Time After Time

Rip Van Winkle

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

"Time is concomitant with the physical world

but can not be pointed to as existing in a material way."

Tenzin Gyatso

Time is abstract. To think of time is to think abstractly.

When people reason about abstraction, they tend to imagine something concrete that the abstract thing is like and then reason about that instead.

But we cannot create a concrete mental image of an abstract concept such as time which is fluid, perhaps the reason time analogies flow.

The Hindus thought of time as cyclical.

The Greeks thought of time as linear - one day follows another.

Thinking of time as either cyclical or as linear is incorrect.

Thinking of time as a spatial dimension is incorrect - as if time acts in space.

'The past is behind us', 'the future is in front of us' and 'days pass us by'.

People think and speak as if moving away from a yesterday located 'over there' toward a tomorrow located '180 degrees in the opposite direction.'

On a time line drawn by a Christian the past is on the left.

On a time line drawn by a Muslim the past is on the right.

On a time line drawn by a Mandarin the past is at the bottom.

It may very well be conceptually impossible to grasp the essence of time.

"The magical word is one that lets "a primordial word
resound behind it"'; magical action releases primordial action.
Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 63

Cosmic rebirth

Quantum Physics Proves God's Existence

Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

Imagine an Infinite Cone of Existence floating in the eternal noumenon.

The five levels of Human Consciousness can be described as resting on progressively higher levels of the Infinite Cone of Existence.

Archaic Consciousness rests at the Foundation where Archetypes form.

At the Apex of the Cone of Existence within sight of Integral Consciousness rests the Doorway to the Ineffable.

Paradoxically only those operating in either Archaic Consciousness, at Foundation, or Integral Consciousness, at the Apex, can actually get a glimpse of the noumenon.

Myopians, comfortably rest on shelves within the other three forms of human consciousness - magical, mythical and rational.

Myopian perspective at each moment is shaded by prior events, circadian rhythm, nutrition and sometimes, unfortunately, pharmaceutical alchemy.

The ability to describe the mystical experience, of seeing through a crack and communing with the Ineffable, is dependent upon the ability of the mystic to describe that vision conceptually through metaphorical allegory.

In the attempt to convey an experience that, in truth, cannot be put into words many mistakes are made.

Mystics have difficulty in symbolically conceptualizing that experience and in relating those abstract symbolic concepts to others.

Tangible material experiences can be related with concrete examples whereas intangible spiritual experiences must be related through abstract concepts harkening back to concrete examples used in a metaphorical manner.

Metaphor taken literally corrupts conceptualiztion to the point that people mistakenly conceptualize the Ineffable as residing in a supernatural realm.

A multitude of religions claim to be the One True Religion.

Adherents lose sight of the fact - the Ineffable can never be visualized.

This makes it nearly impossible to model the Ineffable.

Martin Luther and countless others claimed people do not need intercessors to commune with the Ineffable but hissing Snakes suggest otherwise.

Snakes encourage acceptance of hardships and even sacrifice.

Religious dogma has no place for critical thinkers as it demands blind adherence to orthodoxy.

Snakes discourage direct communion with the Ineffable as, once this occurs, they can no longer serve as intercessors.

A false conceptualization of the Ineffable acts as a barrier to communion.

Superficial abstractions, conceptions and illusions only frustrate the individual in the long run.

Many people know, deep down inside, that religious dogma is a sham but they are told endlessly that the only way for their children to grow up to be moral is for them to practice religion as if they believed the dogma to be true.

This perpetuates a false understanding of the Ineffable and of humanities relation with the Ineffable.

The Ineffable never demands an individual fallible human conceptualize the Ineffable in the exact same manner as a Snake.

This is what Jesus the Tannaim was trying to get humanity to understand.

Jesus Words within the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke condemn ritual practices, flowing robes, gowns and special priestly clothing, public prayer, vain repetitive utterances, and the false religious leaders of his time which he branded as insincere hypocrites.

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