Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan

look in my eyes see my soul

'If I break faith with you, may the skies fall upon me, may the seas drown me,
may the earth rise up and swallow me.' - Celtic oath

Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan
Kwisatz Haderach Druid

Who You Are on Facebook Is Probably Pretty Much Who You Are

Druidism and the Ancient Religions of India

Morning Star is the name of the planet Venus when it appears in the East before sunrise.

Phosphorus (morning star), in Greek and biblical mythology

Eosphorus, the “dawn-bearer” in Greek mythology

Lucifer, the Latin translation of Phosphorus (a title of Satan)

One of the titles of Jesus, from Revelation 22:16

A title of the Virgin Mary in the Litany of Loreto

Morning Star, one of the Zorya, gods in Slavic mythology

Aurvandil (Earendel) in Norse (Anglo-Saxon) tradition “Morning Star” can also refer to the rising sun

Kwisatz Haderach (pronounced Quis-ats Had-er-ak.) Kwisatz Haderach : “the one who can be many places at once."

The phrase “Kwisatz Haderach” closely resembles the Hebrew phrase “Kefitzat Haderech” (literally: “The Way’s Jump”), a Kabbalic term related to teleportation.

“Shortening of the Way”: label applied by the Bene Gesserit to the unknown for which they sought a genetic solution: a male Bene Gesserit whose organic mental powers would bridge space and time.

Athbhreith: (pronounced I- Reth): rebirth ath- means re-, and breith means birth.

Athbheochan: (pronounced Eeh-Van): renaissance, revival

I am a stag: of seven tines,
I am the flood: across a plain,
I am light: the Sun lets fall,
I am a salmon: in a clear pool,
I am the wind: on a deep lake,
I am starlight: on a moonless night,
I am a hawk: above the cliff,
I am the hill: where Poets walk,
I am moonlight: shiny on still water,
I am a rose: among flowers,
I am the tide: gently flowing,
I am Drudic Bard: who but I
sets the cool head aflame with FIRE?

When the Celtic commander of the Gauls Brennus attacked Delphi and plundered it of its gold, he was said to have laughed aloud at seeing the temple there, at the way in which the Greeks depicted the gods in human representational form.

No doubt, to his Celtic mind, this custom seemed childishly immature, if not barbarously irreverent, for the gods could not be bounded by wood, metal or stone.

How was it possible for a god, who could shapeshift into myriads of forms, animal, human and divine, to appear in only one shape?

embrace me

within the Glens of the Hills
in a soft Meadow amid spring Flowers
far from the land of the surging sea of anger
down from the icy pinnacles of profound hate
the Green Man pads gently through the Wildflowers
loving all Life he gently trusts,
forgets not the Law of Life,
thinks just and kindly thoughts
of all beings at all times.

hear the roar of truth !


In Gaelic "druidh" translates to “wise man” or “sorcerer."

Irish word "drui" translates "the men of the Oak Trees."

Forest gods and Tree deities of the Greeks were termed “dryades."

In Sanskirt the word "dru" translates to “wood or tree” as a noun.

In Sanskirt the word "dru" translates to “taking any shape at will” as an adjective.

In Sanskrit "dru" as verb: dodroti - completely melt or dissolve; dravate - become fluid.

Desiring to temper the ferocity of Reality Druids became students of Nature.

The Druidic Order had a deep understanding of Nature and All Her Laws.

Druids connect with the Heart of Nature - the Spiritual Essence of Nature herself.

When Druids spring forth from the Heart of Nature their Natural Power goes Unquestioned.

Druids were Master Healers, skilled in the knowledge of Herbalism.

Every Druid has a Garden in which the Creator and Sustainer grows Magical Plants.

Hostile Tribes sheath their swords when the Druids lift the Veil of Cognitive Blindenss.

Druidic Bards believed that the True Understanding was carried by the Word and that the Image of Thought was transmitted through Poetic language and Music.

