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Sinclair put Donald Trump in the White House

Sinclair's Synchronized Fake News Broadcast Goes Viral

Local TV forced to denounce ‘one-sided news’
by America’s largest media company

Consolidation of mass media into mammoth monopolies is the single greatest contributor to the slow death of American democracy and freedom.

"Manufacturing and commercial monopolies owe their origin not to a tendency imminent in a capitalist economy but to governmental interventionist policy directed against free trade." – Ludwig von Mises

"The modern growth of monopolies in the shape of trusts, cartels, federations of employers and so on has greatly increased the power of the capitalist to levy toll on the community. This tendency will not cease of itself, but only through definite action on the part of those who do not profit by the capitalist regime." - Bertrand Russell

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"The fact is, corporations and their vast monopolies
have killed radio." - Tim Lovestedt

Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions

In the first quarter of 2006 research found radio listeners are hearing 23% fewer new rock songs, 14% fewer pop songs, 16% fewer hip-hop songs and 17% fewer adult contemporary songs than they were in the first quarter of 2005.

This occurred as the number of new album releases increased.

The recent shift is part of a broader trend toward homogenization and repetitive airplay that has been underway for the past decade as radio station ownership has consolidated.

"No programmer wants to draw attention by chosing songs too far outside the mainstream."- Tom Calococci, KBBT program director

Except for in the major metropolitian areas basically two corporate media corporations control the radio airwaves.

The following table lists the communities were these two companies have monopolized the radio airwaves:

State Clear Channel Radio Monopolies Cumulus Media Monopolies
Alabama -Gadsden -Huntsville -Tuscaloosa
Alaska -Fairbanks
Arizona -Chinle -Tuba City -Tucson -Yuma
Arkansas -Little Rock
California -Chico -Monterey -San Luis Obispo -Victorville -Ventura
Coloradado -Colorado Springs -Grand Junction
Delaware -Wilmington -Danbury
-Florida Keys -Fort Myers/Naples -Panama City
-Rock Punta Gorda -Sarasota
-Fort Walton Beach
Georgia -Macon -Savannah
-Boise -Pocatello -Twin Falls -Idaho Falls
(no other major companies)
Illinois -Carbondale -Rockford
-Burlington -Des Moines -Fort Dodge
-Fort Madison -Iowa City
-Dubuque -Waterloo
Louisiana -Lake Charles
Maryland Ocean City
Massachusetts -Worcester -Springfield
Michigan -Ann Arbor -Grand Rapids
Minnisota -Faribault -Kalamazoo
Mississippi -Jackson -Columbus
Missouri -Jefferson City
New Hampshire
-Lebanon -Manchester -Portsmouth
(no other major companies)
New Mexico
-Albuquerque -Farmington -Gallup
(no other major companies)
New York -Binghamton -Syracuse -Utica -Westchester
North Carolina -Raleigh -Fayetteville -Wilmington
North Dakota -Bismarck -Dickinson -Fargo -Minot
-Akron -Chillicothe -Defiance -Findlay -Lima
-Lorain -Mansfield -Sandusky -Tiffin
-Canton Salem
Oklahoma -Oklahoma City
Oregon -Corvallis -Medford -Eugene
-Allentown -Johnstown -New Castle
-Reading -Williamsport
South Carolina -Charleston -Columbia -Florence -Myrtle Beach
Tennessee -Chattanooga -Cookeville
Texas -El Paso -Waco -Wichita Falls -Abilene
Utah -Salt Lake City (no other major companies)
-Burlington -Randolph
(no other major companies)
Virginia -Charlottesville
Washington -Centralia -Spokane
West Virginia
-Huntington -Wheeling
(no other major companies)
Wisconsin -Eau Claire -Appleton -Green Bay
-Casper -Cheyenne
(no other major companies)

Morris Communications controls the radio airwaves in Palm Springs, California; Aberdeen & Moses Lake & Wenatchee, Washington.

Infinity Broadcasting controls the radio airwaves in Fresno & Riverside, California; Hartford, Massachusetts.

Entercom Communications controls the radio airwaves in Wichita, Kansas; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Longview, Washington.

Cox Enterprises controls the radio airwaves in Stamford, Connecticut; Long Island, New York.

Emmis controls the radio airwaves in Terre Haute, Indiana

Clear Channel has no major competitors in Idaho, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Clear Channel owned 1266 radio stations in October 2005.

In November of 2006 it was announced that Clear Channel would be taken private for the sum of $18.7 billion. L. Lowry Mays will step down from role as chairman of the board. Mark P. Mays will continue as CEO and Randall Mays will remain as CFO.

Cumulus Media owned 343 radio stations in 67 US Cities as of November 2005. Infinity owned 176 radio stations. Entercom Communications owned 91 radio stations. Cox Enterprises owned 73 radio stations. Disney owned 64 radio stations. Emmis owned 55 radio stations. Morris Communications owned 26 radio stations. Together these 7 companies owned 719 radio stations.

Information from The Columbia Journalism Review and other sources.

"Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin launched the Federal Communications Commission's formal review of media ownership rules. The agency's "Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making," issued July 25, 2006 is vague, but its intent is clear: to let a few giant media amalgamations swallow up more local television channels, radio stations and newspapers in a single market.

If the changes are approved, one corporation could own the major daily newspaper, eight radio stations and three television stations in the same village. Once the digital television transition is completed in 2009 - allowing stations to broadcast multiple signals - one incorporation could control 12 or even 18 television channels in a single city.

Wall Street propaganda says local media can't compete without further consolidation. Yet media companies already enjoy higher profit margins than most industries. They say we must deregulate. But radio and television station ownership is by definition regulated - these are the public airwaves and there are only so many channels available in a community. The only question is on whose behalf will Washington make the rules: major media companies or the public?" - Norman Lear, founder People for the American Way and Robert W. McChesney president of Free Press

Stop Big Media

Fake News

Note: this information is impossiple to keep up with because of the rapid consolidation.

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