John Wimber

John Wimber

1947 Fuller Theological Seminary founded by Charles E. Fuller, a well-known radio neoevangelist, Harold Ockenga, pastor of Park Street Church in Boston, Carl F. H. Henry, Wilbur Moorehead Smith and Harold Lindsell.

Fuller Theological Seminary was the first academic institution to be founded by the neo-evangelical movement.

Fuller Theological Seminary began with the theological vision of reformulating literalism from its anti-intellectual and socially isolationist stance of the 1920-40 era.

It should be noted that Fuller Theological Seminary married the study of religion with the study of psychology in the hope of expanding the reach of the neoevangelical order.

John Wimber, a talented keyboardist and vocalist, earned his way for a time as a professional, full-time musician, including as pianist and manager of the Righteous Brothers before becoming "born again."

1963 - 1974 John Wimber practices intense personal evangelism as a Quaker in meetings with friends.

1974 John Wimber leaves Yorba Linda Friends Church become founding director of the Department of Church Growth at the Fuller Theological Seminary.

1977 John Wimber's Bible study fellowships becomes Calvary Chapel of Yorba Linda, a non-profit 501c3 institution.

1980 Lonnie Frisbie says, "Come Holy Spirit" at Calvary Chapel.

John Wimber, hungry for Signs and Wonders, interest in "the miraculous" escalates after the exhibitions of Lonnie Frisbie.

1982 John Wimber and C. Peter Wagner launch their controversial course, MC510 - "The Miraculous and Church Growth" at Fuller Theological Seminary.

This course included hands on "training" in signs, wonders, healing, etcetera.

The Charismatic movement teaching of "truth" of John Wimber based on subjective experiences is rejected by Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel.

John Wimber renames his fellowship the Vineyard Association.

John Wimber meets Paul Cain for the first time.

Paul Cain predicts his coming to and going from a meeting with John Wimber would be confirmed by earthquakes, which did indeed occur.

(In California between 1988-1997 earthquakes occurred at the rate of 37,283 per year; 3,107 per month; 714 per week and 102 per day.)

John Wimber is con-vinced the only way to get people to believe the Word of God is to 'shock and awe' them into believing in "supernatural power."

A very intense ministry circuit partnership between John Wimber and the Kansas City "prophets" culminates in the Kansas City fellowship becoming an official Vineyard Association church, a non-profit 501c3 institution.

John Wimber publicly calls for every Vineyard pastor to be ministered to by the Kansas City "prophets".

On a trip to Scotland Mike Bickle convinces John Wimber to change emphasis of the Vineyard to that of a prophetic ministry.

Kansas City "prophets" Latter Rain/Manifest Sons dogma "cross-pollinates" the Vineyard.

Vineyard trainers began to complain that these "prophets" are changing the core values of the Vineyard.

John Wimber now emphasizes healing, spiritual warfare, and prophecies.

Mike Bickle submits all Kansas City "prophets" fellowships to the Vineyard Association.

Mike Bickle parts ways with John Wimber over Toronto revival fall out taking the Kansas City "prophets" out of the Vineyard to become Metro Christian fellowship, a non-profit 501c3 incorporation.

The hyper-charismatic movement within the Vineyard, "Third Wave," "Signs and Wonders," and "Power " at one time grew to approximately 450 US congregations and 250 more in other countries.

The main influence John Wimber cited in his teachings was Kenneth E. Hagin "father" of the Word of Faith movement, mentor of Kenneth Copeland and disciple of Essek William Kenyon.

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