Lords of War

Agency may involve people with delusions of grandeur making decisions and enacting them on the world to create their vision of a perfect world.


Control is a Problem of Agency

Agency encompasses a wide range of psychological and motivational ideas based on dominance which include the concepts of confidence, control, strength, power, expansion, mastery, success, autonomy, jealousy, and independence.

Social control is a problem of Agency.

Resource confiscation is directly related to the concept of Agency.

Agency can be turned into a force for good but to do so requires exclusion of coercion.

turned from
self-focus becomes:
strength to resist evils;
autonomy of physical needs;
independence from coercion;
control over personal impulsiveness;
mastery over a body of general knowledge;
power to withstand emotionally manipulative assault;
separation of single point of focus into an expansive all pervasive focus;
dominance of understanding of philosophical conceptual social structures.

murder is directly related to the concept of agency

Charles Martin, 66, was consumed by the need to be his own agent.
Charles Martin meticulously kept his lawn in perfect condition. Charles Martin did not want anyone to walk on his lawn. Larry Mugrage, a fifteen year old next door neighbor, walked across Charles Martin lawn one too many times.

Charles Martin shot Larry Mugrage dead with a shotgun blast to the chest at a short distance.

"I was a psychopathic muderer as I was trained to kill. I was not born with that mentality. The Marines trained me to be a gangster in the interest of United States corporations - a criminal. We expected to see explosions every time we riddle the cars with bullets; but we never heard or saw an explosion. When we opened the car all we found was people killed or wounded, not a single weapon, not al-Qa`ida propaganda, nothing. Our first mission in Iraq was not aimed at offering humanitarian assistance, as the media said, but to secure oil fields in Basra."- Jim Massey USMC

"Boys with a normal viewpoint were taken out of the fields and offices and factories and classrooms and put into the ranks. There they were remolded; they were made over; they were made to regard murder as the order of the day. They were put shoulder to shoulder and, through mass psychology, they were entirely changed. We used them for a couple of years and trained them to think nothing at all of killing or of being killed." - Major General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC

All is not well in the suburbs.

"Our minds are designed with the ability to kill.
It is part of human nature."

David M. Buss

SAIC and the Invisible Hand of Privatized Intelligence

17,000 Americans were victims of homicide in 2005, thanks to American attitudes of violence toward the 'other' and societal acceptance of violence as a problem solver.

In the Chicago suburb of Country Club Hills 5 murders occurred in 11 days in the winter of 2009: Leon Taylor, 77, and Minnie Taylor, 75, were found shot to death; George Britton, 18, was stabbed multiple times; Jarrett Jones, 27, strangled his mother Sheryl, 59; and a boy, 14, stabbed his stepfather, John Weatherspoon, to death. Country Club Hills is situated on the junctions of interstate highways 57, 80 and 294 south of Oak Forest, north of Park Forest and east of Tinley Park.

"My own interest in studying murder began when I witnessed a close friend, a highly accomplished academic, fly into a murderous rage and come frighteningly close to killing his wife.

Previous theories about why humans kill typically invoke single factors: the muderer is pathological; the muderer is the violent product of poverty; the murderer is warped by neglect and child abuse; the murderer was forged by evil parents; the muderer was forged by exposure to corporate media violence. Every one of these theories is wrong.

Killing has proved to be a effective solution to an array of adaptive problems in the evolutionary game of survival and reproductive competition: preventing injury, rape or death; protecting one's children; eliminating a crucial antagonist; acquiring a rival's resources; securing sexual access to a competitor's mate; preventing an interloper from appropriating one's own mate; and many others.

The logic of evolutionary struggle is all about reproductive competition, strategies that lead to greater reproductive success selected over eons of evolution which characterize our species. Mating is inextricably intertwined with murder. Over the long sweep of deep time, killing has conferred such powerful advantages in the ruthless game of reproductive competition that natural selection has designed the survivor's minds to have the ability to commit murder." - David M. Buss

in war they trust

mass murder

"Five factors exist in virtually all cases of mass murder:

Mass murders have a long history of frustration, failure and a diminished ability to cope with life's disappointments.

Mass murders externalize blame. Rejection often causes anti-social behavior which feeds a vicious cycle of anti-social behavior/rejection.

