Friedrich Neitzsche

The word "Christianity" is already a misunderstanding -
there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.

The Virtuous

And others are proud of their modicum of righteousness,
and for the sake of it do violence to all things:
so that the Earth is drowned in their unrighteousness.

Ah! how ineptly cometh the word "virtue" out of their mouth!
And when they say: "I am just,"
it always soundeth like: "I am just-revenged!"

With their virtues they want to scratch out the eyes of their enemies;
and they elevate themselves only that they may lower others.

And again there are those who sit in their swamp,
and speak thus from among the bullrushes:
"Virtue - that is to sit quietly in the swamp.
We bite no one, and go out of the way of him who would bite;
and in all matters we have the opinion that is given us."

And again there are those who love attitudes,
and think that virtue is a sort of attitude.
Their knees continually adore,
and their hands are eulogies of virtue,
but their heart knoweth naught thereof.

And again there are those who regard it as virtue to say:

"Virtue is necessary";

but, after all is said and done, they believe only that policemen are necessary.

-from Thus Spake Zarathustra

illusions destroyed

Men were considered free so they might be judged and punished.
(Men were considered to have free will so that they might be judged and punished without remorse.)

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.

The most instructive experiences are those of everyday life.

All credibility, all good conscience, all evidence of truth come only from the senses.

Belief means not wanting to know what is true.

Speaking generally, punishment hardens and numbs, it produces obstinacy, it sharpens the sense of alienation and strengthens the power of resistance.

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher regard those who think and act alike than those who think and act differently.

Insanity in individuals is something rare - in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

The Earth has a skin and that skin has diseases, one of those diseases is man.

Self-deception is a particularly destructive characteristic of Western culture.

A madman runs into a marketplace crying incessantly,

"I seek God!

I seek God!"

This action provokes laughter from the men in the marketplace,
who, do not believe in God.

In jest, they ask the madman whether God is
lost, hiding, or traveling on a voyage.

With piercing vision,
the madman confronts his tormentors with this announcement:

"God is dead.

God remains dead.

And we have killed God."

People profess to be Christians and to have faith in God, but their confessions are habitual responses that lack depth and authenticity.

Friedrich Nietzsche, German philospher

a politician divides mankind into two classes: tools and  enemies

From 1880 until his collapse in January 1889, Friedrich Nietzsche led a wandering existence as a stateless individual, writing most of his major works during this period. The initial symptoms of Friedrich Nietzsche's breakdown, as evidenced in the letters he sent to his friends in the few days of lucidity remaining to him, bear many similarities to the ecstatic writings of religious mystics. Friedrich Nietzsche's letters describe his experience as a religious breakthrough and he rejoices, rather than laments.

A paper published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica reconsiders the insanity and death of philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who is commonly thought to have died of neurosyphilis. The story of Nietzsche having caught syphilis from prostitutes was actually concocted after the Second World War by Wilhelm Lange-Eichbaum, an academic who was one of Nietzsche's most vociferous critics. Intellectuals at the time were keen to demolish the reputation of Nietzsche, whose idea of a "Superman" was used to underpin Nazism. In the late 19th century more than 90 per cent of those with advanced syphilis rapidly declined and died within five years of diagnosis. Nietzsche, in contrast, lived for another 11 years.

The authors of the new study published in published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica suggest that Nietzsche died of frontotemporal dementia – a type of dementia that specifically affects the frontal and temporal lobes. Other studies of medical records suggest that Friedrich Nietzsche almost certainly died of a slowly-developing brain tumor.

"Nietzsche was not anti-semitic or a nationalist, and hated the herd mentality," said Prof Stephen Houlgate, a Nietzsche scholar at Warwick University. "If this new research gets rid of another misconception about him, I'm delighted."

Friedrich Nietzsche was heavily influenced by Arthur Schopenhauer who theorized that humans living in the realm of objects are living in the realm of desire, and thus are eternally tormented by that desire (this parallels the dharma of Siddhartha Gautama). That drive was defined by Arthur Schopenhauer as the inherent drive within humans beings, and indeed all creatures, to stay alive and to reproduce.

