"One of the marvels of early Wisconsin was the Round River, a river that flowed into itself, and thus sped around in a never-ending circuit.

The Bunyan saga tells how he floated many a log down its restless waters.

No one has suspected Paul of speaking in parables, yet in this instance he did.

Wisconsin not only had a round river, all Wisconsin is one.

The current is the stream of energy which flows out of the soil into plants, thence into animals, thence back into the soil in a never ending circuit of life.

'Dust unto dust' is a desiccated version of the Round River concept." - Aldo Leopold

"At Round River, in section 37, there was a forty shaped like a pyramid, with a heavy growth of timber on all of its sides.

Bunyan and his crew labored all one winter, ‘the winter of the blue snow,’ to clear it.

They cut one hundred million feet of timber.

Some of the men got one short leg from working all winter on one side of the slope.

The crew rolled logs cut on pyramid forty down to the bank and in the spring started them down the river.

They drove for ‘two weeks or more’ hoping to reach a mill town where they could dispose of them.

It was not until they had passed their camp several times that they realized the river was round and had no outlet.

Someone recognized the pyramid." - Charles E. Brown, "American Folklore Paul Bunyan Tales"

"'Twas '64 or '65 We drove the great Round River Drive.

Those were the days in Michigan when any man could cut and skid and log and haul, and there was pine enough for all.

Then all the logger had to do was find some timber that was new besides a stream he knew ran to Huron or to Michigan yo take the timber for the saws.

Paul Bunyan was the king pin of 'em all, the greatest logger in the land.

He had a punch in either hand, licked more men, drove more miles, got more drunk in more new styles than any other peavey prince before or ever since.

Paul Bunyan bossed that famous crew: A bunch of shoutin' bruisers, too- Black Dan MacDonald, Tom McCann, Dutch Jake, Red Murphy, Dirty Dan, the kind of gang to break a jam, to clear a bar or give a twenty to a bum." — Douglas Malloch & James MacGillivray, "Round River Drive

"During the winter of the blue snow, Paul finished logging in Dakota and packed all his belongings on the blue ox and came West.

It was the coldest winter on record.

While making breakfast one morning Paul set the coffeepot on the back of the stove while it was boiling and it froze so quick the ice was warm.

It was right here on the Skomack Paul met Puget, Hood and Rainer that done so much to develop this part of the country, and here his son Jean was born.

When he was 6 weeks old he jumped out of his cradle and cut all four posts out from under Paul's bed.

Paul said: "That boy will be a logger if he lives."

Paul built his new camp, with everything new, even the dinner horn.

Paul was bound to try that out, and the first time it was blown to call the men in for dinner he ran it out of the cook house door and gave one blast, and down went three sections of green timber." — Timberblast, The Seattle Star, November 23, 1920

"GENTLEMAN, it is my painful duty to break the news to you of a very sad bereavement.

I am going to tell you of the death of Paul Bunyan, that famous character familiar to all story-loving loggers.

Anybody who knew Paul would have said that the only way to end his life would have been to hit him over the head with a giant Redwood.

But the fact of the mater is that Paul died of a broken heart.

Everybody remembers the Big Wind.

It seems we'll never quite recover from it, because it rubbed trees together so hard that the friction caused the final forest fire.

Anyway, on the day of the Big Wind, Paul was cleaning his fingernails with a pine tree behind the cook house when the Chore Boy came running out and told him that the sap in the trees fermented because they acted drunk.

He'd been watching out the kitchen window and the trees, one at a time, would turn completely over, burying their branches in the ground and leaving the roots in the air.

Well sir, that was just what was happening, but it wasn't drunkedness—it was the wind.

And the worst of it was that Paul couldn't stop it.

He tried to throw a chain around the wind and tow it back with the Blue Ox, and he tried blowing it back, and a dozen and one other things, to no avail.

Suddenly, there was a big noise in the woods just ahead of the wind and something the like of which Paul had never seen before, came snorting through the trees.

It was a tractor, but it was a new one on Paul.

Well sir, that tractor pushed it's nose into the wind and stopped it completely, and the wind turned right around and went back where it came from, turning all the trees right side up as it went.

As for Paul—well, Paul died of a broken heart, and the tractor has taken his place as the mightiest thing in the timber. " —R. H. Mulch, "Logging Tractors Are Modern Need in Bush Work," Canada Lumberman, January 15, 1928, vol. 48, no. 2, Toronto, Ontario

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