Marc Lepine killed 14 female engineering students at the Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal apparently because he felt that women were taking too many teaching positions.

Mass murders generally lack emotional support from friends or family.

You've read the "he always seemed to be something of a loner" quote? This truth is grounded in the reality of the spurned and shunned.

Mass murders generally suffer a precipitating event viewed as catastrophic, often a major disappointment - the loss of a job or the breakup of a relationship.

In massacres at colleges and universities, it's often about getting a grade the shooter feels he didn't deserve. In 1991, a graduate student at the University of Iowa killed five people because he thought his physics dissertation should have won a prestigious $1,000 award.

Mass murders need access to a weapon powerful enough to satisfy their need for revenge.

America has become much more competitive in recent years. We admire those who achieve at any cost, and it seems that we have less compassion for those who fail." - adapted from James Alan Fox

"My heart broke to hear about the murders at Virginia Tech. Even though I was only 10 when the Columbine shootings occurred, I feel the same emotions now as I did then. I cannot help but wonder: When will we all learn? Seung-hui Cho was mad at the world; why couldn't someone have reached out and befriended him? So many people are hurting and just need someone to show them that life and compassion are valuable and worth pursuing." - Sarah Roberts

"As shocking as Seung-hui Cho's DVD was, NBC's decision to air it was even more shocking. This heartless decision only adds to the immeasurable pain and suffering of the families affected by this horrible tragedy and gives the killer what he wanted most: immortality. It's one thing for a video to appear on YouTube, but when the major news organizations embrace it and air it over and over, the killer achieves exactly the immortality he was looking for." - James Maddox

"I wish the media would refrain from showing excerpts from the shooter's video. Media exposure like this is why many killers decide to act out. I also heard an expert on school shootings say that constant media emphasis on the "record" nature of killings (i.e., the worst school shooting in US history) encourages other unbalanced individuals to want to break the record." - Frances Rouse

"I am a Vietnam War veteran with post traumatic stress disorder.

The problem with the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder is that the people treating us have never been to war.

People like Sally Satel aren't there to help veterans but to protect the system.

I didn't ask to go to war, and I did not ask to be treated by the Veterens Administration, and I did not plan in junior high to be living on disability as I approach the end of my life, but that is what happens when you send naive village boys off to an immoral and worthless war." - Tim

(Sally Satel is a member of the American Enterprise Institute.)


murder for hire

Erik's sister, Betsy, is married to Amway billionaire Dick DeVos.
Erik Prince's subscribes to the religious philosophy of Dominionism.
Betsy DeVos was chosen by Donald Trump to be Education Secretary.

Blackwater Blackwater Worldwide Xe Services LLC

"Killing is a drug to me and has been ever since the first time I have killed someone. At first, it was weird and felt wrong, but by the time of the third and fourth killing it feels so natural. It feels like I could do this for the rest of my life and it makes me happy. This is what I was trained to do and now I cannot get rid of it; it will be with me for the rest of my life and hurts me that I cannot go back to war and kill again, because I would compassion too. When I stick my blade through his stomach or his ribs or slice his throat it's a feeling that I cannot explain, but feels so good to me, and I become addicted to seeing and acting out this act of hate, and violence against the rag heads that hurt our country. Terrorists will have nowhere to hide because there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers like me who feel like me and want their revenge as well." - C.J. Whittington, Infantry Squad Leader, Iraq Oct 2005 to June 2007

"During a visit to the West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center I met with female veterans and their doctors. My jaw dropped when doctors told me that 41% of female veterans seen in the clinic say they were victims of sexual assault while in the military, and 29% report being raped during their military service." - Represenative Jane Harman, chair of House Homeland Security intelligence subcommittee 03/08

1975"When Portugal decided to end five centuries of rule in Angola, the country's three nationalist factions were to form a coalition - but that plan soon collapsed into warfare, with the leftist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) fighting the right-wing allied Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) forces.

The Soviet Union and Cuba supported the MPLA.

Washington backed both the FNLA - which was also receiving Chinese aid - and UNITA.

The CIA began an Angolan operation with the directive to harass Soviet efforts there and "prevent an easy victory by communist-backed forces in Angola."

CIA efforts to help the FNLA and UNITA soon ran into problems as both factions' forces were less than adequate so mercenaries were hired.

