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Kunlangeta is a word Yupik Eskimos apply to a man who repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, takes sexual advantage of many women. Someone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment. In 1976, anthropologist Jane M. Murphy asked an Eskimo man how his people might deal with a Kunlangeta, to which he replied, "Somebody would have pushed him off the ice when nobody else was looking."

In the West, the formal recognition of psychopaths goes back at least as far as Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle, whose study of the Unscrupulous Man defines the basic characteristics of psychopathy. Much later this condition came to be referred to as manie sans délire ("insanity without delirium"), a term that by the 1830s evolved into moral insanity, the key symptom of which is a "defective conscience."

By 1900 the label was changed to psychopathic personality, but it wasn't until 1941 that psychiatrist Dr. Hervey M. Cleckley of the Medical College of Georgia systematically defined the condition: A psychopath is a person without a conscience who feels no empathy, remorse or guilt and who lacks the ability to experience a wide range of human emotions. The psychopath's ability to feel emotion is confined to a narrow range of primitive proto-emotions such as anger, frustration and rage. Psychopaths will tend to be pathological liars and expert manipulators victimizing family, friends and strangers.

Often psychopaths are charming, charismatic, popular and admired. Psychopaths are not mentally ill nor delusional. They are more coldly rational and intelligent than non-psychopaths as they lack the emotions that befuddle normal people. Psychopaths are likely to be promiscuous and to abandon partners without remorse. Psychopaths are prone to entitlement, grandiosity and find nothing wrong with themselves. Psychopaths typically blame others for the consequences of their actions and engage in moral reasoning that is glib and superficial if not absurd. Psychopaths usually have little fear of consequences and enjoy risk as they need novelty, stimulation and living on the edge to compensate for their emotional vacuity.

Although psychopaths are notoriously unempathetic, they are also superb emotional manipulators able to accurately read other people and gauge their weak points with fine precision. Non-psychopaths are often inaccurate in their reading of others because of their own conflicting complex inner emotional lives. With emotions swirling within it is easy to project feelings and expectations onto others. Non-psychopaths tend to assume that all humans have a similar range of emotions but psychopaths do not. Psychopaths are able to recognize individual needs and vulnerabilities much more clearly as there is no emotional confusion within.

With a focused, predator consciousness they can easily identify characteristics that are not entirely survival driven in stark relief. Even though all normal humans are complex, it does not take complex insight to manipulate us as even complex people have typical ego related vulnerabilities and therefore can be manipulated by flattery, sexual attention, greed, intimidation and fear.

Psychopaths lie with ease as they have no anxiety about lying. Psychopaths are often extremely convincing and are even able to pass polygraph tests with ease as polygraph tests register physiological stress responses to the anxiety of lying. As psychopaths have no anxiety about lying, the lies register no different than their baseline. Psychopaths that tend toward megalomania lie to themselves allowing a complex paralogical belief system to take form which gives them talents, powers and abilities beyond those of average mortals.

psychopathic apocalyptic meme virus

What can we learn about emotion by studying psychopathy?

Increased testosterone-to-cortisol ratio in psychopathy.

Economic decision-making in psychopathy:
a comparison with ventromedial prefrontal lesion patients.

Psychopathy and lifetime experiences of depression.

"How to spot a psychopath". Lay theories of psychopathy.

Psychopathy, traumatic exposure, and lifetime posttraumatic stress.

only the apathetic survive

Empaths frequently report that in the presence of a psychopath the air seems to crackle with electricity as their hearts began racing and they move to the edge of their chair ready to flee or fight. It may be an ancient intraspecies predator-response system in which the empath recognizes the psychopath as a Soulless One.

Some claim psychopathology isn't a "cognitive disorder" at all, but is more accurately considered an adaptive, evolutionary trait. In societies where most people are law-abiding and inhibited by a conscience, a finely tuned, camouflaged predator can find an adaptive niche as a parasite or vampire sucking the blood of unwary individuals. It is thought their successful evolutionary adaptation hinges on the fact that psychopaths become sexually active earlier and remain more promiscuous than their non-psychopath counterparts. The frequency of their sexual transactions, their uninhibited use of coercion and exploitation, their tendency to freely abandon partners and quickly take up with new ones allows them considerably better than average advantage of passing along their genes.

A culture with psychopathic tendencies can cause people who might otherwise be restrained or even moral to act like psychopaths. About ten percent of the population is in a grey zone where they are not full blown psychopaths but have enough psychopathic aspects to be of concern to society.

