Truth, War Propaganda, CIA and Media Manipulation

Limit TV watching to 2 hours to live longer

"Nonsense placed before the eyes has a magical effect
as it fetters the senses the mind remains a vassal."

Goethe in a letter to Schiller ~ 1797

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"We are a world divorced from the superstitions of the past, new myths are generated by those wielding media as a wand, one as powerful as the holly wood wands of ancient ceremonial magicians were rumored to have been. The Talmudwood of today is the true sacred site of today's elite magician. " - Edward Wilson & Wes Unruh

Entertainment brings forth the power of sensation allowing a vehicle for escape or release from the rational mind.

Entertainment relies heavily on instant emotional gratification.

Entertainment is an expression of the will to consume.

Entertainment and consumption are two sides of the same ideological coin.

Consumption, aside from the purchase of necessities, allows anyone with money to buy into their own fantasy.

Both are simply a search for the mindless pleasure of emancipation from reason and all the other bonds that restrain self.

Entertainment transports us through time and space enabling us to escape our personal reality - if only for a moment.

"The deliberate application of the techniques of theater to politics, religion, education, literature, commerce, warfare, crime, has converted everything into branches of show business - the overriding objective is to mesmerize.

Andy Warhol ushered in a new age for art causing the custodians of culture to roll over in their graves - art as entertainment.

Andy Warhol realized in entertainment monoculture people themselves became pop cultural artifacts and celebrities were human soup cans.

The most important art movement became the art of the creation of the celebrity, the celebrity business plan." - Neil Gabler

Entertainment is "escapist".

To be entertained is to be dissociated.

Pseudo experience never satisfies.

In the end it intensifies the hunger ...
saddled with a media device

"The "culture" of television has replaced community." - Donald O. Mayer

"I was not surprised to hear that teenagers and young adults are not really entertained by all the media devices to which they have become attached.

The reason is that entertainment is like dessert - a little goes a long way.

People derive genuine satisfaction by actually doing things such as making their own music, dancing, creating art, volunteering, growing flowers, knitting sweaters, repairing old bicycles, learning a new language.

The fact that youngsters waste so much time trying to find virtual satisfaction shows that we need to work harder to make real satisfaction more accessible to them." - Ruth Anne Hammond

Before CIA involvement art was sublime.

Art redirected thought from the sensual to the intellectual, from the temporal to the eternal, from the corporeal to the spiritual.

Art was not only concerned with aesthetics but also morality.

Art, operating on the right brain, is beyond the reach of intellect.

When the senses and emotions are stimulated it is sensational.

Entertainment induced neural reactions in much the same way as drugs.

Artists create work assuming different spectators will have different experiences of the artwork.

Entertainers create their by deploying familiar words, images, symbols, techniques or stories in an attempt to garner a collective response.

Entertainment is about the power to replace the sublime with fantasy.

Entertainment requires sensation triumph over reason to suspend disbelief.

Electrification and related technologies built the entertainment industry.

Printing advances allowed for illustration and eventually photographic reproduction in books, newspapers and magazines.

Magazines aimed to entertainment the masses.

They achieved this by the liberal and extravagance use of photographs of individuals deemed socially important accompanied by improvised articles.

Labor conditions changed as wages rose and hours declined.

Ordinary citizens began to have more money and leisure time.

A new attitude emerged among laborers accompaning these changes - an emotional reaction against the numbing conditions of the machine age.

At the end of the work day, workers left their factories wanting to have a good time, forget work and forget their personal reality.

Entertainment satisfies the desire to forget the daily grind.

Cicero was trained by Roscius the comedian and Aesop the tragedian.

Napoleon Bonaparte took instruction from the actor Talma in the art of small talk and carefully calculated everything from his rages to his poses.

In antebellum America political orators Daniel Webster, John Calhoun and Henry Clay studied theatrical declamation, prompting theater managers to complain that their presentations could not compete with those of politicians.

The theatrical tradition leaped into aritocratic circles when Theodore Roosevelt played the part of a larger-than-life version of himself.

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