Our discourse necessarily brings us to Christ, because Christ is the still living myth in the Abrahamic religions - Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Samaritanism, Druze, Rastafari, Mandaeism, and Babism.

Christ is our culture hero, who, regardless of his historical existence, embodies the myth of the Primordial Man, the mystic Adam.

It is Christ who resides in the center of the Christian mandala, who is the Lord of the Tetramorph, i.e., the four symbols of the evangelists, which are like the four columns of Christ' throne.

Christ is in us and we are in Christ.

The Kingdom of Christ is the Priceless Pearl, the treasure buried in the field, the mustard seed which will become a great tree, and bring heaven to Earth.

As Christ is in us, so also is his heavenly kingdom.

This is in exact agreement with the empirical findings of psychology, that there is an ever present archetype of wholeness which may easily disappear from the purview of consciousness or may never be perceived at all until a consciousness illuminated by conversion recognizes it in the figure of Christ.

As a result of this anamnesis the original state of oneness with the image of Æon is restored.

It brings about an integration, a bridging of the split in the personality caused by the instincts striving apart in mutually contradictory directions.

The only time the split does not occur is when an individual is still unaware of his instinctual life as an animal.

It proves harmful and is impossible to endure when an artificial emotional subconsciousness - an emotional repression - no longer reflects the instincts.

There can be no doubt that the original Christian conception of the imago Dei embodied in Christ meant an all embracing totality that even includes the animal side of man.

Nevertheless the Christ symbol lacks the archetype of wholeness in the modern psychological sense, since it does not include the dark side of things but specifically excludes it in the form of an evil opponent - Satan.

So far as we can judge from experience, light and shadow are so evenly distributed in man's nature that his psychic totality appears in a somewhat murky light.

In the empirical self, light and shadow form a paradoxical unity.

In the Christian conceptualization the symbolic archetype is hopelessly split into two irreconcilable halves leading ultimately to a metaphysical dualism - the final separation of the Kingdom of Æon (spirit) from the fiery world of the damned (body) here on Earth.

This opposition led very early to the doctrine of the two sons of Æon.

The elder, the left hand of Æon, was called Satanael.

The younger, the right hand of Æon, became Christ.

The ideal of spirituality striving for the heights is doomed to clash with the materialistic earthbound passion to conquer matter and master the Earth.

This became visible during the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment, the 'rebirth', or born again, and it referred to the Renewal of the Holy Spirit.

We know that this Holy Spirit was chiefly a mask; it was not the Holy Spirit of Antiquity that was reborn but the Holy Spirit of Imperial Christianity, which had undergone strange apostate transformations, exchanging the heavenly goal for a worldly one.

No tree can grow to heaven until it's roots reach down to hell.

Although the attributes of Christ undoubtably mark him out as an embodiment of self, looked at from the psychological aspect of duality Christ corresponds to only the 'good' half of the symbolic archetype of self.

The anti-Christ, Satan, corresponds to the 'evil' half.

Both are Christian symbols, and they have the same meaning as the image of the Savior crucified between two thieves.

These symbol tells us that the progressive development and differentiation of consciousness leads to an ever more menacing awareness of the conflict of desires and involves nothing less than a crucifixion of the desires of the ego, its agonizing suspension between irreconcilable opposites.

The relative abolition of the desires of the ego affects only those ultimate decisions confronting us in situations of insoluble conflicts of duty.

The ego is a suffering bystander who decides nothing but must submit to a decision and surrender unconditionally.

adapted from Christ - a Symbol of Self , by Carl Jung

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