdown of 2010

"I think that virtually everybody associated with the financial world contributed to it. Some of it stemmed from greed, some from stupidity, some from people saying the other guy was doing it." - Warren Buffet on the meltdown

"Over the last 20 years American financial institutions have taken on more and more risk, with the blessing of regulators, with hardly a word from the rating agencies, which, incidentally, are paid by the issuers of the bonds they rate.

The American International Group, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, General Electric and the municipal bond guarantors Ambac Financial and MBIA all had triple-A ratings.

In pursuit of their own short term earnings, they did exactly the opposite of what they were meant to do: rather than expose financial risk they systematically disguised it. " - Michael Lewis & David Einhorn

2007 S&P, Moody's and Fitch control 98% of the US debt ratings market.

From the start of 2007 until September 2008 Moody's Investors Service downgraded more than $449 billion in marketable securities similar to Gemstone VII or 82% of all those outstanding.

Moody's also downgraded more than three-quarters of collateralized debt obligation securities it once rated AAA.

The three credit rating corporations graded Lehman Brothers debt A-1 the day it filed for bankruptcy.

State regulators depend on credit grades to monitor the safety of $450 billion of bonds held by US insurance companies.

The rating companies reaped a bonanza in fees earlier this decade as they worked with financial firms to manufacture collateralized debt obligations.

On Sept. 16, one day after the three credit rating firms downgraded American International Group double-A score by two to three grades, private contract provisions that American International Group had with banks around the world based on credit rating changes forced the insurer to hand over billions of dollars of collateral.

Credit raters are paid by the companies whose debt they analyze so the ratings reflect a bias.

Credit raters are likely to charge $400 million in fees to taxpayer's for TALF credit ratings.

"To promote competition, in the 1970s ratings agencies were allowed to switch from having investors pay for ratings to having the issuers of debt pay for them.

That led the ratings agencies to compete for business by currying favor with investment banks that would pay handsomely for the ratings they wanted. Wall Street paid as much as $1 million for some ratings, and ratings agency profits soared.

This new revenue stream swamped earnings from ordinary ratings." - Kevin G. Hall

"In 2001, Moody's had revenues of $800.7 million; in 2005, they were up to $1.73 billion; and in 2006, $2.037 billion.

The exploding profits were fees from packaging and granting the top-class AAA ratings, which were supposed to mean they were as safe as US government securities." - Lawrence McDonald

"Ratings agencies abjectly failed in serving the interests of investors.

They've benefited from the monopoly status achieved with a tremendous amount of assistance from regulators." - SEC Commissioner Kathleen Casey

Five days before filing for bankruptcy Richard Severin Fuld Jr. assures investors that Lehman Brothers has $42 billion in liquidity.

"How does $42 billion vanish in five days. Did Lehman officers know of harbingers of doom they weren't sharing?" - Roger Parloff

September 2008 Until September, the month of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, the Federal Reserve had held the expansion of the Monetary Base virtually flat.

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz Geithner, decides to let Lehman Brothers fail "to teach a lesson".

On October 7, 2008, the Federal Reserve announced that it was using its emergency authority under Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act to establish a Commercial Paper Funding Facility.

By the end of October, the Federal Reserve had purchased more than $100 billion in commercial paper.

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