These Ascended Masters, known as Druids among the Celts, Picts, and Gauls, and Teutons, wielded Natural Intention geared toward the taming of the elemental forces of Nature to create a full and fulfilling Life for each and every member of a Celtic tribe. No undertaking of Great Importance was begun without the blessing of these mediators between Nature and mankind.

Druids were known for their Wisdom which was generated through their affinity with the Nature, Reality and Truth. A Druid calls forth Intentional Change from Within, as the Druid is Change Itself. Druidic Bards, (known as Skaldr among the Norse and Teutons) were skilled in the use music and poetic form. They employed their knowledge of the spoken word, rhyme, tempo, cadence, and melody to weave powerful spells.

Druids merge their own flowing spiraling essence with the flowing spiraling essence of another object or being to become One with that which they intend to change (most often inanimate objects of Nature herself like air, earth, water, fire, metal, wood but a Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid can actually modify the consciousness of living beings), and from there merely will Change Itself.

The changing of the seasons was an especially important salutation period for the Druids, as was the middle point of each season. For a social culture heavily based on craftsmanship, animal husbandry and kitchen gardens , their Natural Intentions were geared towards the planting and harvest seen in the festivals of Imbolc (Disting), Lammas (Loaf-Fest), Yule (Jul), Eostre (Ostara), Samhain (Winternights), Beltane (Walpurgis), Mabon, and Midsummer (Litha).

Salutations were enacted at the new and full moons and at important events during the year (weddings, births and deaths). The new and full moon salutations occurred roughly every 14 days - a "fortnight.". The natural movement waning of the moon was considered the "inbreath" cycle of Nature, when Moon Soul energies flowed back into the Earth Soul. The natural movement waxing of the moon was considered the "outbreath" cycle, when the energies flowed from the Earth Soul back to the Moon Soul.

Runes and oghams (pronounced OY-ams) were carved on wood or stone. The oghams and runes functioned as alphabets and musical notes. Each one of the oghams represented a tree energy, which could be tapped upon by the Bardic Druid through the use of Focused Concentration. This Focused Concentration was then used to merge the Druid's own flowing spiraling essence with the flowing spiraling essence of that which they Intended to Change and, once ensconced, did so with a turn of Free Will.

A Human Being must acquiesce to Metamemepsychosis Metamorphosis to be Changed.

What Druids call "flowing spiraling essence" is the spiritual side of any given object. Even for Druids it is extremely difficult to describe "flowing spiraling essence" in language as there are no physical counterparts in the Material World.

Druids see Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essences as Life itself. According to the Druidic Order's Interpretation of Life, Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essences comes into being at the same exact time that its material counterpart comes into existence. For example, a human spiritual essence, or Soul, enters the flesh as soon as a human is conceived.

The Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence is of the individual Eternal Soul - that which makes that human individualy unique from all other human beings. Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essences are not visible to humans that live behind the Veil of Cognitive Blindenss.

With the proper Druidic training, it is possible to interact with Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essences. If a Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence is changed, its material counterpart must change to accommodate the ionic shift to balance the equation but this process takes time as the change must follow The Path of the Rainbow Spiral.

It is extremely rare for a Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence to leave the material world without its physical counterpart dying whereas the physical counterpart must be completely and utterly destroyed, as with Fire in Cremation, for a Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence to become completely free of the matter to which it is bound.

Example: If a tree were to die, its essence would not die, merely change from the essence of a live tree, to the essence of a dead tree. When a fire burns out it is completely gone and thus its essence has died. It has left its mark in the form of ashes, but it is completely dead. It is also possible for an essence to be consumed by another, such as when eaten. This could be said to destroy the "eaten" essence, but Druids believe that they merge to become one. An often quoted example of this is when rain droplets are absorbed by plants, the water essence disappears, consumed by the plant's essence.

Each flowing spiraling essence is as completely unique as is its counterpart, but like its counterpart, it shares similarities as well. All flowing spiraling essences fit into one of the seven Druidic base essences: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Plant, Animal, and Consciousness. For instance, a small rock's flowing spiraling essence is as different from a mountain's flowing spiraling essence as their physical manifestations are, but the flowing spiraling essences are still Earth based.