Arthur Schopenhauer believed that through art the thinking individual could be jarred out of their limited, individual prespective to feel a sense of the universal (metaphysics) directly.

Nietzsche's hypothesis of the human condition to some extent left out the social engineering variable by assuming that the herd is willing to accepts its role - most of the time they are born into it and quite simply see no other way. There most definitely is a pecking order mentality in that people will agree with powerful personalities in the hope of currying those people's favor and many willing ride the force of these people's personality wave regardless of moral concerns. That is due to the fact that these individuals basically owe their increased material wealth and power to their lack of empathy which gives them an operational advantage.

zionism = nazism = fascism

Benjamin Disraeli, the father of Zionism and Nazism

The homosexual Vampire Benjamin Disraeli, sponsored by Lionel Rothschild and Montefiore can properly be regarded as the father of Zionism and Nazism.

As prime minister under Victoria in the 1870s, Disraeli was the overseer of Britain's imperial design to secure a "homeland" for Jews as a British outpost in the Middle East.

The 40 novels Disraeli authored called for an Aryan-Semitic alliance to form an organized superior "Caucasian race" that was destined to rule the world with British power and the Hebrew-centered "sacred mysteries of the East."

The first British cries for a return to Palestine were sounded when Napoleon conquered Egypt.

Napoleon was carrying out the Grand Design of the great 17th century humanist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. That Grand Design, the design of humanist republicans in the United States, France and elsewhere, called for industrializing Asia, the Near East, and Africa - the Third World - as a means of advancing the process of industrialization of Europe and America. Leibniz's special project for conquering Egypt to open the Mediterranean as a trade route for a France-centered European trade drive was coopted in full by Napoleon in the 1790s. When Napoleon's troops landed in Egypt, the British press shrieked in. loud headlines: "Napoleon: Plagiarist of Leibniz."

Upon arriving in the Near East, Bible in one hand, Koran in the other, Napoleon made an appeal for an ecumenical alliance of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to bring the Near East under the hegemony of republican forces in Europe. Within this ecumenical framework, Napoleon called for the return of Jews to Palestine as a crucial input for the development of the entire region.

Except for a few Hassidic elements in Eastern Europe, Zionism had little attraction for Jews. Western European and American Jews were celebrating the recently won achievements of emancipations brought with the Napoleonic Code to Europe and republicanism. Eastern European Jews in Poland, Russia, and elsewhere eagerly awaited the process of industrialization and de-ghettoization of their countries. And for every one or two who trekked off to Palestine to worship the land of Mother Zion, tens of thousands of Jews migrated to the "Promised Land" - the United States.

The first important impetus for Zionism from Britain came with the formation of an "Evangelical Revival."

Its best-known preacher came from the highest ranks of the British aristocracy: Anthony Ashley Cooper, the seventh Earl of Shaftesbury. The revival was the promotion of an anti-Vatican, anti-French "Anglican Israel" movement which called for the restoration of British-sponsored Jews to a "homeland" in Palestine. By the 1820s, Shaftesbury's irrationalists were compiling a monthly periodical entitled "Jewish Intelligence," under whose auspices missionaries were sent to Eastern Europe to proselytize for the Anglican "return to Israel" doctrine to Jews.

This became a centerpiece of British Near East strategy during the 1838-40 period, under the aegis of Shaftesbury in-law, British Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston. Lord Palmerston was overseeing the establishment of Scottish Rite freemasonry cults across the globe. Palmerston's turn toward Zionism as a useful tool was again the result of a renewed threat of an Egyptian-French alliance.

Egyptian leader Mohammed Ali had conquered much of Syria and Palestine beginning in 1832, and he had established allies in both these areas. Mohammed Ali was a strong believer in development and had secured the first major imports into the Arab East of the technologies, skills, and trained manpower that had transformed the European nations into modern, fire-breathing industrial societies. The Egyptian ruler was threatening to catalyze a "bonapartist" momentum throughout the Islamic world which would reverse centuries of stagnation and would jeopardize two centuries of British East India Company-Levant Company control of the region.

