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Society is Made of Narrative: Awakening from the Matrix

The official narrative is just as susceptible to human failings, bias, lack of integrity or other such shortcoming as any personal account.

Official narratives may be abandoned either because their mendacity has exposed or simply because they have now served their purpose.

Official narratives are sometimes changed at short notice, and sometimes demonstrably at odds with the facts.

For example, the 9/11 Commission report that states that nobody heard explosions in the World Trade Center, ignoring the testimony of dozens of witness' including the late Barry Jennings.

Official narratives often lack explicative power and often take a 'lowest common denominator' approach - by trivializing complex issues they fail to respect the subtleties of the matter at hand.

Their lack of subtlety requires them to self-reference faits accomplis, easily unmasked by a population of critical thinkers.

"There is a certain ineffable power of the Lumière Infinie whose greatness may be held to be incomprehensible, of which power even the maker of this world is ignorant, and Moses the lawgiver, and Jesus your master."

Simon Magus

Medical Cannabis and the Early Christian Church

382 Anno Domini

The Council of Rome, under the authority of Imperial Roman Emperor Theodosius I, concluded with Pope Damasus I issuing the following decree:

We must treat of the divine Scriptures, what the Holy Catholic Church accepts and what she must shun.

The list of the Septuagint begins:

Genesis, one book;

Exodus, one book;

Leviticus, one book;

Numbers, one book;

Deuteronomy, one book;

Jesus Nave, one book;

Judges, one book;

Ruth, one book;

Kings, four books;

Paralipomenon, two books;

Psalms, one book;

Solomon, three books;

Proverbs, one book;

Ecclesiastes, one book;

Canticle of Canticles, one book;

Wisdom, one book;

Ecclesiasticus (Sirach), one book.

Likewise, the list of the prophets:

Isaiah, one book;

Jeremias, one book; (Cinoth Lamentations)

Ezechiel, one book;

Daniel, one book;

Osee, one book;

Amos, one book;

Micheas, one book;

Joel, one book;

Abdias, one book;

Jonas, one book;

Nahum, one book;

Habacuc, one book;

Sophonias, one book;

Aggeus, one book;

Zacharias, one book;

Malachias, one book.

Likewise, the list of histories:

Job, one book;

Tobias, one book;

Esdras, two books;

Esther, one book;

Judith, one book;

Maccabees, two books.

List of the Scriptures of New and Eternal Testament, which the Holy Catholic Church receives of the Gospels:

one book according to Matthew;

one book according to Mark;

one book according to Luke;

one book according to John.
Synoptic Gospels
Tetramorph foundation

of Catholic Orthodoxy

4 perspectives = 1

Epistles of the Apostle Paul:

one to the Romans;

two to the Corinthians;

one to the Ephesians;

two to the Thessalonians;

one to the Galatians;

one to the Philippians;

one to the Colossians;

two to Timothy;

one to Titus;

one to Philemon;

one to the Hebrews.

One book of the The Apocryphon of John.

One book of the Acts of the Apostles.

The canonical Epistles number seven:

of the Apostle Peter, two Epistles;

of the Apostle James, one Epistle;

of the Apostle John, one Epistle;

of the other John, a Presbyter, two Epistles;

of the Apostle Jude the Zealot, one Epistle.

Thus concludes the canon of the New Testament.

The remaining writings compiled by heretics or schismatics the Church considerd apocryphal.

Firstly we confess that the synod of Sirmium called by Constantius Caesar the son of Constantine through the Prefect Taurus is damned then, now and forever.

The Itinerary in the name of Peter the Apostle, called the nine books of the Holy Clement;

Acts in the name of the apostle Andrew;

Acts in the name of the apostle Thomas;

Acts in the name of the apostle Peter;

Acts in the name of the apostle Philip;

Gospel in the name of Mathias;

Gospel in the name of Barnabas;

Gospel in the name of James the Younger;

Gospel in the name of the apostle Peter;

Gospel in the name of Thomas;

Gospels in the name of Bartholomew;

Gospels in the name of Andrew;

Gospels, which Lucianus forged;

Gospels which Hesychius forged;

the book on the infancy of the saviour;

Jesus Was Born in a Police State

the book of the nativity of the savior and the midwife;

the book called by the name of the Shepherd;

the books Leucius, the devil's disciple;

the book called the Foundation;

the book called the Treasure;

the book of the daughters of Adam Leptogeneseos;

the cento on Jesus put together in Virgilian verses;

the book called the Acts of Thecla and Paul;

the book called Nepos';

the books of Proverbs penned by Holy Sixtus;

the Revelation which is called Paul's;

the Revelation which is called Thomas';

the Revelation called Stephen's;

the book called the Assumption of Holy Mary;

the book called the Repentance of Adam;

the book Gog the Giant who fought with the dragon;

the book called the Testament of Job;

the book called the Repentance of Origen;

the book called the Repentance of Holy Cyprian;

the book called the Repentance of Jamne and Mambre;

the book called the Lots of the Apostles;

the book called the Grave-Plate of the Apostles;

the book called the Canons of the Apostles;

the book Physiologus heretically misattributed to Ambrose;
the history of Eusebius Pampilii;

the works of Tertullian;

the works of Lactantius also known as Firmianus;

the works of Africanus;

the works of Postumianus and Gallus;

the works of Montanus, Priscilla and Maximilla;

the works of Faustus the Manichaean;

the works of Commodian;

the works of the other Clement;

the works of Thascius Cyprianus;

the works of Arnobius;

the works of Tichonius;

the works of Cassian the Gallic priest;

the works of Victorinus of Pettau;

the works of Faustus of Riez in Gaul;

the works of Frumentius Caecus;

the cento on Jesus stitched from verses of Virgil;

the Letter from Jesus to Abgar;

the Letter of Abgar to Jesus;

the Passion of Cyricus and Julitta;

the Passion of Georgius;

the writing called the Interdiction of Solomon.

All amulets inscribed with the names of great demons.

Simon Magus,






Paul of Samosata,

Photinus and Bonosus,

Montanus with his obscene followers,


Valentinus the Manichaean,

Faustus the African,












Julian of Eclanum,



Priscillian from Spain,

Nestorius of Constantinople,

Maximus the Cynic,




Peter of Alexandria,

Peter of Antioch,

Acacius of Constantinople with associates,

These authors to be damned in the inextricable shackles of anathema forever.

Also known as the 'Gelasian Decree', it was reproduced by Gelasius in 495. It is identical with the list at Trent.

Creator Sustainer Council

In conclusion,

the books of New Testament where chosen by the Roman Catholics to be the 'Word of God' and any writing that did not fall within the dogma of the Imperial State Religion of Holy Roman Catholic Church was destroyed.

Most of the historical texts that could have shed light on what actually occurred when Jesus walked on the Earth and what Jesus actually said were destroyed for the sole purpose of elevating the Holy Roman Catholic Church to the position of intercessor to God.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church defined the religion of Christainity by defining the books that would be included in the Bible.

off into the desert

"The highway will be called The Way of Holiness;

it will be for those who walk The Way.

The unclean will not journey on it."

Isaiah 35:8

"People have a neuro-psychological need to believe their perceptions are correct, so they reflexively discount, discard or block out any evidence that contradicts their narrative.

Shifting that narrative requires a psychological quantum leap that usually comes in a flash of insight." - Paul Chefurka

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