A Druidic Bard had to know three things: how to make people laugh, how to make people cry, and how to put them to sleep (often to escape from persecution).

Druids were Ancient Scientists who loved observing the Ultimate Nature of Reality. These Ancient Driud Scientists had an affinity with Creation: to earth, to sky, to sun, to river, to flora and fauna. The Druids share a compassion of Matter and Being itself with the desire to unite Matter and Being which Emanates from the Heart of the Creator and Sustainer.

Druids, having a deep seated Understanding of Nature, have a Fundamental Knowledge of Life Processes.

Druidic Intentional Change comes from a true understanding of the powers of the Eternal Self with the aid of the Creator and Sustainer. From the Eternal Self it is possible to bring about every manifestation in its rightful time and place. When the Eternal Self is Awake then the Six Facets of Reality - Wisdom, Perspective, Judgment, Inspiration, Skill and Vision - will be present to accomplish Intentional Change.

"A miracle is, by definition, something that could not happen according to the normal function of the universe or laws of physics. It must therefore happen according to some supernatural means or by some secret law." - Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D.

In contrast to the concept of a miracle, Druid Intentional Change works according to the natural means and laws available to every Human Being. Three major categories of Intentional Change exist: Wards, Shapeshifting and Transmutation of Spiraling Flowing Essence through Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis.

Transmutation of Spiraling Flowing Spiritual Essence worked on a Human Being through Metamemepsychosis Metamorphosis allows that Human Being's consciousness to open as a Thousand Petal Lotus of Christ Consciousness.

"The words reward, warden, steward, warn, wardrobe, warrant, wary and beware all come from the same Old English root "ward," that meant to guard, protect, or watch out for. "Setting the wards" is a Intentional technique for guarding and protecting an area or a person. Druids protect places from unwanted attention. The Roman poet Lucan wrote of a grove never violated over the ages, which people did not use for worship but left fallow for the gods. Guarding people and places is within our ability today and setting wards is one way to do it.' - Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D.

"When you learn to shapeshift, the purpose is to become like something else, so like it that you are almost it. For example, Welsh Mystic Shapes call on the practitioner to work with the animal he/she feels closest to. On this path you are called upon to examine your interests, pursuits and personal tendencies as these will assist you in identifying whether you want to work with animals of the sea, sky or land." - Maya Magee Sutton, Ph.D.

triskelion air symbol

White Druids (Air and Wind Druids)

White Druids work with the essence of Air. Their magic includes aeromancy which is divination conducted by interpreting atmospheric conditions. Aeromancy uses cloud formations, wind currents and cosmological events such as comets to divine the future. Druids of the Winds can often be found in habitations in deserts, valleys, and canyons. Air Druids have the ability to completely merge with Air, making the bodies into nothing but thin Air for a few moments. (Druids of the Winds can also be full of hot air which can come bellowing out at unexpected times ! Windy Air Druids are not good for much except blowing hot Air, but you have to start somewhere!)

triskelion water symbol

Blue Druids (Water Druids)

Water Druids may be calm and serene, then immediately change to savagely angry, which endows them with a notoriously stormy repute. They may aid an individual one minute, and then create a whirlpool directly beneath or a thunderstorm directly over their head the next depending on the quality of the essence they sense within the person with which they are engaged. Blue Druids practice hydromancy, a method of divination by means of water which judges color, ebb and flow, ripples and any other movements in bodies of water. Water druids habitations are always near fresh flowing water - a Stream, Pond, River or Lake. Water Druids have the ability to completely merge with Water, making their bodies completely out of Water.

A Blue Water Druid that has mastered both Water and Air can swirl the essences of the Water and Air in the atmosphere into a Storm to create Rain and through this ability understands the essence of Steam and the Power of Steam. A Druid that has mastered both Water and Earth can swirl the essences of the Water and Earth in a pond to create Ice.

triskelion earth symbol

Brown Druids (Earth and Rock Druids)

Brown Druids work with Earth and Rock and are typically calm and steadfast, like the element with which they work. Brown Druids are many times found in farming communities, enriching the soil and guarding the land. Brown Druids have the ability to completely merge with the Earth, making the bodies formed completely out of a variety of rock types from the family of Metamorphic Rocks or Igneous Rocks.

