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Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

"Are you ready for some real revelation knowledge?

You are God

Benny Hinn

1999 During the spring "Praise-a-Thon," Benny Hinn relates his dream of being visited by Elijah who handed him his rod that could turn rivers into streams of blood on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Benny Hinn asked fellow guest Marc Chironna to interpret his dream after proclaiming Marc Chironna to be a prophet.

Marc Chironna agreed that Benny Hinn had received "the spirit of Elijah and the essence of the Elijah ministry."

Benny Hinn went on to use the new authority to ask people to send in double tithes to Trinity Broadcasting Network claiming they would not survive the coming year if they did not double their tithes.

Trinity Broadcasting Network "Praise-a-Thon" uses Elijah over and over again to put fear of the retribution of Elijah into those who might use their Social Security checks to pay the rent instead of handing it over as tithes.

The "prophets" excuses for their failures are getting more and more clever.

When a "Word of Knowledge" turns out to be proven wrong, they won't admit their connection to the supernatural failed - just that they mistakenly interpreted the Word of God.

"Man, I remember when the Lord would give me a Word of Knowledge back when I began in this ministry.

I missed nine out of ten.

Nobody knew it except me.

Prophets blow it all the time.

Paul blew it;

Moses blew it;

Even Elijah blew it!

They all blew it.

Maybe not with prophecies, but they blew it in all kinds of things …

When the supernatural spiritual gift begins it begins rough, but then as you keep going with it you just get better and better and cleaner and purer with it.

So today with the "Word of Knowledge" - I'm just being open with - I rarely miss anymore.

Why? Because I recognize how to operate in it." - Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn says his children don't recognize him and are in fact afraid of him when he is "in the anointing."

YouTube - Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

YouTube - Suzanne Hinn: Holy Ghost Enema

2007 Benny Hinn is being investigated by Senator Charles E. Grassley for violating tax-exempt status by living lavishly on the backs of small donors.

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