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In industrialized meat production you run head long into a lot of problems.

The pork producer, the meat packer and the retail seller are all at odds.

Each wants to maximize profit and minimize expense.

Each is willing to externalize costs.

Contract negotiation will be coercive and unfavorable if any of these three branches of industry have been monopolized.

Pork packing firms are independent profitable business'.

After the Panic of 1873, pork packing becomes a losing business.

The packers in St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati are buying and killing.

By the time the bacon is put on the market Philip Danforth Armour has flooded the market.

"I come from a long line of pig butchers and meat-packers: Armour.

My not-too-distant relatives were responsible for such ingenious inventions as the refrigerated train car and the "kill floor," and ultimately the meat-oriented status of the modern American diet.

Armour owned a business which bought hogs from local farmers for delivery to slaughterers and packers.

The demands of the hungry Union armies during the Civil War created a boom in pork and the Armour brothers prospered - and profiteered.

In a business move that might land you in jail Philip took advantage of artificially swollen food prices toward the end of 1864 and sold futures to pork barrels he did not possess for delivery in the spring of 1865 when, he gambled, the War would be ending and prices would have fallen.

His gamble paid off, and netted a two million profit at the expense of disgruntled traders and government merchants." - Jeffrey Armour Nelson

1869 Two years after the Armour packing house is built in Chicago six thousand hogs are being butchered a day.

Armour originates a number of assembly line slaughtering techniques, the use of waste products and the sale of canned meat.

Armour packing houses in Kansas City, Omaha and Chicago.

Packers in St. Louis, Cincinnati and Louisville, go bankrupt.

"Employees worked as much as 18 hours a day in unsanitary conditions.

There always seemed to be another new young man available and willing to step in and take the hammer, knife or saw whenever an employee would lose a finger, hand, eye - or stomach for the job.

The Armours were ruthless competitors; they would open a retail outlet in every city and flood the market with their products, selling them at such ridiculously low prices the local butchers and outlets could not compete.

Townsfolk took to Armour meat with the intensity of Heroin™ addicts.

Once the local competition was forced to close their doors and leave Armour would then raise prices and control availability through pricing.

Armour, using this technique, drove thousands of smaller operators who had been in the butchery business for years into bankruptcy and ruin.

Monopolistic business practices caused a tumult when US soldiers in the Spanish-American War died from eating meat canned by Armour.

Armour and his competitors permission of sawdust, rats, animal feces, and portions of animals heretofore considered inedible being used in the production of "meat" products eventually got the attention of Congress.

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act is enacted to protect the public from the unscrupulous business practices of the Armours and "robber barons."

Years after its enactment, the Armours were indicted for violations of the Sherman Act based on testimony they gave before Congress in which they revealed the very incriminating details of their business practices.

A brilliant, silver-tongued lawyer of the day retained by the Armours argued that they should be able to invoke -- retroactively -- their Fifth Amendment right not to implicate themselves, and thus prevent the introduction at trial of their own previous damning testimony before Congress, and prevent the introduction of all the evidence procured as a result of that testimony.

On the eve of trial, after a jury had been empaneled, a judge accepted the lawyer's argument and dismissed the case against the Armours.

The newspapers of the day proclaimed derisively that the Armours' lawyer had given them an 'immunity bath'." - Jeffrey Armour Nelson

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