In April 2002 the MPLA and Unita signed a formal ceasefire in Luanda to end the 27-year conflict.

According to Jane's Intelligence Review, wide-scale warfare is being replaced by what it calls LIC - low-intensity conflict.

Jane's Intelligence Review goes on to suggest that, as the nature of war has changed, "it is into this gap in society that the private security firm has stepped."

Jane's Intelligence Review points out that in 1997, during the chaotic fighting in Central Africa, a number of security firms were hired by the United Nations "to provide security support (for convoy and refugee protection) to peacekeeping or international relief operations."

There are several major players now in this privatization of warfare.

One of the best-known is South African Executive Outcomes.

In the early 1990s, the firm was hired by Angola's MPLA government to protect the nation's oil-producing region from attacks by UNITA forces." - Bruce Kennedy

2005 Colonel Ted Westhunsing, a military ethicist, complained that a private security company, the civilian contractor USIS, in Iraq was committing murder.

The official story is that Colonel Ted Westhunsing could not handle the fact that USIS was making a profit off the war so he committed suicide.

Colonel Ted Westhunsing, the highest ranking officer to die in Iraq, died at the USIS camp with a single bullet to his head without ever mentioning to family or friends that the corruption in Iraq he had found sullied the militaries honor so much that he was forced to kill himself. Strange how fear took over Colonel Ted Westhunsing's life once he had made allegations of corruption.

2006 100,000 private 'contractors' in Iraq of which 48,000 work as mercenaries.

Mercenaries, an undeclared expansion of the scope of the Iraqi occupation, operate with almost no oversight or effective legal constraints and made up to $1,000 a day.

Mercenary deaths go uncounted in official death tabulations.

Police raid the home of Robert Ferro, a retired Army Special Forces officer, in Upland, California and find over 1,571 weapons including assault weapons, machine guns, automatic rifles and explosive devices. Robert Ferro claims that the weapons had been provided by the federal government to free Cuba from Fidel Castro.

Erik Prince inherited control of Edgar D. Prince's, his father, automotive parts supply business to manufactures, Prince Corporation, in 1995. Edgar Prince was an engineer-developer-industrialist, who became very wealthy in an industry not known for its high degree of profitability. Edgar's father was Peter Prince, owner of a produce company, which supplied stores in the western Michigan area, including Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Dutch Reformed immigrant family arrived in the middle of the 19th century in Holland, Michigan.

"Slaughtering human beings with high tech, flesh shredding machinery should not make anyone insane. It was those massively extravagant disability payments that led to all the homeless vets. Those guys were led to expect that they might have problems so, voila they developed problems. We do not want this same thing happening to our new crop of 'temporarily' stressed out warriors. They should just suck it up and forget all those memories of blood and terror."- Eric Prince

Around the time of Edgar's death, the Prince family sold part of the automotive business for $1.35 billion.

"Blackwater, one of the suppliers of mercenaries, began in 1996 with a private military training camp "to fulfill the anticipated demand for government outsourcing." Blackwater contacts run from deep inside the military and intelligence agencies to the upper echelons of the White House. Blackwater has secured a status as the elite Praetorian Guard for the global war on terror, with the largest private military base on Earth , a fleet of aircraft including helicopter gunships surveillance blimps and private airstrips and 20,000 soldiers at the ready.

Blackwater's seven-thousand-acre facility in Moyock, N.C., has now become the most sophisticated private military center on the planet, while the company possesses one of the world's larget privately held stockpiles of heavy-duty weaponry. It is a major training center for federal and local security and military forces in the US, as well as foreign forces and private individuals. Company officials say they have been training about 35,000 "law enforcement" and military personnel a year.

A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 2009 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company's owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. The former employee also alleges that Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe," and that Prince's companies "encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life." - Jeremy Scahill

"Privatizing security has lined the pockets of war profiteers and further undermined our power as American citizens, to hold our government accountable. Democratic states, not profit seeking corporations, should control the use of force." - Ben Cohen

"How many private contractors did we have in World War II, the Korean War or in Vietnam? This war in Iraq was never intended to be fully manned by our armed forces; rather it was to be a cash cow for private business. There are more than 160,000 contractors in Iraq, many making in excess of $100,000 a year."- Leonard A. Zivitz

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