fallacies concerning governance

government dependent

Central planning is way, way better as
behemoth collectives are far more efficent.

floating through space

Information services via corporately owned corporate media -
newspapers, magazines, television (and the internet) is always altruistic
they always tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth and are never biased.

american exceptionalism explained

Torture is wrong (except when we do it);
transparency is important (when we want it to be);
human rights must be respected (unless it is unnecessary);
international laws must be obeyed (when we feel like it).

cannabis war success

Eliminating unapproved drug use will usher in Utopia;
the petrochemical allopathic eugenic medicine monopoly
was not the reason for the war on natural herbal drugs.


US government serves the people of America;
US government does not serve transnational elite,
the Soulless Reptilian Money Changers, Israel, Zionism,
or the off world reptilians terraforming the Earth.

obama god of all things

It does not matter if the government tells the truth;
alphabet agencies know what is best for the American people.

The federal government is not in bed with corporations;
congressmen and senators never give 'earmarks' to 'relations';
Zionists are not considered first when analyizing political possibilities.

boolberg army

Property protection is not the function of law enforcement;
government contracts with providers make them responsive to the citizen.

domestic dissent

Americans love America just as it is;
Patriotic Americans ask you to love it as it is or leave it !

bengazi half baked susan rice

A plutocracy or oligarchy controlled by an aristocracy
produces the most equitable form of resource distribution;
rising civilizations have never been built on a large prosperous middle class.

global marketplace

True free market capitalism is what we have here my friends !

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