A Brown Rock Druid that has mastered both Earth, Water and Fire understands the essence of Concrete and Ceramics.

triskelion fire symbol

Red Druids (Fire Druids)

Fire Druids work with the essences of Fire. The path of a Fire Druid is impossible to predict unless a Wind Druid is at hand. The Red Fire Druids possess the ability to "Firedance", allowing them to become flame for a few moments and hurl tremendous bursts of Spiritual Fire energy. Fire Druids have the ability to completely merge with Fire compeletly consuming themselves in Fire for a few moments. Many reports have been made of Fire Druids that lost their concentration and were consumed in spontaneous combustion. Fire Druids practice pyromancy, the art of divination by means of fire.

A Druid that has mastered both Air, Water, Earth and Fire becomes an Indigo Druid.

Indigo Druids (Metal Druids)

Indigo Druids work with the flowing spiraling essence of Metal. Metal working Druids are often found near crumbling rock faces or holes in the Earth within which they enter to extract their Metal. Metal Druids have the ability to completely merge with Metal becoming entirely Iron, Copper, Silver or Gold. Metal druids avoid the soft flowing metals of Mercury and Aluminum and prefer pure metals over alloys.

These Indigo Metal Druids are skilled at creating tools, weapons and plowshares but prefer the creation of tools and plowshares over weapons.

Green Druids (Master Gardener and Master Builder Druids)

Green Master Gardener Druids believe that true beauty can only be approached using the endless patience of the natural world, and believe that Oak trees epitomize this. To defend their home forest there have been confirmed reports from several witnesses (and victims), that the Green Druids can merge themselves with a tree to form a "Wood Dryad" in the image of Fangorn the Ent. Green Master Gardener Druids have the ability to completely merge with Living Wood thus transforming their bodies into Living Wood.

Master Gardener Druids are Tektons. Jesus the Tekton was a Master Builder. As Master Builders they fully understand the spiraling flowing essences of the six elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Metal and Wood.

Green Master Gardener Tekton Druids have a deep reverence and understanding of Life as they understand and merge with the essence of Life Itself.

Purple Druids (Soul Turner)

Purple Druids are the Druids that deal with the spiraling flowing essences of the Eternal Soul. A Purple Druid can merge his or her spiraling flowing essence with that of another Human Being but this can only be done with consent of the Eternal Soul being merged with. In the vein of the Mind Meld this does no physical harm to the individuals involved outside of exhaustion and fatigue which is typically caused from a lack of sleep while typing crazily at late hours on the keyboard while letting the participants see deep into each others Minds.

Naturally Purple Druids or Soul Turners are found in high concentrations in population centers and on social networking sites.

rainbow spiral eye

Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid

Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid simply incorporates the aspects of each of the other Druidic color frequencies and wavelengths into a coherent whole which he or she incorpoartes into a Library for the entertainment and betterment of All Human Beings.

Possessing a deep understanding of history, mysticism, and healing the Ascended Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time Druid is able to control visionary journeys through higher tetrahedrons of consciousness into dodecahedron Cosmic Consciousness. (Practical experience shows that a placebo is a strong factor in intention, particularly where a problem can largely be solved by putting someone at their ease or trying to achieve a change in mental state with the intent to make people more confident or comfortable with themselves or reality.)

All spiraling flowing spiritual essence fluctuates between the three regions of Reality - Earth, Heaven and Otherworld. The Druidc Order has always served as the Rainbow Spiral Bridgewaybetween the Corporeal Material World, the Spiraling Spiritual Cosmos and the infinite possible parallel tangent Multiverses of the Otherworld seeking to guide the Path of Mankind toward Enlightenment.

