"As a fragile and lovely flower

unfolds its gleaming foliage

on the breast of the fostering Earth,

if the dew and the rain draw it forth;

So doth my tender mind flourish,

if it be fed with the sweet dew of the fostering spirit,

Lacking this, it beginneth straightway to languish,

even as a flower born upon dry earth,

if the dew and the rain tend it not."

Ezra Pound

Jesus' Light


The truth is found in the simple and intricate messages of smell.

I smelled the wind today.

What precisely it smelled like I can not say.

Only that there was a hint of spicy pine and the rich scent of wet earth.

I have been thinking about smells because I have never truly noticed them before.

I live in a house in the country, far beyond the limits of the city and nestled along the shores of Lake Superior.

The area around me is heavily wooded with a winding dirt road that cuts a clearing through the cedars, spruces and birches.

The dark recess of the forest is a hub of continuous activity.

The light, playful sounds of the many birds and squirrels, and the heavier cracks and thumps of deer and other large animals as they go about their day, are constant.

Numerous small streams trickle from within these hidden areas and run laughing through culverts under the road to the waiting lake.

In the summer, the floor of the forest fascinates me with the soft moss and beautiful, delicate flowers that carpet the ground beneath the towering trees.

In the winter, I love the way the snow lies heavily on the boughs of the evergreens and the quiet the deep cold brings.

On a walk early one morning, while I was admiring the melting snow and enjoying the warmth of the sun on my back, that it hit me.

The wind had a smell!

Not just a smell, but every scent from every item in the vast wilderness around me was carried by the wind.

I had not been aware of it before, I understood perfectly that these scents contained a message - the messages of scent carried aloft by the wind.

My prehistoric ancestors once mastered the secrets locked in these scents, but that ability has been lost to me: I can understand, however, that these messages cannot be unlocked by my conscious mind.

Our noses sense 10 types of odors

Congruent Sound Can Modulate Odor Pleasantness

I know that these scents can only be translated by the subconscious instincts within me.

I imagine that the language of scent can be both simple and complex.

Each scent is unique.

Scents cannot lie and they cannot bluff.

Animals sniff their food and learn to distinguish by smell what is safe to eat and what will make them sick.

There is no deceit or treachery in a smell; there is only the truth.

Perhaps this is why humans have lost the ability to understand the language of scent.

We use our language to hide, to confuse and, only rarely, to tell the truth.

People have forgotten the truth of Nature.

The truth is found in the simple and intricate messages of smell.

Smell is the silent, fragrant language of nature.

- adapted from Lynley Scott

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