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"When all things are seen equally the timeless self-essence is reached."
Hsin Hsin Ming


rational self-interest is social

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"Praise to that happening, over and over!
For years I pulled my own existence out of emptiness.
Then one swoop, one swing of the arm, that work is over.
Free of who I was, free of presence, free of dangerous fear,
free of hope, free of mountainous wanting." - Rumi

"In healthy people, the more you activate a portion of your frontal lobes,
the more accurate your view of yourself is. The more you view yourself as desirable or better than your peers, the less you use those frontal lobes."
Jennifer Beer

"Every once in a while we run into people who are still firmly embedded in modern technological society yet who have cast off its hurried, anxious, alienated mindsets and adopted a more easy-going, playful attitude toward life. Often this happens after a major illness or other personal calamity reveals the vacuity of former ambitions and preoccupations. They are not passionless or indifferent, but if anything more involved and more fully engaged in the moment, because it is precisely the anxiety of modern life that removes us from the moment, that makes us feel we cannot afford to "be here now" - to fully engage in whatever we are doing." - Charles Eisenstein

Seven Interrogation Tactics in the Art of Self-Interrogation

Questioning to the Nth Degree Tactic

Solutions to hypothetical or actual psychological dilemma are found in the absolute roots of their conception. Once a solution has been settled upon it must then be carefully re-analyzed for inbuilt biases, incongruities, preconceived notions and opinionated preconceptions not found to be congruent with the Natural Order. One must begin self-interrogation in this way so as to achieve the higher-state of consciousness that is required for self-awareness.

Iconoclasm Tactic

This tactic is all about poking holes in sacred presumptions and deliberately shattering images of hypocrisy. The truly spiritual individual does not identify with any ideology, institution, religion, or state. The heretical blasphemer, a Fool, is left free to create and modify the ideas, memes, concepts, symbols and ideas spiraling around him playing with cultural memes in an attempt to inject compassion and understanding into any given situation. This heroic individual worldview is truly symbolic of the Natural Order.

Perception Overhaul Tactic

A thorough repair, renovation, or revision of a perceptual outlook. This type of interrogation tactic focuses on perception, both phenomenal and psychological. The question, "Is the glass half-full or half-empty?" serves to demonstrate, not only the way an object can be perceived in different ways, but the way concepts and emotional states can be perceived in different ways, even by the same person in different places and/or at different times. The ideal state achieved by the Perception Overhaul Tactic is one of plasticity and fluidity through the overall awareness of perceptual fluctuations, both personal and public.

Counter-Weltanschauung Dynamics Tatic

Is simply a challenging of worldviews and the bringing into question of the framework of ideas and beliefs that individuals use to interpret and interact with their world. Weltanschauung is German for worldview, a perspective of reality imprinted socially and culturally. Counter-Weltanschauung Dynamics is a way of questioning one's worldview by describing its polar opposite, so as to arrive at a more open-minded understanding of one's interpretation of the world as a whole. The ideal state achieved by the Counter-Weltanschauung Dynamics tactic is one of cross-cultural open-mindedness and anti-dogmatic empathy for other-than-self worldviews.

Cognitive Dissonance Counter-Intuitive Tatic

This tactic emphasizes the fact that humans are always rationalizing but are seldom rational beings about things unseen outside the periphery of their personal environment. By understanding and analyzing the cognitive dissonance in oneself and within others, a self-interrogator discovers, otherwise hidden biases, prejudices, and beliefs. A self-interrogator also realizes how reality can be counter-intuitive, for example: While it seems that a group of people gathered together by capital to form corporations might help benefit mankind by bringing products and services to market that benefit mankind that single individuals could not hope to accomplish the truth is that by forming syndicates that exclude wide swaths of people they are, in truth, benefitting only themselves.

Occam's Razor Tactic

Shedding the superfluous. This tactic focuses on making sense of human senselessness by carving away at ideas, hypothesis, and theories to make them more sound and applicable to natural order. The Occam's Razor tactic is used to discern the more elegant idea from those of less elegance. In conjunction with Occam's Razor its dilectic opposite Crabtree's Bludgeon must be considered: "No set of mutually inconsistent observations can exist for which some human intellect cannot conceive a coherent explanation, however complicated." The ideal state achieved by the Occam's razor Tactic is one of elegance in the face of superfluity (elegance is the soul of acumen) and a personification of Shakespeare's quote, "Brevity is the soul of wit.

Gary "Z" McGee's (retired navy intelligence specialist) Guillotine

This is dropping a massive hit of LSD cold, getting hit on the head or having a near death experience! This is a tactic of outright decapitation; a pruning, scalping, and beheading of the intellect and its tainting of Natural Order (wishing things to be different than they are). This tactic strips away the ignorance of human opinion and replaces it with natural dictation. It goes beyond shedding superfluity and cuts the human intellect out of the equation so that the soul shines forth: open-minded, non-dogmatic, fluid, and plastic in its self-actualization of the original equation. The ideal state achieved with McGee's Guillotine is an actualization of self through an understanding of the actual reality of the Natural Order.

maslows heirarchy

Reaching self-actualization is not a matter of all-or-none, but a never-ending, gradual process of self-improvement.