In 1839, a Foreign Office outlet, the London Globe, ran a series of articles envisaging the mass settlement of Jews in the context of the establishment of an independent state in Syria and Palestine - without, of course, there being any Jews to enlist in such a mission. This fact did not stop Palmerston from exclaiming in an August 1840 memorandum, "There exists at the present time among the Jews dispersed over Europe, a strong notion that the time is approaching when their nation is to return to Palestine." Palmerston "strongly recommended" that the Turkish Sultan be persuaded "to hold out every just encouragement to the Jews of Europe to return to Palestine."

Charles Henry Churchill was in the British army that defeated Mohammed Ali in 1840 and was one of the intelligence officers assigned in the late 1830s to foment anti-French tribal uprisings against the French and pro-French Maronite Christians in Mount Lebanon. Working primarily among the Druze tribes, Charles Henry Churchill was responsible for instigating bloodbaths in the region. At Damascus, Charles Henry Churchill pleaded with the city's Jews to remember first, that "England was the most constant and loyal friend of the Jews"; second, that Palestine was still "echoing with the songs of the Daughters of Zion"; and third, that hopes were growing that "the hour of liberation of Israel was approaching." Charles Henry Churchill's speech was called the "first public Zionist manifestation."

On June 14, 1841, Charles Henry Churchill wrote the following astounding letter to Hofjuden (Court Jew) Moses Haim Montefiore:

I cannot conceal from you my most anxious desire to see your countrymen endeavor once more to resume their existence as a people. I consider the object to be perfectly obtainable. But two things are indispensably necessary. Firstly, that the Jews will themselves take up the matter universally and unanimously. Secondly, that the European Powers will aid them in their views. It is for the Jews to make a commencement. Let the principal persons of their community place themselves at the head of the movement. Let them meet, concert, and petition. In fact, the agitation must be simultaneous throughout Europe The result would be that you would conjure up a new element in Eastern diplomacy-an element which under such auspices as those of the wealthy and influential members of the Jewish community could not fail only of attracting great attention and of exciting extraordinary interest, but also of producing great events.

Forced to tone down his insistence on the creation of a "Jewish Kingdom,'' Charles Henry Churchill undauntedly wrote in 1842, "I trust every effort will be made by the Jews to accomplish the means of living amidst those scenes rendered sacred by ancient recollection and which they regard with filial affection." Only the "dread of insecurity of life and property,'' he claimed, "has hitherto been a bar to the accomplishment of their natural desire." To encourage this "natural desire," Churchill appealed for a mission of high-level Jewish personalities to go to Eastern Europe to "endeavor to ascertain the feelings and wishes of the Jews in the rest of Europe on a question so interesting and important" as the "prospective regeneration" of "their country."

Several years later, in his 1853 book Mount Lebanon, Charles Henry Churchill echoed Disraeli's excitement over a prospective "British-Eastern" quasi-mystical alliance: " It must be clear to every English mind, that if England's Oriental supremacy is to be upheld, Syria and Egypt must be made to fall more or less under her sway of influence."

In 1862, Edward VII, then the Prince of Wales, made a well-publicized tour of the Holy Land, the first English crown claimant to do so in nearly 600 years. Zionism, beginning with the trip by Edward, became an open option for which the British oligarchy collectively began to organize.

On his trip Prince Edward was surrounded by an entourage of Zionist propagandists gleaned from the dens of Oxford and Cambridge. His guide was Oxford church historian Dean Stanley, the author of Sinai and Palestine and The History of the Jewish Church, both emphasizing the "Jewish roots of Christianity." Stanley was only one of a gaggle of "scholars" whose intended purpose was to turn Disraeli's mad utterings about the foundations of Christianity in his novels into the hegemonic doctrines of Britain's most prestigious scholarly institutions.