The stress and culture of combat creates psychopaths - "temporary insanity". As veterans, many soldiers that embraced psychopathic action are tormented by profound feelings of guilt and remorse. Some male subcultures have a psychopathic attitude toward women such that it is considered virtuous and manly to ruthlessly exploit women without remorse. Street and motorcycle gangs, organized international crime families and syndicates, all tend to have psychopathic cultures. The person who is most ruthless, cool under fire, and skilled in lying and manipulation will likely be deferred to or made the leader of a gang or other criminal enterprise.

Emotionally vacuous psychopaths, motivated entirely by self-interest, are powerfully drawn toward risk taking in order to feel anything. Psychopaths seldom consider consequences so harsher penalties may not be much of a deterrent for psychopaths and might actually contribute to the adrenaline rush they often crave when they take risks.

Psychopaths are able to take advantage of "normal" people when their cognition is highly fragmented and emotion repressed by what psychologists call psychic entropy -- anxious tape loops, distracted thoughts, dreams and fantasies crowding conscious attentional space. When a person of single-minded focus and confidence appears it is analogous to placing a powerful magnet below a sheet of paper on which there is a scattering of iron filings. The magnet immediately organizes the scattered filings into a coherent pattern that reflects its magnetic field. The scattered personality feels an immense relief to be structured in this way from the outside and craves further contact and submission to the magnetic personality that can produce this effect, relieving them of their default state of psychic entropy.

senior executive psychopath

psychopaths in the work place

"Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work" by Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, notes that psychopathy and sociopathy are closely related and overlapping and include the following patterns of behavior: malignant narcissism; shallow affect; lack of empathy and remorse; sense of entitlement and being destined to rule others; grandiosity; predation; avoidance of taking personal responsibility when things go wrong; adept at manipulation, schmoozing, networking and conning; see other people as objects to be used and disposed of when no longer useful; charismatic; thrive on the edge but also calculatingly cautious; megalomania; cynical and facile deceit; inability to manifest a normal range of human emotions; etc.

Any organizations run like a corporation is a "target-rich" environment for psychopaths. Core psychopathic personality traits seem attractive in job applicants and get them hired. Traits such as: assertiveness; ability to appear genuine when faking sincerity and honesty; ability to quickly assess vulnerabilities of people and manipulate them; apparent emotionally stablity; take-charge narcissism and expertise at manipulation through schmoozing and networking. Superficial notions of effective management and "leadership" focus on hierarchy, taking charge, exercise of top-down power and decision-making but with avoidance of accountability play right into the hands of psychopaths.

Typical proclivities for megalomania, malignant narcissism, manipulation, intrigue and using/treating people as mere useful objects or instruments, may appear, to those themselves not real managers or leaders, or even to fellow psychopaths, as "decisive management"; and even "leadership". Either like attracts like, or, those lacking substance, typically, are not willing to select for substance even if they could recognize it.

The changing nature and structures of businesses often favor psychopaths. As businesses become less hierarchical, more lean, complex and flat, and as businesses have to become increasingly flexible and agile, the devolution of accountability to "lower" levels of corporations appear increasingly attractive to those at the top who want power and perks but not proportionate accountability on themselves.

Psychopaths are as adept at keeping low profiles and scapegoating others when mistakes surface, as they are at taking the spotlight and credit for the work of others when positive outcomes occur. Psychopaths fear open, free and fair competition in hiring. They fear providing samples of previous work and detailed reference checks. They fear specificity and accountability in tasking. They fear specificity on and verification of resumes and employment applications. They fear concrete and specific performance vetting in interviews and tangible reviews of work and concrete assessments of actual output produced. They like to be the boss, but deeply resent their own bosses. They will portray themselves as "team players" but there is only one person—themselves—on the "team" on which they are "playing". They believe that "respect" and "trust" can be commanded and/or conned instead of being earned; and they equate fear with "respect".

In the context of increasingly lean, complex and agile businesses and other institutions, the types of individuals who are willing to ignore cumbersome and constraining rules, laws, best practices in management, and, are ruthless and devoid of empathy, coupled with abilities to con and manipulate as well as "direct", are attractive in fast-paced and ultra-competitive organizations.

Psychopaths, like the toxic emotional vampires they are, fear daylight and transparency; they prefer the dark.

Psychopaths are the first to pre-emptively accuse others of precisely what they themselves do: bullying, creating hostile and toxic environments, intrigue, deception, etc.

Psychopaths typically resent, envy and try to extinguish, those traits and capabilities they do not possess whether intellectual or emotional.

Although psychopaths typically make up about 3% of most populations, they are disproportionately represented in management, politics, media, academia and religion. This is because their defining proclivities and "talents" are often masked or disguised as the "stuff" or defining qualities and traits of "leadership", command presence, charisma and "take-charge" management.

