fallacies concerning history

cognitive dissonance

The Wall Street and international bankers did not finance the
rise of Adolf Hitler and the construction of the Third Reich
American industrialists, with the help of Wall Street and
international bankers, did not industrialize the Soviet Union

Gulf of Tonkin false flag

The North Vietnamese attacked first when they
fired on American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin
Lyndon Banes Johnson did not lie to Americans in a speech
when he told them that "our boys are floating around in the water"

domino theory

If South Korea becomes communist, dominoes will fall;
all nations on Earth will then be communist.

operation ajax

Operation Ajax never happened;
Islam is fanatical and attempting to conquer the world;
Coup in Iran provided by Kermit Roosevelt

September Plan

The September Plan was never planned;
Augusto Pinochet stopped socialism in South America.

iraq map

Public Law 80 did not grant all extraction rights to Iraq National Oil;
CIA did not help the Baathists and Saddam Hussein gain control of Iraq

rumsfeld Saddam

Iraq has biological weapons of mass destruction;
US did not export weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

ms 13

CIA in El Salvador did not lead to MS-13;
children can witness horrific violence and not be affected.

Urakami Cathedral, Nagasaki

Americans had to drop the atomic bomb on Japanese women and children;
Japanese children would have slaughtered invading Americans with chopsticks.

firebomb Tokyo

Carpet firebombing Tokyo, a city made of wood, with incendiary bombs did not result in the burning alive of 90,000 women and children;
Carpet firebombing Dresden with nearly 4000 tons of high explosive incendiary bombs to immolate 35,000 German women and children was justifed.

some documents were shredded

"You will recall that over the years General Manuel Noriega in Panama
and I have developed a fairly good relationship
." - Lt. Col. Oliver North

Contras were not in the import export business;
North never shreded documents at William Casey's suggestion;
Oliver North was never indicted on 16 felony counts.

Coconspirators - Freeway Ricky (Richard Donnell) Ross; Lt. Col. Oliver North; Ronald Wilson Reagan

Lt. Col. Oliver North doesn't know Nicaragua Contras;
Freeway Ricky (Richard Donnell) Ross never cooked cocaine;
Ronald Wilson Reagan never stated "I don't recall. I don't recall that."


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