At Oxford, Stanley worked with Benjamin Jowett, the fraudulent translator of Plato, who during the 1850s and 1860s used his post at Oxford to spread the idea that the Jewish prophets - many of whom were known by Jowett to be agents of the Babylonian oligarchy - were the "schoolmasters of the ages'' and those to whom "our age owed its moral feelings." Others of the early 1860s elite at Oxford included Edward Pusey, the leader of the so-called Oxford Movement, which also included the Jesuit heretic Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Pusey was Oxford's Regius Professor of Hebrew, from which chair he "gave nine lectures a week to teach divinity students a full idiomatic knowledge of the language of the Old Testament for the better understanding of God's word." Then there was Matthew Arnold, a Professor of Poetry, who lent his name to the doctrine that Christianity was only "modified Hebraism."

Three years after Prince Edward's trip to the Holy Land, the British Foreign Office began preparing Palestine for "resettlement." In 1865 the Palestine Exploration Fund was founded with funding mainly from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons.

The Palestine Exploration Fund's task was to "recover the real past and the real people of the Book" and carry out a comprehensive study of all relevant aspects of the historical territory of Palestine.

In the 1870s, the British sent South African Lawrence Oliphant to conduct a feasibility study for settlement in Palestine. His report back stated that a Jewish state in Palestine would ensure the "political and economic penetration of Palestine by Britain."

In 1877, the British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, wrote a blueprint for a Zionist state in Palestine under British rule; the document was published anonymously and put into circulation in Vienna. With his 1877 blueprint for a Zionist state in Palestine, Disraeli was putting into practice the fantasies of his early literary career. In 1832, the future prime minister had written a novel entitled Alroy , the story of a Jewish return to Palestine based on a 12th century rebel against the Baghdad caliphate named Alroy who portrayed himself as the Messiah. Race - not progress - was the basis of human civilization, and the "Semitic" and "Aryan" components of the Caucasian race are superior over other and "mixed" breeds.

To the ordinary layman, Disraeli's some 40 novels of the 1832-47 period must appear as a rambling stream of inchoate fantasy. They are in fact political documents in coded form for communication to the set of cultists around high priest Edward Bulwer-Lytton. They are as important as the 1877 blueprint in defining the Universal Reign of which the return to Palestine was but a part.

In one novel, Disraeli states:

'Progress and reaction are but words to mystify the millions. They mean nothing, they are nothing, they are phrases and not facts. All is race. In the structure, the decay, and the development of the various families of man, the vicissitudes of history find their main solution.''

Disraeli conjures up the myth of "Jewish world power" - in a manner hardly matched by the most acute anti-Semites on the Anti-Defamation League's payroll.

The nature of actual British-Hofjuden influence over finance and diplomacy is obscured by identifying the power base as "the Jews," or "the Semites."

In Endymion, Disraeli writes:

The Semites now exercise a vast influence over affairs by their smallest though most peculiar family, the Jews. There is no race gifted with so much tenacity, such skill in organization. These skills have given them an unprecedented hold over property and illimitable credit. As you advance in life and get experience in affairs, the Jews will cross you everywhere. They have been stealing into our secret diplomacy, which they have almost appropriated; in another quarter of a century, they will claim the share of open government. The next, inevitable step is to formalize the Semitic race - Anglo-Saxon alliance as the superior "pure Caucasian race" to dominate the globe.

"Vast as the obligations of the whole human family are to the Hebrew race,'' Disraeli is quoted by one of his biographers, "there is no portion of the modern population so much indebted to them as the British people."

In a public speech, Disraeli stated:

The Jews represent the Semitic principle; all that is spiritual in our nature They are a living and the most striking evidence of the falsity of that pernicious doctrine of modern times, the natural equality of man The natural equality of man now in vogue, and taking the form of cosmopolitan fraternity, is a principle which, were it possible to act on it, would deteriorate the great races and destroy all the genius of the world. What would be the consequence on the great Anglo-Saxon republic, for example, were it citizens to secede from their negro and coloured populations?... The native tendency of the Jewish race, who are justly proud of their blood, is against the doctrine of the equality of man.

