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58,257 young Americans killed

2,000,000 to 3,000,000 Vietnamese killed

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George Will Confirms Nixon's Vietnam Treason

Robert Welch Explains Purpose of Vietnam War

The Pentagon’s New Weapon: Agent Whitewash

Martin Luther King
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Riverside Church in New York, New York

"As I ponder the madness of Vietnam and search within myself for ways to understand and respond to compassion my mind goes constantly to the people of that peninsula. I speak now not of the soldiers of each side, not of the junta in Saigon, but simply of the people who have been living under the curse of war for almost three continuous decades now. They must see Americans as strange liberators.

The Vietnamese people proclaimed their own independence in 1945 after a combined French and Japanese occupation, and before the Communist revolution in China. They were led by Ho Chi Minh. Even though they quoted the American Declaration of Independence in their own document of freedom, we refused to recognize them. Instead, we decided to support France in its reconquest of her former colony. Our government felt then that the Vietnamese people were not "ready" for independence, and we again fell victim to the deadly Western arrogance that has poisoned the international atmosphere for so long.

With that tragic decision we rejected a revolutionary government seeking self-determination, and a government that had been established not by China (for whom the Vietnamese have no great love) but by clearly indigenous forces that included some Communists. For the peasants this new government meant real land reform, one of the most important needs in their lives. For nine years following 1945 we denied the people of Vietnam the right of independence.

For nine years we vigorously supported the French in their abortive effort to recolonize Vietnam. Before the end of the war we were meeting eighty percent of the French war costs. Even before the French were defeated at Dien Bien Phu, they began to despair of the reckless action, but we did not. We encouraged them with our huge financial and military supplies to continue the war even after they had lost the will. Soon we would be paying almost the full costs of this tragic attempt at recolonization.

After the French were defeated it looked as if independence and land reform would come again through the Geneva agreements. But instead there came the US, determined that Ho should not unify the temporarily divided nation, and the peasants watched again as we supported one of the most vicious modern dictators -- our chosen man, Premier Diem.

The peasants watched and cringed as Diem ruthlessly routed out all opposition, supported their extortionist landlords and refused even to discuss reunification with the north. The peasants watched as all this was presided over by American influence and then by increasing numbers of American troops who came to help quell the insurgency that Diem's methods had aroused. When Diem was overthrown they may have been happy, but the long line of military dictatorships seemed to offer no real change - especially in terms of their need for land and peace.

The only change came from America as we increased our troop commitments in support of governments which were singularly corrupt, inept and without popular support. All the while the people read our leaflets and received regular promises of peace and democracy - and land reform.

Now they languish under our bombs and consider us - not their fellow Vietnamese - the real enemy. They move sadly and apathetically as we herd them off the land of their fathers into concentration camps where minimal social needs are rarely met. They know they must move or be destroyed by our bombs. So they go - primarily women and children and the aged.

They watch as we poison their water, as we kill a million acres of their crops. They must weep as the bulldozers roar through their areas preparing to destroy the precious trees. They wander into the hospitals, with at least twenty casualties from American firepower for one "Vietcong" inflicted injury. So far we may have killed a million of them - mostly children. They wander into the towns and see thousands of the children, homeless, without clothes, running in packs on the streets like animals.

They see the children, degraded by our soldiers as they beg for food. They see the children selling their sisters to our soldiers, soliciting for their mothers. What do the peasants think as we ally ourselves with the landlords and as we refuse to put any action into our many words concerning land reform? What do they think as we test our latest weapons on them, just as the Germans tested out new medicine and new tortures in the concentration camps of Europe?

Where are the roots of the independent Vietnam we claim to be building? Is it among these voiceless ones? We have destroyed their two most cherished institutions: the family and the village. We have destroyed their land and their crops. We have cooperated in the crushing of the nation's only non-Communist revolutionary political force -- the unified Buddhist church. We have supported the enemies of the peasants of Saigon. We have corrupted their women and children and killed their men.