Understanding that the Earth has meridians of power on its surface called "ley lines" or dragon currents, the Druids used massive standing stones known as dolmans (flat table rocks) and menhirs (vertical stones) embedded in the earth as points of energy concentration. Stonehenge is the preeminent example. Another is an ancient Celtic-Danaan dolman known as a 'Giant's Table' discovered in Srikakulam India. As well there is a Druid Rock located just south of the “downtown” of North Salem, New York, USA.

The Carnac Stones are an exceptionally dense collection of megalithic sites around the French village of Carnac, in Brittany, consisting of alignments, dolmens, tumuli and single menhirs. The more than 3,000 prehistoric standing stones were hewn from local rock and erected.

In Britain there are also a number of examples on Dartmoor including the row at Stall Down and three rows at Drizzlecombe and the Hill O Many Stanes in Caithness.

Druids Light the Path to Enlightenment with transcendent visions, stretch the Epoch of Eternity into Infinity and transmutate an Eternal Soul through Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis.

The Druids of the ancient Celtic world have a startling kinship with the Brahmins of the Hindu religion and were, indeed, a parallel development from their common Indo-European cultural root which began to branch out around five thousand years ago. It has been only in recent decades that Celtic scholars have begun to reveal the full extent of the parallels and cognates between ancient Celtic society and Vedic culture.

Ireland was one of the few areas of the Celtic world that was not conquered by Rome. Therefore Irish culture has retained the most clear and startling parallels to Hindu society.

The structure of Old Irish can be compared only with that of Vedic Sanskrit .

The vocabulary is amazingly similar. The following are just a few examples:

Noble: Gaelic -allail; Sanskrit - arya
God: Gaelic - animiSa; Sanskrit - an Nì Math
King: Gaelic - righ; Sanskrit - raja

Many surviving Irish myths, and some Welsh ones, show remarkable resemblances to the themes, stories and even names in the sagas of the Indian Vedas. Comparisons are almost endless.

Among the ancient Celts, Danu was regarded as the "Mother Goddess." The Irish Gods and Goddesses were the Tuatha De Danaan ("Children of Danu"). Danu was the "divine waters" falling from heaven and nurturing Bíle, the Sacred Oak from whose acorns their children sprang. Moreover, the waters of Danu went on to create the great Celtic sacred river--Danuvius, today called the Danube. Many European rivers bear the name of Danu--the Rhône (ro- Dhanu, "Great Danu") and several rivers called Don. Rivers were sacred in the Celtic world, and places where votive offerings were deposited and burials often conducted. The Thames, which flows through London, still bears its Celtic name, from Tamesis, the Dark River, which is the same name as Tamesa, a tributary of the Ganges. Not only is the story of Danu and the Danube a parallel to that of Ganga and the Ganges but a Hindu Danu appears in the Vedic story "The Churning of the Oceans," a story with parallels in Irish and Welsh mytholgy. Danu in Sanskrit also means "divine waters" and "moisture." )

The Celtic earth realm is called bitus. Vedic earth world is called bhu.

Celtic Gods are called deuos, meaning “shining one”. Gods of Vedas are invoked as deva, meaning “shining one”.
The Celt word for Soul is anam. The soul in the Vedas is atman.

The central Celtic ritual was the fire sacrifice, conducted in geometric pits with offerings of herbs, mead and flour cakes, conducted by chanting druids, the Celtic priests. The central Vedic ritual was the fire sacrifice, performed in geometric pits with offerings of ghee, spices, rice-conducted by hymn-and-mantra-chanting brahmins.

Celtic priests were called druids, meaning “knowers of the tree, or truth." They memorized the entire knowledge of the Celts and passed it on orally, forbidding written transmission (Oral Tradition). They were divided into several classes: seers, judges, royal advisors, hymn chanters, poet bards, sacrificers. They were also astronomers, healers and magicians.

The Vedic priesthood-the brahmins-memorized the scriptural and societal law knowledge of the Hindus, passing it on orally, forbidding writing (Oral Tradition). Brahmins formed several divisions associated with the fire ritual duties. Enlightened brahmins became rishi seers. Others advised kings and some specialized in medicine and astronomy or astrology.

