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"Army Corps of Engineers officials did not violate any rules when they allowed defective pumps to be installed after Hurricane Katrina, according to a report by the Defense Department's inspector general. The report's findings will be reviewed by the United States Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal agency that handles complaints by whistleblowers including a corps engineer who warned in early 2006 that the pumps would not work properly." - Cain Burdeau 6/13/2008

In early 2006 a $33 million contract was awarded to Moving Water Industries Corporation. Army Corps of Engineers officials in New Orleans installed MWI's 34 pumps on three major drainage canals before the 2006 hurricane season despite a warning by Maria Garzino, the whistleblower, that the pumps would fail if put to the test during a hurricane.

MWI is owned by J. David Eller and his sons. J. David Eller was once a business partner of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in a venture called Bush-El that marketed MWI pumps.

In July 2008 it was revealed that over 900 cases made by whistleblowers alleging that government contractors and drug makers have defrauded taxpayers are languishing in a backlog that has built up over the last decade because the Justice Department has been ordered to ignore them. Many of the cases involve the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, rising healthcare payouts and privatization of government functions - all offer rich new opportunities to swindle taxpayers.

A democratic republic is doomed if moneyed powers are able to flaunt the law. There is a push to outlaw whistleblowers as whistleblowers put a crimp on illegal activities which enriches the syndicate of the soulless. Therefore it is necessary for each and every citizen to stand up and demand accountably. After all - what good are laws if they are designed to be circumvented by a small powerful elite of soulless individuals.

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The United States Labor Department has only "ruled in favor of [corporate] whistleblowers 17 times out of 1,273 complaints filed since 2002," and has dismissed 841 cases. Many of the dismissals were based "on the technicality that workers at corporate subsidiaries aren't covered" by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

"My name is Fred Whitehurst and my life's work is dangerously close to being destroyed. I am a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent who blew the whistle in 1993 on forensic fraud in the FBI crime lab. I was looking forward to seeing President Obama and Congress fulfill their promise to strengthen whistleblower rights. I was horrified to discover that the Senate whistleblower bill S. 372 repeals the FBI whistleblower protections that I sacrificed my career for. I am not only a whistleblower, I am also an attorney who personally read the law and can tell you that S. 372 sets back whistleblower rights 30 years." - Fred Whitehurst

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