Psychopaths, hoarders, not sharers of information, understanding information is power.

psychopaths rule

"The supporting "social capital", or institutions and relationships of capitalism, in order to generate new markets and effective and profitable demand, celebrate narcissism, conspicuous consumption, ultra-individualism, living-in-the-moment myopia, wanting it all and wanting it now, "fake it till you make it", "dress for success", networking, style over substance, shallow affect, rat-race competition; all of which are values and behaviors not only typical of psychopaths and sociopaths, but also, what they feed and nurture on. This leads to some cross-cultural and comparative systems issues that would be interesting to explore: whether the typical 3% of total populations that are sociopaths and psychopaths in many cultures and systems, are more or less represented in more communal and less individualistic and less competitive systems and cultures." - James M. Craven

social injustice

conscience link to God missing in psychopaths

Those with empathy have what we call a conscience. I think of a conscience as all the information gathered over a lifetime put through the strainer of the subconscious and spit out as a feeling that "this is the right thing to do" or that " i shouldn't do that". Writers throughout history have suggested that the conscience is our link to God. As psychopaths have no emotion and have no conscience it is very likely that they can have no conceptual understanding of men seeing their conscience as the Voice of God.

I feel this explains the insistence of atheists that no God can or does exist.

When i was fourteen i remember being well on my way of building a wall in my mind that sealed emotion out. I could not sustain that wall as empathy was much too strong in me. I felt at the time that society expected me to look away when i saw wrongs committed, to not concern myself with anything outside my immediate environment, to not concern myself with suffering and not to expect social justice.

As i look back it becomes apparent to me that the social engineers have attempted to do this to all of us suggesting that we be concerned with only those material things that affect us personally. They have also worked us over to make us hide our emotion, as, we are told, emotion is detrimental to rational logical thought process'. It seems that psychopaths are trying to make humanity over in their image.

In brain scans Tibetan monks meditation lights up parts of the brain that are not seen in most people. They easily access a part of the brain were i believe that mystical connection with Reality/Nature/God that brings us the feeling of Oneness resides - enlightenment. Physically a part of the brain seldom used by those without practice actually fires up with electro-magnetic energy.

Perhaps psychopaths have no ability to access that part of their brains. This could also explain why they are not creative and poor problem solvers as a wall between the subconscious and the conscious does not let through all the previously learned information which we experience as emotion.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society

imagine, if you will, a world run by psychopaths

psychopathy, politics and the New World Order

When attempting to analyze what is happening in the world, it is important to appreciate past economic, social and political processes that led us to where we are today. Understanding the tectonic plates of history that led certain countries towards fascism, communism or in the opposite direction toward socially liberal democractic republic, for example, is essential.

It can become easy for us to push aside the individual as we focus on theoretical perspectives that refer to the 'underlying logic of capitalism' or some other notion that draws heavily on theory. Individual motive or intent (agency) is airbrushed from the narrative because human action is deemed to have been shaped by the dead weight of history or forces beyond our control.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder identified by characteristics such as a lack of empathy and remorse, criminality, anti-social behavior, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity and a parasitic lifestyle .

With that definition in mind, look around: the criminal, parasitic activities by bankers that have plunged millions into poverty; the destruction, war and death brought to countries in order that corporations profit by stealing resources; the dropping of atom bombs on innocent civilians in 1945 or the use of depleted uranium which again impacts innocent civilians; and the many other acts, from the use of death squads to false flag terror, that have brought untold misery to countless others just because powerholders wanted to hold onto power or to gain more power, or the wealthy wanted to hold onto their wealth or gain even more.

Based on these terrible deeds, it becomes easy to argue that the people ultimately responsible for them do not adhere to the same values as ordinary people. It may be even easier to conclude that it's not the cream that rises to the top, but, in many cases, the scum.

The people who attempt to control the world, the ones responsible for these acts, try to impose their warped world view and twisted values on everyone else. Talmudwood films, commercials and political ideology are all engaged in forwarding the belief that it's a dog eat dog world, war and violence abroad is necessary, competition and not cooperative is what counts, aggression and not passivity is the key to 'success' and that success equates with amassing huge amounts of personal wealth and lavish displays of conspicuous consumption.

