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"There are a limited number of possible thought forms."
Athbhreith Athbheochan

Human conceptual understanding of
reality has undergone a radical reformulation due
to the explosion of graphic visual imagery

Categorization process' of the human mind
have caused the compartmentalization of experiences
in the subconscious to be incorrectly filed
resulting in a misperception of reality.

fragmentation or lose screws and duct tape

Watching a movie on a large screen with surround sound you feel there.

Consciously you are aware that you are sitting and watching an enactment of reality rather than actual reality but your subconscious does not correctly compartmentalize this as an enactment of reality.

In many ways the subconscious human mind makes this enactment of reality into your noumenon as the subconscious human mind does not have the ability to discern the difference between real world sights and sounds and entertainment sights and sounds.

Every individual, male or female, young or old, works all the time, both consciously and subconsciously, to mold themselves into the individual they wish or envision their self to be.

This is natural as people have most of their brains devoted to socialization.

"We create who we are through the truths we choose.

Our choice of the truths we live by has reality creating power." - Charles Eisenstein

phoenix ascending

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our heart.

If a man speaks or acts with an ungrateful heart, suffering will follow him as the wheel of the cart follows the beast that draws the cart.

If a man speaks or acts with a grateful heart, happiness follows him as his own shadow follows him." - Dhammapada

Successful men or women hold a vision or an image of themselves that contains the true knowledge, consciously and subconsciously, which directs them onto a path in reality that can convert that vision into reality.

This can only happen when the vision of self sought can, in reality, exist.

Some individuals are born with innate talent, a natural talent, to do that which they do well better than the average individual but most 'talent' in men or women is not of this nature.

'Talent' in men or women is derived from true knowledge gained through experience - not talent but skill.

experience stretchs the mind

The experience that will reveal
the most knowledge is of the Self
interacting with the Reality of the Earth.

Take a hike.

Personal first hand experience with physical reality is the best way to gain true knowledge. An individual with skill is much more likely to have had a wide and diverse variety of personal first hand experience testing reality.

Anyone that does anything, except sit and be entertained by bread and circuses, is gaining experience of reality.

People set up behavioral patterns for themselves inside of the constructs of culture which seem comfortable.

To increase intelligent skill undertake slightly uncomfortable challenging tasks as they lead to the discovery of the knowledge of physical reality.

Plant a garden.

"You have a duty to perform. Do anything, do any number of things, occupy your time fully, and yet, if you do not do this task, all your time will be wasted."


beyond already mastered

"Every action of the hand and eye sculpts the soul." - Arthur Zajonc

Knowledge gleaned through personal first hand experience always true knowledge but there is an innate problem in describing this true knowledge.

True knowledge involves an understanding of the traits of an object under consideration as well as an understanding an objects place within its surrounding environment.

True knowledge is nearly impossible to catalog in a system of fragmented science that houses conflicting schools of thought with contradictory defining terminology.

True knowledge of actual experience may be shared through some form of communication in a number of manners.


33,000 BC

Abstract visual imagery is being painted on rocks, skins, faces and clothes.

A two dimensional flat surface that symbols can be drawn or mounted on is required for symbol rendering.

Pictograms, symbols cut in rock, are in use in Egypt and Mesopotamia 6000 years ago.

1st century AD Romans are using the screw press to print cloth.
1040 First movable porcelain type printing press technology for printing paper books is invented in China during the Northern Song Dynasty by the inventor Bi Sheng.

1234 Goryeo Dynasty in Korea is using movable metal type printing technology.

1377 Oldest extant movable metal print book, Jikji, is printed in Korea.

1450 Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg begins using a movable metal type printing press.

Gutenberg is the first to create his type pieces from an alloy of lead, tin, and antimony. These materials remained standard for 550 years.

1499 Sensational books are being printed with woodcuts on their title pages depicting horrific scenes with Vlad the Impaler dining at a table surrounded by dead or dying people on poles.

1500 The continued development of paper and the printing press makes bill posting possible in Europe.

early 19th century

A new printing method, lithography, expands the creative possibilities of advertising design.

Posting "bills" on wooden boards creates billboards.


George Eastman invents flexible photographic film.

cosmic enlightenment

"The word, made to pass from one thing to another, is, in fact, by nature transferable and free. It can therefore be extended, not only from one perceived thing to another, but even from a perceived thing to a recollection of that thing, from the precise recollection to a more fleeting image, and finally from an image fleeting, though still pictured, to the picturing of the act by which the image is pictured, that is to say, to the idea." - Henri Bergson

Verbal communication can be shared with a wider audience of speakers if there exists a symbol code that stands for the verbal utterances.

Oral Tradition will reveal the mythological underpinnings but may embellish actual events to the point in which they become unbelievable due to the human tendency of exaggeration.

30,000 BC

For the preservation of detailed first hand experience and knowledge of reality nothing compares with the written word - first cut in stone.

Pictograms evolved into hieroglyphics when the meanings came to include verbs and phonetics.

2,000 BC

The emergence of advanced written language in Egypt, the city states of the Tigris and Euphrates, and China grew from the need to orderly record and store information (logistics) as the population expanded.

third eye open

"Images today are the daily nutrient of our sensory experience, our thought processes, our desires, and our ideology. When we say ''image," the word immediately breaks up into its different meanings: verbal images (why shouldn't they be considered images as well as the ones I see?); mental images, which can exist only when I am using language to think; and images that feed the imagination or are produced by it, and are therefore inseparable from it."

Jacques Ellul

joker clapping


Thomas Edison patents the motion picture camera.


First public demonstration of motion pictures in France.

1945 There were fewer than 7,000 working televison sets in America and only nine stations on the air; three in New York, two each in Chicago and Los Angeles, and one each in Philadelphia and Schenectady.

early 1960s Televison imagery saturates 92% of American homes.

The single greatest determining factor in purchasing a television is the presence of small children in the home. It keeps them entertained.

These televised moving images beamed into the eyes of American children cause a radical reformulation of American perception, the abandonment of the verbal art of storytelling and the embrace of zombie wastelands.

spectrum of awareness
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