coming into consciousness

Cosmos Construction Phase 4

"Every early culture has understood its genesis and history as one woven of threads both divine and mundane to form a multidimensional mythology of creation, destruction and migration - a drama organized in time.

In Hindu cosmologies, world time is ordered into yugas, the Mayans have their katuns, the Aztecs their many ages and five "sun" periods.

Among the Greeks, the poet Hesiod described the ages of man as Golden, Silver, Bronze, Heroic and Iron, the last our own." - Arthur Zajonc

The universe of forged things

is like crystal clear water

in which shine the attributes

of the Omnipresent One.

consciousness, justice, mercy

are like the stars of heaven

reflected in the crystal clear water.

Kings are the theater

royalty of the Ineffable;

Sages are the mirrors

of Eternal Wisdom.

Generations have passed on,

a next generation arises;

The moon is the same moon

but the water is not the same water.

Justice is not injustice,

knowledge is not ignorance,

as generation replaces generation

in a long unbroken endless chain.

Generation after generation

have passed on before us.

The divine attributes of the Noumenon

are changeless and eternal.

The water in the river

has changed innumerable times

while the reflection of the moon and the stars

eternally remains unaltered.

The reflection's origin is not in the water

but in the Lumière Infinie of Heaven.


egg of creation

Creation herein is defined as:

all of nature

everything that exists

the act that forged the noumenon

the event of bringing the universe or the Earth into existence
according to various religious, philosophical and metaphysical traditions

Myths of Creation found in the writings of the ancient inhabitants of the plains of Lower Mesopotamia, the Akkadians and the Sumerians, closely parellel the creation stories found in the Septuagint book of Genesis.

Hebrews are descendants of either a Sumerian (4000 - 2279 BC) or an Akkadian (2334–2279 BC) couple with the first names of Adam and Eve.

The people who had been enslaved in Egypt and were known as Hebrews in the Septuagint were most likely descendents of the Akkadian Babylonians as their mythology bears so many striking resemblances.

These previously enslaved Akkadian Babylonians, clerks and court servants in the spirit of Joseph (son of Jakob), adopted the monotheistic religion of the court of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

1323 BC   Pharaoh Tutankhamun is murderd and the Akkadian Babylonians heretics of his court are exhiled from Egypt when traditional Egyptian religion is reinstated.

Moshe Rabbenu leads this rag tag band of wanderers, previously followers of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who later became known as Hebrews.

a nomadic desert life is becoming increasing difficult as the land had been stripped over several generations and manna is getting scarce.

cosmic egg of creation

Manna from heaven - or a shower of lichen?

1192   The fertile agricultural land of Canaan becomes ripe for regime change when it is no longer protected by Pharaoh.

The Cult of Yahweh, tired of nomadic ways, challenges the King of Ugarit and conquers the land of Canaan.

The mythology of the Canaanites of Ugarit is now synthesized with the Law brought from Eygpt by Moshe Rabbenu.

Strict traditionalists within the Cult of Yahweh up until the Alexandrian Hebrews continue to resist the resurrection/fertility cycle.

This mythology first appeared written in the books of the Septuagint the first drafts of which are penned by the Alexandrian Hebrew Pharisees.

Prior to this time Hebrew religion was known only orally as the Oral Torah.

It was understood at this time by the priesthood that language evolves and the written word could be easily misinterpreted a century later.

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