These values of egocentricity, aggression, competitiveness, duplicity and greed are not confined to broadcast media. They are part of a much more sinister process. They are inextricably linked to and underpin the actions that resulted in the killing of half a million children in Iraq for geo-political oil gain and the sending in of military forces into the jungles of India to beat, rape and dispose of a nation's poorest people because they stand in the way of profit and greed . From Congo and Libya to Syria and beyond, we witness the outcome of a terrifying mindset that is nurtured and encouraged throughout globalized society.

adapted from Colin Todhunter

Psychopaths Rule The World

insane people

classifying narcissistic traits

Not all narcissists traits are the same. Narcissists traits may be self-defeating - masochistic narcissism, or they may be predatory - malignant narcissism. In masochistic narcissism the narcissist is always the victim. In malignant narcissism, which appears under the guise of several masks, the malignant narcissist will always find a victim and climb up on the victim's back and attach itself to the juglar vein. Both types of narcissistic traits - masochistic narcissism and malignant narcissist - may be present in a single individual.

Malicious Malignant Narcissism is widely misunderstood and misperceived in society and is seldom understood by people who have never had the misfortune to experience malignant narcissistic malicious abuse first-hand.

911 shadow government

shadow government players Dick and Don with their puppet George

malignant narcissistic masks that come
individually and jointly include the following:

classic/overt narcissistic mask

The classic/overt narcissist is an egomaniac and a control freak. Malignant narcissists expect you to adhere to their wishes, even if they go against your moral code. Confront them and they will most likely fly into a narcissistic rage. Given their lack of empathy the victim must do whatever is required to uphold the narcissist's false self or the victim will be made to face the narcissist's wrath.

inverted narcissistic mask

The inverted narcissist has grandiose fantasies and in many cases is often talented. These fantasies are rarely showcased in overt behavior because the inverted narcissist is full of self-doubt and feels incapable and inadequate of fulfilling these fantasies . The inverted narcissist is co-dependent with a classic narcissist, someone who they can become dependent upon and someone who can control ("look after") them. The inverted narcissist would rather pass all responsibility on to their classic narcissist partner.

cerebral narcissistic mask

The cerebral narcissist is a know-it-all even when he or she doesn't know it. The cerebral narcissist uses intelligence, knowledge and rhetoric to attain psychic seduction. The cerebral narcissistic mask many times includes a holier-than-thou element, sported by politicians and figureheads of all types, in which moral superiority is claimed due to "superior knoweldge". The cerebral narcissist needs sycophants - ignorant people that can be stepped on due to their naivety - to continually elevate his or her ego balloon.

snow white after eating the Monsanto GMO apples

somatic narcissistic mask

The somatic narcissist uses his or her body provocatively to attain physical seduction. Virtually every individual at a body building contest is a somatic narcissist. The somatic narcissist has a consistent supply of multiple sexual partners, sometimes of the same gender and sometimes simultaneously. Such behavior for a somatic narcissist is as normal as having a bowl of soup.

volcanic malignant narcissism

covert/stealth /closet narcissistic mask

The covert or stealth narcissist is the most dangerous of all forms of the personality disorder. Covert narcissists work off the radar of perception. Covert narcissism is known to be more common in females than in males. Stealth narcissists often use gaslighting and hypnotic communication techniques to convince their victim he or she is going crazy. Covert narcissists suck their victims into their lives and once the victim become emotionally attached suck the life out of the victim by destroying the victim's reputation through the use of emotional blackmail and mental abuse.

elite narcissistic mask

Elite narcissists are usually monetarily successful people, like Donald John Trump, Evelyn Rothschild and David Rockefeller, who are more concerned with material assets, money, wealth and power than relationships. The elite narcissist often uses deceptive tactics to climb on the shoulder of other people while climbing up the pyramid. The elite narcissist builds an entire false identity based on deception so that most people perceive them as a decent genuine person even though they are actually alien lizards in disguise. Threaten their perceived false "humane" identity to incur their wrath.

evolution of enegertic vampirism


Life Energy, a force of the Creator and Sustainer, animates all LIFE.

The Spark of Life animating each of us has been given many names.

One of them is Soul. Others are the energy names - etheric , auric, pranic, orgone, zero point; or the force names - vital, life, chi, qi as well as others.

The Creator and Sustainer charges each individual to live off of his or her own Life Energy, happily and independently.

Out of the Abyss came the Vampires.

Vampires suck the Life Energy of humans by manipulating energy fields in certain ways to extract energy in a stealthy manner.

This process is defined as Energetic Vampirism. This is also how Zombies are made.

Life Energy can be siphoned off without the victim even being aware anything is occurring.

Those whose Life Energy is being siphoned off often are left in a Zombie like state of semi-consciousness, enchanted.

The victim might even enjoy the trance like qualities of the Life Energy draining process.

To began the draining of Life Energy all a Vampire has to do is throw the victim off balance.

This can be done at either end of the dipole.