Liberators? Now there is little left to build on - save bitterness. Soon the only solid physical foundations remaining will be found at our military bases and in the concrete of the concentration camps we call fortified hamlets. The peasants may well wonder if we plan to build our new Vietnam on such grounds as these? Could we blame them for such thoughts? We must speak for them and raise the questions they cannot raise. For these too are our brothers.

At this point I should make it clear that while I have tried in these last few minutes to give a voice to the voiceless on Vietnam and to understand the arguments of those who are called enemy, I am as deeply concerned about our troops there as anything else. For it occurs to me that what we are submitting them to in Vietnam is not simply the brutalizing process that goes on in any war where armies face each other and seek to destroy. We are adding cynicism to the process of death, for they must know after a short period there that none of the things we claim to be fighting for are really involved. Before long they must know that their government has sent them into a struggle among Vietnamese, and the more sophisticated surely realize that we are on the side of the wealthy and the secure while we create hell for the poor.

The war in Vietnam is but a symptom of a far deeper malady within the American spirit, and if we ignore this sobering reality we will find ourselves organizing clergy - and laymen - concerned committees for the next generation. They will be concerned about Guatemala and Peru. They will be concerned about Thailand and Cambodia. They will be concerned about Mozambique and South Africa. We will be marching for these and a dozen other names and attending rallies without end unless there is a significant and profound change in American life and policy. Such thoughts take us beyond Vietnam, but not beyond our calling as sons of the living God. "

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Operation Popeye - Weather Warfare in Vietnam

Vietnam War - House of the Rising Sun

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US Bombing of Cambodia during Vietnam War

JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam

"I sat in on every Vietnam meeting in which Lyndon Johnson was engaged, from the day of John F. Kennedy's assassination to the day I left the White House in mid-1966. I think I know as well as anyone the ebb and flow of the Vietnam tides inside the White House." - Jack Valenti

November 22, 1963 Jack Valenti, co-founder of the advertising and political consulting agency Weekly & Valenti, is in charge of the press coverage when John F. Kennedy is assassinated.

Jack Valenti, born in Houston, Texas, began work as an office boy for the Humble Oil, now ExxonMobil.

After the assassination, Jack Valenti flew on Air Force One back to Washington as Special Assistant to Lyndon Johnson and lived in the White House until mid-1966.

2007 Jack Valenti publishes "A Very Human President."

USS Maddox

U.S.S. Maddox

"An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law." - Martin Luther King, Jr

"In early August 1964, Lyndon Johnson used a murky set of events in the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of North Vietnam, to launch full-scale war on Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson and secretary of defense Robert McNamara told the American public there was an attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on American destroyers. It later turned out that the Gulf of Tonkin episode was a fake, that the highest American officials had lied to the public." - Howard Zinn

August 1964 USS Maddox, a navy destroyer is operating in the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of North Vietnam in support of South Vietnamese operations.

In inclement weather, the Maddox reports to CINCPACFLEET that it has been engaged by North Vietnamese patrol boats.

Careful analysis of the ships radar systems determine that the Maddox had in fact not been engaged.

The images on the radar screens were induced by a malfunction of the ships radar caused by the inclement weather.

Lyndon Baines Johnson chose to ignore those facts and pressed the case for war in the media, before Congress, and the American people with a presentation by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.

McNamara characterizes the attack as "unprovoked" and claims that there was "unequivocal proof" of an "unprovoked second attack against the USS Maddox on August 4th".

Congress passes Joint Resolution HJ 1145 leading to the increased involvement in Vietnam.

The entire story behind the alleged attack has been detailed in the National Security Agency Signals Intelligence (SIGNET), reports declassified on 1 December 2005.

Included in the release of comments is an article first published in early 2001 by NSA historian Robert J. Hanyok in the NSA's classified journal, Cryptologic Quarterly.