Even so there is a clear demarcation between self-actualized individuals and emotionally conditioned individuals still laboring under the spell of power and wealth.

Self-actualization is a process that occurs simultaneously on both conscious and subconscious levels but is begun by conscious effort.

Some of the traits of self-actualizing individuals may appear to be contradictory at first glance.

Self-actualized individuals have typically moved beyond the need to fulfill basic desires having attained the basic physiological needs of human survival.

Self-actualizing individuals have felt a sense of belonging and acceptance at some extended period during their lifetime and wish to make the most out of their lives so they embark upon a the course that is most likely to lead to the fulfillment of that goal.

Self-actualizing individuals are open to new experiences; eager to learn new skills; examine new ideas; garner new understanding; attracted to the unknown; do not tend to wear masks or play roles, or feel inhibited or restricted in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

The self-actualizing individual walks jauntingly down the Garden Path as he or she finds the unknown vast mysterious landscape where new discoveries lie just around the next bend in the river, down the hill through the glade in the forest or near the peak of yonder mountain to be an enlightening experience.

In contrast to emotionally conditioned individuals self-actualizing individuals do not tend to deny, repress or deform perceptions in order to make them fit preconceived notions, prejudices, religious dogma or corporate media preceptions.

As a result of the denial of self-delusion self-actualizing individuals experience no contradiction between what they feel on an intuitive subconscious level and what they think on a conscious rational level as they have escaped spiritual corruption.

Due to this trait alone in general self-actualizing individuals have an accurate perception of reality already having traveled the Way of Gnosis for some period of time.

A self-actualizer experiences beauty, joy, awe and wonder in simple unadulterated natural experiences such as "stopping to smell the roses" thus finding joy in this eternal moment.

Typically the sense of beauty, wonder or revivification a self-actualizer experiences is triggered by ordinary objects or situations familiarly connected within the consciousness to previously enjoyed experiences as the self-actualizer can enjoy and re-experience well-known stimuli in a new manner termed by Abraham Maslow as freshness of appreciation or what Daniel Gilbert would describe as a re-setting of the hedonic thermostat.

A self-actualizer finds revivification in immersion nature, in caring for children, in playing and listening to music, in working with the hands crafting objects, in preparing a savory meal, in learning something new or in the validation of a previously unproven hypothesis.

Self-actualization is characterized by naturalness - an appreciation of newness, spontaneous feelings of awe and wonder, glimpses into the workings of the vast mysterious patterned landscape of the universe providing constant modification of understanding of the existing schemata of reality - naturalness is expressed by their general creativity, which in the most part is not specialized in a single talent.

Self-actualizing individuals are unconcerned with conforming to contradictory social controls recognizing them for what they are. They hold a generally playful attitude towards problem-solving and self-expression which automatically assumes that the conventional and traditionally accepted methods are not necessarily the best or only way but simply the tradition.

creative fire

The Luminaries of the Creator have all been self-actualizing.

Lack of inhibition or tension may be misunderstood but is part of the very nature of Luminaries of the Creator as they are the ones who filter the Consciousness of the Creator and share it with the rest of mankind in the intellectual domains of art, science, philosophy, religion, theology as well as to everyday tasks such as gardening, woodworking and cooking.

A Luminary holds a general attitude of acceptance of nature, people as they are and self as it is - flaws and all. Actualities beyond their control are duly noted and shared with mankind in an attempt to increase knowledge and understanding by humanity of the whole as Luminaries are concerned with the discrepancies that exist between social cultural conditions of what is and what might be.

Luminaries are critical thinkers that challenge their fellow men to become critical thinkers as well asking them to consider the causes of social upheaval, ecosystem destruction and extinction of life.

Luminaries have a well-developed system of personal moral values aided by unbiased perception but in situations of uncertainty Luminaries postpone judgement.

Luminaries, having a general feeling of empathy and kinship towards humanity as a whole, devote their life to a general "mission" and in so doing tend to meld 'work' and 'leisure' while finding both those terms constricting. As autonomous Luminaries enjoy solitude and detachment to pursue their interests they are typically misunderstood as self-focused, stubborn, absent-minded and short of temper - especially if they feel distractions are undermining their concentration.

Luminaries, thinking in an unique and unconventional manner, are capable of intense and profound interpersonal relationships preferring associations charged with the extreme sincerity, self-disclosure and intimacy which allows spontaneous contributions of new knowledge. To this end they require the dropping of defense mechanisms in those they commune with. There is no need to be afraid of the flexible intelligence of a Luminary.

Luminaries, having transcended duality in what Abraham Maslow calls transcendence of dichotomies, refuse to chose between contradictory solutions preferring a dilectic synthesis. This makes it impossible for the chemically lobotomized psychiatrists to properly catergorize the self-actualizing individual with the hierarchical structure of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Luminaries have the patience to endure the things that cannot be changed, the courage to change the things that can be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

shadow self

"Our deepest satisfactions come from what we have made of ourselves. Making something of life requires being allowed to make mistakes, learning from them and - over time - working our way into valued places through our work, our families or our communities. This is what produces self-respect, and self-respect is indispensable to happiness." - Charles Murray

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