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"Our nation is engaged in what promises to be a long struggle in the global war on terror.

In this war the most critical battles may not be in the mountains of Afghanistan - or the streets of Iraq but in newsrooms in New York, London, Cairo and elsewhere.

Our enemies have skillfully adapted to fighting wars in today's media age, but for the most part we - our government, the media or our society in general have not.

Our government is only beginning to adapt to the 21st century.

For the most part, our government still functions as a five-and-dime store in an EBay world.

The growing number of media outlets in many parts of the world still have relatively immature standards and practices that too often serve to inflame and distort rather than to explain and inform.

al-Qa`ida and other extremist movements have utilized these forums for many years, successfully adding more poison to the Muslim public's view of the West, but we have barely even begun to compete in reaching their audiences.

Let there be no doubt that the longer it takes to put a strategic communications framework into place, the more we can be be filled by the enemy and by hostile news sources who most assuredly will not paint an accurate image of what is actually taking place.

We have become somewhat more adept in these areas, but progress is slow.

In Iraq, for example, the United States military command, working closely with the Iraqi government and the US Embassy, has sought nontraditional means to provide accurate information to the Iraqi people in the face of an aggressive campaign of disinformation.

Yet this has been portrayed as inappropriate: for example, the allegations of "buying news."

The resulting explosion of critical media stories then causes all activity, all initiative, to stop.

Improving our efforts will likely mean embraing new institutions to engage people around the world.

During the Cold War, institutions such as the United States Information Agency and Radio Free Europe proved to be valuable instruments.

We need to consider the possibility of new organizations and programs that can serve a similarly valuable role in the war on terror.

Although the enemy is increasingly skillful at manipulating the media and using the tools of communications to its advantage, it should be noted that we have an advantage as well.

And that is, quite simply, that truth is on our side.

Ultimately, the truth wins out.

I believe with every bone in my body that free people, exposed to sufficient information, will, over time, find their way to the right decision.

We are fighting a battle in which the survival of our free way of life is at stake.

It is a test of wills, and it will be won or lost with our public and the publics of free nations around the world.

We need to do all we can to correct the lies being told, shatter the appeal of the enemy and attract supporters to our noble and necessary efforts to defeat violent extremism around the globe."


Donald Henry Rumsfeld Owned

"It's the respect for the individual to make the right decision which I believe is at the root of communications." - Chris Komisarjevsky, retired CEO Burson-Marsteller, leadership position at Hill & Knowlton

"One can't help but think that Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels is applauding Donald Rumsfeld's piece from the grave." - Chris Wolfe

"Free people all over the Earth have already been exposed to sufficient information to find their way to the truth:

Donald Rumsfeld's arrogance, disregard for life, duplicity and incompetence helped pave the way to unnecessary war.

Bigger and better spin control will not change this fact nor the minds of the Earth's free-thinking citizens."- Paul Nichols

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CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran

Congressional Record, "Saddam Hussein given green light to attack"

What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn't Know About Iraq

"I've worked with Don Rumsfeld three times in my life.

I've been to each of his houses, in Chicago, Taos, Santa Fe, Santo Domingo, and Las Vegas.

I'm very, very fond of him, but I'm crushed by his performance.

Don Rumsfeld certainly fooled me."- Kenneth Adelman

1954 Donald Henry Rumsfeld graduated Princeton University on academic and NROTC partial scholarships.

He graduated in with an A.B. in Political Science.

Donald Henry Rumsfeld is in the US Navy from 1954 to 1957 as an aviator and flight instructor.

1962 Donald Henry Rumsfeld is elected to the House of Representatives for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois, at the age of 30, and serves until 1969.

1969 Donald Henry Rumsfeld resigns from Congress to serve in the Richard Nixon administration as director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, Assistant to the President, and a member of the President's Cabinet (1969-1970); named Counselor to the President in December of 1970, director of the Economic Stabilization Program; and member of the President's Cabinet (1971-1972).

1973 Donald Henry Rumsfeld leaves Washington to serve as US Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels, Belgium.

1974 Donald Henry Rumsfeld is White House Chief of Staff (1974-1975); and the Secretary of Defense (1975-1977) for Gerald Ford.


1977 to 1985

Donald Henry Rumsfeld serves as CEO, president, and then chairman of GD Searle.

Under Donald Henry Rumsfeld Searle got the FDA approval for aspartame which was marketed as NutraSweet®.

Donald Henry Rumsfeld made $12 million from Searle's sale to Monsanto.

1982 -1986 Donald Henry Rumsfeld serves as a member of the President's General Advisory Committee on Arms Control for Ronald Reagan.

1982 - 1983 Special envoy on Law of the Sea Treaty.

Donald Henry Rumsfeld greets Saddam Hussein

1983 - 1984 Senior advisor to Panel on Strategic Systems; member of the US Joint Advisory Commission on US/Japan Relations; special envoy to the Middle East and the main conduit for American military intelligence, hardware and strategic advice to Saddam Hussein, then fighting Iran in the Iran-Iraq war.