There was no 2nd attack against the USS Maddox on August 4, 1964.

vacation in sunny South Vietnam

Forced Urbanization

Vietnam War - Strategic Hamlets


"The Government of Vietnam (GVN) lacked legitimacy with the rural peasantry, the largest segment of the population. The peasantry perceived the GVN to be aloof, corrupt, and inefficient. South Vietnam's urban elite possessed the outward manifestations of a foreign culture. This small group held most of the wealth and power in a poor nation, and the attitude of the ruling elite toward the rural population was, at best, paternalistic and, at worst, predatory." - Eric Bergerud

1968 Richard Nixon orders Anna Chennault, his liaison to the South Vietnam government, to persuade the leaders of South Vietnam to refuse a cease-fire being brokered by Lyndon Johnson.

1975 Barry Zorthian - head of Joint US Public Affairs Office which ran the propaganda of the Vietnam war – "complains that some of the 'embedded' journalists of that time were so dumb that they could not take signals." Barry Zorthian gave up his position and went back to his old job as vice-president of Time Magazine.

April 3, 2009 Jiverly A. Wong, a Vietnamese War refugee and immigrant to America, kills 13 people and wounded four others, firing 98 shots from two handguns in about a minute

Project 100000

PROJECT 100,000

November 7, 1967 "PROJECT 100,000, a program to salvage the poverty-scarred youth of our society at the rate of 100,000 men each year - first for two years of military service, and then for a lifetime of productive activity in civilian society.

Poverty in America pockmarks its victims inwardly. If unchecked and unreversed, that inner ghetto of the poverty-scarred personality of these men can fester into explosive frustrations of bitterness and violence. Chronic failure in school throughout their childhood, they are destined to a downward spiral of defeat and decay in a skill-oriented nation that requires from its manpower tool an increasing index of competence, discipline, and self-confidence.

Their average reading score is a bare sixth-grade level; and 14 percent of them read at a third-grade level or less. Many are poorly motivated when they reach us. They lack initiative. They lack pride. They lack ambition. If nothing were done to give them a strong sense of their own worth and potential, they, their wives and their children would almost inevitably be the unproductive recipients of some form of the dole 10 years from now.

Men who would have formerly been draft rejectees are termed New Standards men. But the men themselves are never informed that they are in this category. Hundreds of thousands of men can be salvaged from the blight of poverty, and the Defense Department — with no detriment whatever to its primary role — is particularly well equipped to salvage them." - Robert McNamara

"Beginning in 1965 and for nearly three years McNamara each year drafted into the military 100,000 young boys whose scores in the mental qualification and aptitude tests were in the lowest quarter - so-called Category IV's. Men with IQ's of 65 or even lower. They were, to put it bluntly, mentally deficient. Illiterate. The young men of Project 100,000 couldn't read, so training manual comic books were created for them. They had to be taught to tie their boots. The cold, hard statistics say that these almost helpless young men died in action in the jungles at a rate three times higher than the average draftee." - Joseph L. Galloway

"McNamara pointing out how a key element in a US decision seriously to escalate the war had been the 1965 Vietnamese attack on the US Pleiku Air Base the day a senior US official arrived in Saigon. The US was determined it could not be humiliated in this way." - Gregory Clark

The easiest way to get rid of the vaccine induced brain damaged.

The Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program was the collection of intelligence information identifying officials of National Liberation Front which had within each village cell a secretary; a finance and supply unit; as well as information and culture, social welfare, and proselytizing sections to gain recruits from among the civilian population.Between 1968 and 1972 the Phoenix Program neutralized 81,740 National Liberation Front members, of whom 26,369 were assassinated.

"The problem was, how do you find the people on the blacklist? It's not like you had their address and telephone number. The normal procedure would be to go into a village and just grab someone and say, 'Where's Nguyen so-and-so?' Half the time the people were so afraid they would say anything. Then a Phoenix team would take the informant, put a sandbag over his head, poke out two holes so he could see, put commo wire around his neck like a long leash, and walk him through the village and say, 'When we go by Nguyen's house scratch your head.' Then that night Phoenix would come back, knock on the door, and say, 'April Fool, motherfucker.' Whoever answered the door would get wasted. As far as they were concerned whoever answered was a Communist, including family members. Sometimes they'd come back to camp with ears to prove that they killed people." - Lieutenant Vincent Okamoto, intelligence-liaison officer for the Phoenix Program, recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross. Wounded 3 times
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