"Disraeli's concept of 'race' was as unsound scientifically and historically as that of the Nazis. Moreover, the support of his reputation helped to give respectability to the preposterous racial principle and to establish it as a serious doctrine on the Continent. Disraeli was among the spiritual ancestors of the Nazi brand of anti-Semitism in our own day." - Cecil Roth

From 1865-76, the Palestine Exploration Fund was the clearinghouse for Anglican Restoration-to-Palestine propaganda:
  • The Fund worked with the British War Office to organize studies that would document the "inhabitability" of Palestine by demonstrating its "inhabitability" in the past and its current available resources. The head of these expeditions was Sir Charles Warren, who concluded in a work published in 1875 that Palestine "could again be the productive land it had been of old.'' Warren proposed that Palestine be developed by the East India Company with "the avowed intention of gradually introducing the Jews pure and simple (!) who would eventually occupy and govern the country" - a country which would achieve "a population of fifteen million."
  • A parallel study was conducted by Lieutenants Claude Conder and (the future Lord) Kitchener. The later author of such works as Judas Maccabeus and the Jewish War of Independence and The Hebrew Tragedy, Conder and the Palestine Exploration Fund laid out a comprehensive plan to make Palestine "habitable again" as it was before the Arab conquest had driven out the Byzantines. In 1882, Conder was chosen to guide another crown tour of the Holy Land, this time by the future George V, then Prince George.
  • The now-decrepit Lord Shaftesbury, one of the Fund's founders, became its president in 1875. As he was preparing to die with dignity, Shaftesbury pleaded for the Fund "to send out the best agents" to "prepare" Palestine "for the return of its ancient possessors ... for the time cannot be far off before that great event will come to pass." Then, right before doddering to his grave, Shaftesbury wrote in the Quarterly Review:
Syria and Palestine will ere long become most important. The old time will come back ... the country wants capital and population. The Jew can give it both. And has not England a special interest in promoting such a restoration? ... She must preserve Syria to herself. Does not policy then ... exhort England to foster the nationality of the Jews and aid them, as opportunity may offer, to return as a leavening power to their old country? England is the great trading and maritime power of the world. To England, then, naturally belongs the role of favouring the settlement of the Jews in Palestine.... The nationality of the Jew exists, the spirit is there and has been for three thousand years, but the external form, the crowning bond of union, is still wanting. A nation must have a country. The old land, the old people.

The focal point of Britain's Near East designs was Egypt, not Palestine per se. When the French had begun construction of the Canal, then-Prime Minister Palmerston announced, "I must tell you frankly that what we are afraid of" is that "this Canal will put other nations on an equal footing with us."

When Disraeli became Prime Minister in 1874, he maneuvered to have the London Rothschilds buy the Egyptian ruler's shares in the Canal for the British government. Soon after, Disraeli and his Foreign Secretary Lord Salisbury (Robert Cecil) acquired Cyprus for Britain with the aim, according to a British historian, of "bringing Palestine and Syria within the orbit of British control" - an aim which Salisbury-Cecil referred to quite candidly in his private writings.

Among Disraeli and Salisbury's Zionist-style initiatives were:

  • The 1877 authorship of the Jewish State blueprint published anonymously by Smolenskin at British request in Vienna and withheld from the 1878 Berlin Congress for immediate political reasons;
  • Support for a scheme of a South African mystic, Lawrence Oliphant, for a large-scale Jewish settlement project in the Palestine territory;
  • Development of a "charter of rights" for Jews in southeastern Europe, which gave the British Foreign Office free rein to intervene at will in the affairs of principalities in that region.
In this way, the Disraeli-Salisbury Near East strategy smoothed the way for the Round Table group that ran British policy from the early 1880s onward to promulgate the Balfour Declaration. The extent of their preparations made the 1890s emergence of an actual organized political-Zionist movement around Theodore Herzl almost anticlimactic.
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