Vampires can steal Life Energy by generating fear through threatening intimidation or they can steal the same energy, flowing in the opposite direction, through flattering seduction.

Vampires steal Life Energy by upsetting the Soul's psychic field balance, literally.

Signs of Energetic Vampirism include any odd, disagreeable and eccentric behavior that upsets you. An experienced Vampire can shift from one behavior pattern to another in nanoseconds to see which method of unbalancing works best in a particular situation.

Vampires extract Life Energy by setting victims up to dance on the end of puppet strings. As the strings are pulled by the Vampire the individual loses balance and Life Energy tap points are created. The puppets consciousness, once distracted, is no longer embracing the Life Energy Flows as it dances to the tune of the Vampire's Will. When an individual is out of balance and is physically acting out the subconscious routines previously implanted by a Vampire vital Life Energy tap points become available to ALL Vampires.

A sign that you may be a victim of Vampires is a feeling of being tired, worn out or "drained" - Zombified. Sometimes you may just feel disoriented, out of sorts or "shifted" in some way. These are good indicators that you have been thrown off balance by a Life Energy Vampire !

Note: Vampire hunters can also shift or turn your psyche as they attempt to rebalance your psyche after it has been unbalanced by a Vampire. The difference is you will feel energized as opposed to depleted.

Vampires are often addicted to alcohol, sugar or chemicals as they are dependent upon outside sources of Imitation Life Energy. Zombies are attracted to alcohol, sugar and chemicals as they are depleted of Natural Life Energy. Popular cultural myths portray Zombies as Brain Eaters. These myths have been implanted in Corporate Media by the Vampires as a distraction.

Those that have been fed upon by Vampires many times become Vampires themselves. They turn away from the Creator and Sustainer and develop a bizarre appetite for the Life Energy of other people which springs forth from the fact that they have been separated or alienated from the natural source of vital energy, the Creator and Sustainer, by the Abyss.

Terror, trauma and torture often creates the Vampire and weakens an intended victim to the point of Zombification. Trauma - sexual molestation, rape, beatings, humiliation - often turns people into either Vampires or Zombies as they turn away from the Creator and Sustainer and embrace the Abyss.

The converse is also true. As one heals old trauma by embracing the Creator and Sustainer often one no longer feels the need to Vampirize Zombies. One may also wake up from Zombiehood and stop giving one's Life Energy away to Vampires.

A Breach of Trust often separates an individual from the almighty source of Life Energy with which we are all connected. One can say that psychic and physical trauma "turns" an individual away from the Creator and Sustainer and turns the individual into an angry animal that must live by a upside down golden rule "he who has the gold rules". The Vampiric philosophy can be stated in a humorous manner as "steal energy from others before they steal energy from you".

Zombies who give up Life Energy may think they "compassion" their Vampire. This is usually a result of hypnosis, brainwashing, mesmerization or Zombification. The Life Energy giver has become con-vinced that to give up Life Energy is a Sacred Task. The Truth is the Vampire has taken the Mask of the Creator and Sustainer and, wearing it, has covered the Abyss from the prying eyes of the Vampire Hunters .

To protect oneself from Vampires enhance your general awareness.

Watch your attitudes and listen to the attitudes of others. Do they encourage you to be independent and think for yourself, or do they somehow encourage dependency, discourage you, intimidate, cajole, threaten, flatter or seduce?

Avoiding places - like sports bars, nightclubs and strip joints - where Vampires congregate is wise. Stay away from city centers, corporate high rises, stock and insurance brokers, banksters and Federal alphabet agencies . Avoid any situation, locality or place in which you notice your Life Energy draining away.

Insist on your personal space, your sanity zone. Maintaining a pure, quiet, private personal space is very important. Set boundaries.

Be extremely careful about getting involved with others in business, churches, friendships and especially intimate relationships. Get to know people well, test them over time, and never trust first impressions. This is critical to avoid being sucked into a Vampire situation.

Take care to strictly avoid people or places that induce fear, stray sexual feelings, or other unhealthy thoughts. With some reflection and meditation most people can observe when they begin to feel afraid, sexually excited in an unhealthy way, upset, angry or otherwise out of balance.

Do not willingly give up your energy, your rights, and your freedom to others for any reason. Be wary of anyone who says you must sacrifice your rights, your sovereignty or your freedom for any reason. This is often a trick. Benjamin Franklin once said "those who give up their freedom for security will end up with neither freedom or security."

Practice compassion for all beings.

There is never a reason to continue to act as a Vampire. The alternative is to turn to a more spiritual source of energy. Most Vampires do not turn to a spiritual source of energy due to laziness and simply being unconscious.

energetic vampirism
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