fallacies concerning spirituality

Religion never evolves;

Christianity, as practiced by the disciples of Jesus,
is the same Christianity as systematized by the Roman Catholics at the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Rome three hundred years later;

Judaism today is the same Judaism practiced by
Moshe Rabbenu who was the author of the Mishnah and Talmud;

Cotton Mather didn't come up with the idea of the Rapture;

Wahhabis practice the Quran as Muhammad ibn 'Abdullāh did;

Pentecostalism does not incorporate elements of Kabbalah within it.

we will teach you our peaceful ways by force !

God wants us to force everyone to accept
our peaceful way of life, our beliefs and our opinions
sacred texts require unquestioning obedience
to religiously astute politicians

blinder removal

Very few humans are spiritually corrupt;
the vast majority, the righteous, are going straight to heaven.

casper the friendly ghost

See above image of the Holy Ghost;
ghosts are disembodied spirits stuck in temporality.

dying for your sins no more

Serapis is ascendant;
Baal is descendant;
monotheism is not polytheism.

consciousness as god

Sacred text is written by the hand of Wakan Tanka;
the sacred writings of Wakan Tanka are never modified.

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