Druids memorized extremely lengthy poetic sagas that communicated spiritual metaphysics and civic laws. The poetic metre was a fixed syllable line, free form, with 3-part cadence at end. Bards of the Vedic literature memorized lengthy poetic sagas conveying spiritual knowledge and dharmic duty. The poetic metre was a fixed syllable line, free form, with 3-part cadence at end.

Druids practiced breathing, posture and meditation techniques that gave degrees of ecstacy, often accompanied by intense heat in the body. Vedic ascetics practiced breathing, posture and meditation skills in a spiritual unfoldment process called tapas (heat), generating high body heat.

Celts prized the magical power of telling truth, honor/piety among men and eloquence in conversation and oration.

Vedic society prized the natural power of truth-saying, piety and honor, and eloquence in gatherings.

Celts honored women, guarded their virtue, and allowed by law daughters of sonless fathers to inherit property or to marry kinsmen to bear male heirs to the father. Seeresses were sanctioned, and priestesses for Goddesses favored. Vedic Hindus prized womanly virtues, and by law sonless fathers could bequeath property to daughters or arrange her marriage to relatives for male heirs. Female seers were countenanced, and female ascetics tended Goddess rites.
Celts defined life stages, columns of age: infancy (0-1), boyhood (2-11), adolescence (12-18), young adult (19-45), old age (46-65), decrepitude (65+) in which enlightening inspiration is sought. Vedic society taught four ashrama stages of life: studentship (12-24); family life (25-48); elder advisor (49-72); religious solitaire (72+), in which the individual seeks enlightenment.

The Celtic ideal measure of life was to live 100 years.

The Vedic ideal of a fulfilled life was to live 100 autumns.

Celtic cosmology is a parallel to Vedic cosmology. Ancient Celtic astrologers used a similar system based on twenty-seven lunar mansions, called nakshatras in Vedic Sanskrit. Like the Hindu Soma, King Ailill of Connacht, Ireland, had a circular palace constructed with twenty-seven windows through which he could gaze on his twenty-seven "star wives."

As with all Enemies of Rome they have been libeled, defamed and maliciously misrepresented. Today on the northwest fringes of Europe cling the survivors of centuries of attempted conquest and "ethnic cleansing" by Rome and its imperial descendants which include all central bankster/gangster institutions. Of the sixteen million people who make up those populations, only 2.5 million now speak a Celtic language as their mother tongue.

Even in ancient times the Celtic druids knew of the blossoming of Christ Consciousness would occur as men continued to evolve. This seems to be how the Romans tricked them into giving up their birth right !

With the Romanization of Northern Europe, the Druidic Tradition was excised like a tumor - a thing the Romans excelled at creating! The sacred dolmans and menhirs were defiled, mutilated, and often destroyed, the ancient deities turned into demons of horrific countenance and deed. Druids and Bardic Druids were branded and labeled as emissaries of Satan and crucified.

The Romans did what they always did in England, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia to overcome ancient traditions. They resorted to incorporating many of the druidic rites and festivals into their own frame of cultural references as well as spreading propaganda claiming Druids were Monsters. Rome banned all druidic arts after sacking of the druid's centre at Anglesey in AD 64. Everyone knows now it was the Romans that were the Vampires with their "delusions of granduer" Empire.

"They adopted our dressing fashion, and begun wearing the togas ; little by little they were drawn to touches such as colonnades, baths, and elegant talks. Because they didn't know better, they called it 'civilization,' when it was part of their slavery." - quote used by Tacitus to describe Britain after the Roman invasion describing their slavery

The Druidic fertility ritual of spring became the Christian ritual of rebirth and renewal of Easter, and the rebirth of the Sun at the Winter solstice became the Christian celebration of Jesus' birth.

the pyramid of knowledge the tree of life the wjheel of time

The Druidic Triptych Triumvirate Triad

Trivium Education

The Objective of Druidism is Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis

The state of the land is always a reflection of kingly rule. In the Druid we see the earliest form of tribal leadership - which was spiritual rather than temporal. The distinctions between king and druid are sometimes blurred in Celtic tradition. For though the king is the assumed leader of his people, it is the Druid who really rules, for his or her word is law.