1988 - 1989 Member of the National Economic Commission.

1987 - 1990 Member of the National Commission on the Public Service.

1988 - 1992 Member of the Board of Visitors of the National Defense University.

1989 - 1991 Member of the Commission on US/Japan Relations.

1990-1993 CEO of General Instrument.

1992 - 1993 Member FCC High Definition Television Advisory Committee.

1998 - 1999 Chairman of the Commission on the Ballistic Missile Threat to the US.

1999 Director of Gulfstream Aerospace, Donald Henry Rumsfeld stock in the corportation reportedly is valued at $11 million when the incorporation is acquired by defense contractor General Dynamics.

Prior to joining the cabinet of George Walker Bush, Donald Henry Rumsfeld served on the board of directors of several corporations:

Gilead Sciences, a fledgling biotech incorporation (developer of Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) which is used in the treatment of bird flu);

Tribune Company, which owns the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times;

Carlyle Group Chairman Emeritus ;

Amylin Pharmaceuticals;

1990-2001 Swiss firm Asea Brown Boveri;
(In 2000 Asea Brown Boveri sold two light water nuclear reactors for installation in North Korea)

Kellogg; Sears and Allstate.

Member of the Council on Foreign Relations;

longtime associate, winner of the Center for Security Policy 1998 "Keeper of the Flame" award;

member, board of trustees Hoover Institution;

board member Freedom House;

board member RAND Corporation;

former chairman Committee for the Free World;

member Bohemian Club;

founder and active member of the Project for the New American Century.

1999 - 2000 Member of the US Trade Deficit Review Commission.

2000 Chairman of the US Commission to Assess National Security Space Management and Organization.

As Secretary of Defense for George Walker Bush Rumsfeld implemented the Rumsfeld Doctrine which sought to increase force readiness by decreasing the amount of supplies required to maintain forces and reducing the numbers in a theater.

This is done mainly by using LAVs (Light Armoured Vehicles) to scout for enemies who are then destroyed via airstrikes.

Afghanistan and the Iraq wars are considered the two closest implementations of the Rumsfeld Doctrine.

Rumsfeld authorized the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, authorized the army to break the Geneva Convention by not registering all prisoners and authorized civilian contractors to use techniques such as sleep deprivation during interrogation in memos and letters according to former US Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski.

"The methods consisted of making prisoners stand for long periods, sleep deprivation ... playing music at full volume, having to sit in uncomfortably ... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques. The handwritten signature was above Rumsfeld's printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: "Make sure this is accomplished" - former US Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski

Former US Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski said in November 2006 she was ready to testify against Rumsfeld if a suit filed by civil rights groups in Germany over Abu Ghraib led to a full investigation.

In a memo titled "Illustrative New Courses of Action" issued November 6, 2006 Donald Henry Rumsfeld suggested that one way to solve the Iraq problem is by paying off key political and religious leaders so they would be more compliant with American occupying forces.

"On the eve of the invasion, as it began to dawn on a few US officials that the price for rebuilding Iraq would be vastly greater than they had been told, the degree of miscalculation was illustrated in an encounter between Donald Henry Rumsfeld, then the defense secretary, and Jay Garner, the retired lieutenant general who had hastily been named the chief of what would be a short lived civilian authority called the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance. Garner presented Rumsfeld with several alternative rebuilding plans, including one that would include projects across Iraq.

"What do you think that'll cost?" Rumsfeld asked of the more expansive plan.

"I think it's going to cost billions of dollars," Garner said.

"My friend," Rumsfeld replied, "if you think we're going to spend a billion dollars of our money over there, you are sadly mistaken."

Before that year was out, the United States had appropriated more than $20 billion for the reconstruction.

The secondary effects of the invasion and its aftermath were among the most important factors that radically changed the outlook.

Tables in the history show that measures of things like the production of electricity and oil; public access to potable water, mobile and landline telephone service; and the presence of Iraqi security forces all plummeted at least 70%, and in some cases all the way to zero, in the weeks after the invasion.

Subsequent tables in the history give a fast-forward view of what happened as the avalanche of money tumbled into Iraq over the next five years.

By the time a sovereign Iraqi government took over from the Americans in June 2004, none of those services - with a single exception, mobile phones - had returned to prewar levels.

And by the time of the security improvements in 2007 and 2008, electricity output had, at best, a precarious 10% lead on its levels under Saddam Hussein; oil production was still below prewar levels; and access to potable water had increased about 30%, although with the nation's ruined piping system it was unclear how much actually reached people's homes uncontaminated." - James Glanz and T. Christian Miller

2006 Donald Rumsfeld, using a Pentagon study, holds up construction of wind farms in the Midwest by claiming they will make it impossible for military radar to work correctly.

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