fallacies concerning reengineering nature

billonaire global warming

Nature is evil;
man can, and will, conquer nature.

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Burning fossil fuel does not add carbon dioxide to atmoshpere;
carbon dioxide is not dissolved into the ocean changing acid-akaline balance.


Genetic engineering increases crop yields and drought tolerance;
genetic engineering is NOT done to increase individual plant tolerance to herbicides or make plants toxic to insects while creating unviable seeds.

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Mammoth multi-national corporate owned agricultural
mono-culture farms do not hurt the environment
diversity of life is not important.

run forest run !

Shrinking forests, eroding soils, falling water tables, tainted aquifers, crop-withering heat waves, collapsing fisheries, expanding deserts, deteriorating rangelands, dying coral reefs, melting glaciers and rising seas are nothing to be concerned about; corporations have the expertise to solve all environmental problems through lobbyists and campaign contributions.

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Astroturf is an intelligent xeriscape solution;
astroturf cools the air just like living plants.


Mankind can and will solve any problem through geoengineering;
God will grant us the technological magic to solve any problem.

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