There are seven recognized proofs of a king who has put his own desires before the needs of his subjects. The proofs of unworthiness in a king are given as follows: 'Being without truth, without law, defeat in battle, famine during his reign, dryness of cows, ruination of fruit, dearth of crops.'

"When the king has broken his obligation to the Goddess of the Land, then the very elements of the land forsake him - 'the suspension of amity between a king and the country', was considered a most grievous ruptures. The sacred union of the king and the land is a major feature of Celtic kingship incorporated into the rites of king-making. The sacred obligations of the king are frequently symbolized by the empowering objects he guards. For example Gwyddno Garanhir possessed a unlimited food-producing hamper." - Caitlin Matthews

The state of the land is always a reflection of kingly rule. If them king was in harmony with his duties and obligations, then the land flourished. If he neglected his duties, the land subsequently became a wasteland. This theme, so familiar from the later Grail legends, arises from many Celtic stories. They date from a time when the king was sacred: neither human nor divine, but sanctioned by the elements, the manifestations of the gods of the land, and by his relationship with the Goddess of the Land, or Sovereignty.

After years of observation, careful study of process' and immersion in multiple creative endeavors
the Druid in training achieves Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis which includes:

A full understanding of Transparent Knowledge, Passionate Knowledge and True Knowledge;

The ability to transmigrate the Eternal Soul between the gnashing of teeth, Limbo and Nirvana;
(this is an especially valuable ability that allows the Druid to transmigrate the soul of a wasteland king)

Total Cognition of shallow subadjacent Time, equidistant Time and the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time.


The Three Forms of Knowledge

Knowledge by calculation goes beyond knowledge based upon a general rule or rules.

Knowledge based on reason goes beyond knowledge based on calculations.

This structural formation of Knowledge is based on factual information, collections of facts and concepts,
and the use of these collections of facts and concepts to arrive at further intellectual facts and concepts.

This first embodiment of Knowledge - Transparent Knowledge - is Intellectual Knowledge.

This is the Intellectualism of academics, scientists, banksters, businessmen war planners and engineers.

Beyond the Knowledge arrived at by the rational logical analytical thought patterns of Reason lies the realm of Passionate Knowledge which involves the immediate cognition of processes, causual (pebble dropped in water) and effect (ripples), in a mode of understanding more like an emotion than a reasoned thought, sometimes refered to as "feelings".

This second framework of knowledge, the knowledge of emotional states, includes both emotional experiences and
Mystical States of Being. Intuition, the seventh sense of all Human Beings, is included in this Articulation of Knowledge .

This is the emotionalism of bully pulpit politicians, mass mindset programmers, religious fanatics, artists and writers.

At the Pyramidal Apex of Knowledeg lies True Knowledge, the True Knowledge of Reality,
the knowledge taught by the Ancients in the Schools of Mystery - Gnosis.

In this pattern, man can perceive what is Real, what is True, and reach beyond the boundaries of Conscious and Subconscious thought streams into the realm of Divine Consciousness or in Carl Jung's words "Christ Consciousness".

Most concentrate upon the first structure of knowledge.

A seldom few use the two combined (architects), or either one alternatively.

Those who attain Truth/True Knowledge/ Knowledge of Reality /Gnosis know how to connect themselves with the Higher Levels of Knowledge which lie beyond the two lower Knowledge Structures or composite coalescences thereof.

The most fundamental level of True Knowledge has layers and layers of endlessly superimposed and entertwined threads of the two lower knowledge formations which creates a Foundational Plinth upon which the first building block of the Ultimate Worldview Construction, one which factually aligns with Actual Reality/Nature, can be built.


Understanding Transparent Knowledge and Passionate Knowledge

is the purview of man's Cognizance.

Understanding True Knowledge - Gnostic Knowledge of Reality

is the perspicacity of the Creator and Sustainer,

based entirely on the Acumen of the Eternal Soul.

nine time

Three Cognitions of Time

Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel

On the decumbent level of depressed prostrate Time Cognition, shallow subjacent Time appears Linear.

