chain of command

21st century prophetic
apostolic culmination

The hallmark of the modern revival:
"submit now, think later"

Replacing God's compassion with a dopamine high is
the agenda of the New Apostolic Reformation.

"I know some of you are going to disagree with this. Don't you even stop to disagree. Revelation 12:5. If you disagree, just file it in `miscellaneous' and check it out. And don't bother with it; when we get to heaven we'll check it out and you'll find out I'm right" - Paul Cain

When any type of social grouping needs to slowly alter the beliefs and thoughts of a target group, they can effectively do this without harming or alarming the members of the target group, without incurring legal penalties while being supported and funded by those very people whom they seek to enslave!

The clever use of psychological operations disguised as revival entertainment in the form of music, atmospheric lighting, alteration of mood, crowd control, astounding testimonies to raise expectation, the noise, chaos, lack of time for reflection or thought - all this and more has been observed by revival watchers.

At revivals a repetitive beat, ideally ranging from 45 to 72 beats per minute (a rhythm close to the beat of the human heart), is very hypnotic and can generate an eyes-open altered state of consciousness in a very high percentage of people.

In an alpha wave state you are at least 25 times as suggestible as you would be in full beta consciousness.

Moving from a beta state of consciousness to an alpha wave state results in the internal release of the body's own opiates: enkephalins and endorphins, chemically almost identical to opium.

If you think you can attend such revival gatherings and not be affected, you are probably wrong.

An example is the case of a woman who went to Haiti on a Guggenheim Fellowship to study Haitian Voodoo.

In her report, she related how the music eventually induced uncontrollable bodily movement and an altered state of consciousness.

Although she understood the process and thought herself above it, when she began to feel herself become vulnerable to the music, she attempted to fight it and turned away.

Anger or resistance almost always assures conversion.

A few moments later she was possessed by the music and began dancing in a trance around the Voodoo meeting house.

A brain phase had been induced by the music.

She awoke feeling reborn!

Possessed by The Holy Spirit

The only hope of attending a gathering without being affected is to allow no positive or negative emotions to surface.

Few people outside of psychopaths are capable of such detachment.

Some physiological disorienting tactics are well known (listed in KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual) - prolonged sessions of loud music, clapping, dancing, jumping, rolling around, flashing lights, laughing, shaking, speaking in tongues, people barking like dogs and allowing no dissent or opting out which is seen as blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Those that succumb to the transcendental temptation receive a never to be forgiven guarantee of eternal damnation!

Many who have been involved in "restoration" or "shepherding" fellowships as well as revivalist fellowships would agree that their lives were swallowed up by the people and events such that "natural life" disappeared and all social interaction took place with fellowship participants.

The fellowship, through leadership goals, becomes the adherent's only point of reference and anything outside of that mythology or fellowship experience is actively discouraged.

Anything contrary to the "approved" mythology is viewed as evil and "negative".

When an initiate experiences "supernatural manifestations" during a "revival", people "outside" no longer seem to understand him.

Only the "anointed" seem to have empathy for the initiate because they share his fellowship experiences but the truth is what has happened is mirror neurons have been synched.

Initiates commit themselves to work for the exciting goal of 'restoration' - they have a common cause that binds them, and non-members simply "do not understand".

Those initiates who are not totally convinced are put down and pushed out - no critical thinkers allowed - while only the mindlessly obedient are praised and lifted up - becoming trusted members of staff and elders.

Choosing to leave the community is to throw away one's only "chance in this lifetime for enlightenment and glory."

To spare themselves criticism or challenge, initiates avoid contact with anyone who has not shared similar experiences.

Indeed, contact and conversation with those outside of the cult fellowship quickly angers them, because their perceptions are challenged and the initiation begins to break down.

Social events, outings, meals and other day to day happenings are all confined to fellowship members, thus reinforcing the validity of the revival experience.

Understanding of cult-like behavior seemingly never occurs to fellows in modern revival movements!

Astute revival watchers understand the psychological techniques employed within current revival fellowships to promote the new mythology.

Joe Christian comes to the fellowship meeting confident that he is saved, filled with the Spirit, reasonably clean-living and with no major hang-ups.

Joe Christian meets with dozens or possibly hundreds of people, all like himself, who suggest he is "resisting the Spirit" if he does not adopt the Third Wave.

Joe Christian thought he knew God and had experienced the gifts of the Spirit !

Life is basicaly GOOD !