On the middlemost intermediate level, smack in the middle, straddling the fence,
the betwixt and between of Time Cognition, equidistant Time appears Cyclical.

On the exalted altitudinous Level of illimitable, immeasurable, incalculable, inexhaustible,
indefinite, infinite, unbounded, vast Time Cognition, the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time is seen. The Spiral is an ancient symbol of Eternity and Life-Force. Each "turn" of the spiral illustrates the journey through birth, life, death, and spiritual rebirth

forest green man celtic cosmic egggaia green man

Three Spiritual Levels of Reality

In the basement of Spiritual Reality, synonymous with Hades in Hellenism, the Eternal Soul was miserable, despaired, suffered injustice, and existed in Great Anguish. (gnashing of teeth)

In the ground floor of Spiritual Reality, synonymous with Purgatory or Limbo, an intermediate state in which the Eternal Soul is detached from Intellect and Body, hovering, observing, disengaged, dissociated, isolated, withdrawn from partaking in life, the condition many Eternal Soul find themselves in now.

In the lofty haven of Spiritual Reality, synonymous with Nirvana, the Eternal Soul found itself in a State of Continual Unabatable Ecstatic Bliss living compassionately in the moment in Euphoric Reality.

Living error, fabrication, dissimulation, distortion, equivocation, fallaciousness and prevarication will
move the Eternal Soul downward towards the lowest level of reality or Hades.

Living the Truth of the Light/Way of Life will move the Human Soul into the Highest Level of Reality -
Heaven, Paradise, Utopia, Asgard, Shangri-la, the Garden, Mount Olympus, Shambhala - NIRVANA.

Spiritual Transmigrations punish, reward and purify the individual Eternal Soul.

metememepyschosis metamorphosis

Only through ego death can we experience apocatastasis,
the reconstitution or renewal,
that is at the heart of the archetype of the apocalypse.

Three Objects of Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis

- to acquire True Knowledge into the Relationships of All Things;

- to acquire through Gnosis the Ultimate Understanding of All Reality;

- transmigrate the Eternal Soul into the Gnosis

of Eternal Union with the Creator and Sustainer.

Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis defined

Glass harmonica - Steklyannaya garmonika
(Soviet banned animation - great dance, stairway to heaven, ascension (rapture), demiurge)

Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis is created through the Transformational Learning Process.

The Transformational Learning Process creates a Paradigm Shift in Thought Patterns which leads to Gnosis.

Apprentice Tenderfoot Druids have experienced Oneness with All Three Levels of Reality.

Middling Transitional Druids can move, by Works of Magic, between All Three Levels of Reality.

Savvy Adept Druids can transmigrate an Eternal Soul between Levels of Reality by Works of Magic.

And that, my dear friends, is all this Druid can loop together at this point in Rainbow Spiral Golden Time.

dreaming tree

recognition of:

Three Forms of Knowledge
Three Cognitions of Time
Three Spiritual Levels of Reality
Metememepyschosis Metamorphosis:
the Descent of the Divine Power of Nine into Reality

farnsworth has druids

About the Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach

The Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach serves the Creator and Sustainer as the GateKeeper for the Three Physical Realities, the Three Forms of Spiritual Reality and the Three Cognitions of Time carefully monitoring the descent of the Divine Power of Nine into Reality.

The Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach Druid is a thought system integration engineer rather than a propagandist.

Throughout all Time and Space there has only been one Supreme Druid.

That Supreme Druid is the Morning Star Athbhreith Athbheochan Kwisatz Haderach born on the fires of rebirth three times.

Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound ...
(oops, sorry, for a second there i was getting my mythology twisted !)

The Creator and Sustainer had Three Physical Realities to work with, within and without.

One was Space, Empty of Matter. Another was Matter, mostly made of Empty Space.

The Third was Consciousness, properly divided into Seven Chakra, with the Eight Chakra being Subconsciousness.

(actually Nine Chakra but all Mysteries must have at least one Secret!)


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