Joe Christian looks around at trembling and paralyzed bodies; he listens to testimonies of thousands of conversions and miraculous healing !

Joe Christian sees angels, blue clouds of glory, power surges in the electrical systems, loud and intense music pulsates at 66.6 beats per minute, strobe light flashes, glittering gold dust descends, lightning strikes! splitting the lectern in two - anything Joe Christian formerly thought was the anointing of the Holy Spirit now seems like dull fantasy.

Joe Christian needs "more, more" if Joe Christian is to become a "proper Holy Spirit filled Christian!"

God urges us to fully use our minds - after all God gave them to us - to pore over "teaching" to see if it is according to Word of God , and never, never to become a mindless automaton willing to accept anything and everything we hear or are commanded to by the new "prophets and apostles".

If people can be trained to be ruled by their senses, they are more malleable, easily manipulated, and ready to be driven from one new lustful fad to another.

The advertising industry has learned that by appealing to an individual's subconscious needs they can sell a new product.

Likewise, the charamismatic New Apostolic Reformation movement has borrowed the same tools and strategies to market Latter Rain / Manifest Sons / Kingdom Now / Word of Faith mythology and practices to traditional Christianity – a group already saturated with, and desensitized by, the modern mass media dopamine driven culture in which we live.

Neoevangelical initiates are immersed in the constant barrage of modern mass media, particularly dopamine generating advertisements, become trained to salivate upon the stimulation of dreaming of the next dopamine inducing "anointing".

Neoevangelical initiates fall for dopamine generating " anointing" - "new, better or more" - just like drug addicts.

Forget TRUTH, this "feels" so right! Sensational!

The Holy Spirit is doing a new thing!

Rush off to the latest signs and wonders "revival"!

The Holy Spirit makes people laugh like hyenas, bark like dogs and contort their bodies into - birthing positions?

Slick new packaging helps to sell products.

Likewise, sugar-coating dopamine inducing events with a spiritual patina works to sell reworked old dogma.

So if you can be induced to attend the latest rally, revival, prayer event, training session or conference then the organizers know you can more easily be persuaded, seduced, manipulated and marketed to. Addiction to the latest dopamine high disguised as a outpouring of the Holy Spirit! If it feels good, do it! Whatever it takes!

From an early age we seek to please our parents and those around us - to do so wins approval. Compassion and approval are closely allied; therefore doing those things that bring acceptance and approval within a social fellowship are those things that, to our natural minds, provide us with security, compassion and a sense of belonging.

In modern mass media revival, there is a continual pressure to adopt the actions and beliefs of the majority. Instead of leaving it to the individual conscience, the false religious leaders make sure than anyone not conformed to the herd mentality is humiliated in public, isolated and kept back from any recognition of authority. No doubter will ever get to lead the worship team!

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"I foil the signs of false prophets and make fools of diviners and those who overthrow the learning of the wise turning learning into nonsense." - Isaiah 44:25

"My heart was set to see revival but revival did not come. I spoke about God's demand for holiness and how revival would come if we met it. Two elders grabbed me by the arms and took me to an office away from the meeting. Another leader joined us and they decided that I must have a demon." - Gregory L. Robertson

"Apostolic people are people of vision taking dominion in the marketplace for the glory of God. As believers we are to establish Kingdom dominion and culture and represent the will and purpose of the government of God." - The Voice Magazine

The Apostolic Culmination maintains the "New Apostles" are ordained through "visions, signs and wonders" and given supernatural power and authority to fulfill a task, rather than merely to convey a message.

The five-fold offices of the Church - Apostle, Prophet, (Neo)Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher - was first popularized by Latter Rain/Manifest Sons adherents.

The Apostolic Culmination was birthed from a combination of the Charismatic Pentecostal Latter Rain/Manifest Sons/Word of Faith/Kingdom Now movements, and thus includes belief in the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit within an adherent which includes:

- performance of healing miracles;

- supernatural signs and wonders;

- prophecy;

- revelation;

- formation of god within.

The Apostolic Culmination seeks to reform Christianity on a global scale beginning first with the local fellowship which is then networked to other apostolic fellowships which relate to one another as the Body of Christ.

"The reality the Lord has planned will always manifest first in the prayer life of His intercessors. As intercessors, He has called us not to wonder about the future, but to create it through the knowledge of His Living Word and prayer!" - Francis Frangipane, associate Kansas City "prophet"


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