what you do not know can not hurt you

what you do not know can not hurt you


"Learn from me, if not by my precepts, then by my example, how dangerous is the pursuit of knowledge and how much happier is that man who believes his native village to be the world than he who aspires to be greater than his culture will allow." - Mary Wollstonecraft

"Jesus is important because his solidarity with his brothers and sisters is what guarantees salvation in the present." - Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

salvation in living life

ego death

There are only two conceptions of afterlife:

metaphorical and literal


After ego death, one's mortal spiritual corruption has been sacrificed - burned in the cleansing flame. When ego death occurrs one's eternal spirit is cleansed and one's Eternal Soul is redeemed.

The redemption of the Eternal Soul exists in the "afterlife," the life lived after the not-life lived in spiritual corruption has been sacrificed.

Sacrificing the life lived in spiritual corruption is sacrificing the living of life based on the fantasies of the satisfaction of life through materialism.

The newly redeemed uncorrupt and purified soul has refound its lost innocence and lives in God/ the Kingdom of God having ascended beyond the last judging, having reached salvation through redemption joining God in the Garden.

The evidence is certain for this type of ego death - eternal life in the death of the ego.

What evidence do we have for an eternal life in the death in heaven?

Biblical scripture lends itself more to the mystical, "awakening to the Kingdom of Heaven" approach, with "death" and "last judgment" interpreted in the mystically metaphorical terms of the mystery religions.

The "mystery" of the scriptures is set up through deliberate,
playful conflation of literal death with mystical spiritual ego death.

Mystically we can awaken to timelessness
when we learn to think of time as illusory.

This manner of eternal afterlife is certain.

Literal eternal afterlife is entirely speculative.
psychospirtual rebirth

The only evidence for eternal afterlife is mystical timeless rebirth - spiritual ego death.

Mystical spiritual ego death and rebirth looms much larger than the literal afterlife , which is inherently and necessarily entirely hypothetical.

The greatest religious experience is that of mystic spiritual ego death and rebirth, also known as seeing God or becoming enlightened, regenerated, saved, or redeemed out of the deterministic materialistic cosmos.

Enlightenment is actually simple, rational, and comprehensible.

The fully developed mind "transcends rationality" in a specific, mild, restrained sense - mystic insight is essentially comprehensible, simple, summarizable, paraphrasable and yet the words must be used metaphorically and analogously as we have no words that accuratly and adquately describe the realm of the dreamtime in which we transcend our materialistic interpretation of reality by transcending rationality within limits.

Revelation is rational and occurs through an understanding of newly created mental connections that have just come into existence - connections of which our subconscious minds had only been dimly aware.

"Belief" and "faith" are really about surviving mystic experiencing of spiritual ego death and rebirth and transcending a previous conceptualization of reality - not about gaining a literal afterlife.

We have ample reason to believe in mystical timeless rebirth after spiritual ego death; such transcendent faith is a necessary part of the mystic dream, for life to resume and continue out of the depths of powerlessness and spiritual ego death - to be reborn or born again.

This sort of afterlife is definitely relevant and tangible, in contrast to literal afterlife, which is entirely conjectural, hypothetical, and speculative, and lies in the realm of the unknown.

One method of experiencing mystical timeless rebirth, of expanding the breadth and depth of our consciousness, is by creating selflessness through the use of meditative prayer.

mind boggled

Another method of experiencing mystical timeless rebirth, of expanding the breadth and depth of our consciousness, is by creating selflessness through the use of entheogens.

An entheogen, in the strictest sense, is a psychoactive substance used in a religious or shamanic (or entheogenic) context.

Entheogens generally come from plant sources which contain molecules closely related to endogenous neurochemicals.

They occur in a wide variety of psychedelics of various religious rites and have been shown to directly provoke what users perceive as spiritual or mystical experiences.

In a broader sense, the word "entheogen" refers to any molecule which stimulates the central nervous system through one of the two main neurological pathways: phenethylamine (which is a brain chemical associated with the adrenaline pathway, and a precursor of mescaline and 2C-B) and tryptamine (a brain chemical associated with the natural metabolism of serotonin, a precursor of psilocin, psilocybin, DMT, and lysergic acid diethylamide).

paradigm shift

During the global paradigm shift in thought processing that occurs during entheogenic initiation the human mind's understanding of the concept of "eternal life" shifts along with the understanding of concepts such as time, self-control, personal agency and self-conceptualization.

In experiential allegory, "Eternal Life" refers to the experience of timelessness, or the discovery of the existence of timelessness.

This is the true mystical meaning of Eternal Life.

"After brooding about it for several months, I still think my first, astonishing conviction was right - that on many occasions that afternoon I existed outside time. I don't mean this metaphorically, but literally. I mean that the essential part of me (the part that thinks to itself, "This is me") has an existence, quite conscious of itself, in a timeless order of reality outside the world as we know it. Though perfectly rational and wide awake I was not experiencing events in the normal sequence of time." - Christopher Paget Mayhew

After Christopher Paget Mayhew, a British member of parliament, was given 400mg of mescaline before BBC TV cameras in 1955 by his friend Dr Humphry Osmond, he became absolutely convinced that a part of our consciousness exists outside of time. Christopher Mayhew was tested by Dr Osmond throughout the experiment and showed no significant loss of intelligence. Christopher Paget Mayhew received a life peerage and was raised to the House of Lords as Baron Mayhew.

brain receptors

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Humphry Osmond and Christopher Mayhew

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One other method of of experiencing mystical timeless rebirth, of expanding the breadth and depth of our consciousness, is by creating selflessness through the use of ritualized pain. This ritualized pain can come in many forms and appears in many religions. Mortification of the flesh or the act of self-flagellation is practised by some Shia followers of Allah, utilized by many Christian sects throughout most of Christian history as well as being used in pagan or "Satanic" rituals. In India the Standing Babas, or Khareshwari, vow never to sit or lie down in a self-inflicted corporal punishment intended to help bring spiritual enlightenment.

One final method of experiencing mystical timeless rebirth, of expanding the breadth and depth of our consciousness, is by creating selflessness through fasting.

Drug addicts go through something similar as the fog in their mind clears when they stop using the drug they have become addicted to.

The final outcome in all these cases is dependent upon the guidance one receives before, during and after the experience of mystical timeless rebirth.

Basically anyone who has not experienced mystical timeless rebirth is stuck in a lower form of consciousness not having grown out of an entirely materialistic concept of self.

The mind that overcomes delusion and takes a higher perspective consciously enters Heaven and the Eternal Life now, in this life.

The mature mystic stance is not to cling to the lower hopes for infinite extension of mundane materialistic personal existence within time that we all know so well.

The wish for endlessly extended personal continuation envisioned as an eternal afterlife is meant to calm children's fears.

The mystic definition of salvation and of Eternal Life can happen now, where as the literalist Christian definition of salvation you will only find after death - if then.

By any measure of value of experiences in life, surely mystic enlightenment and mystic awakening to the Kingdom of God/Heaven on Earth while in this life is the most important experience in this life.

Enlightenment, redemption, salvation, awakening, reconciliation and communion with God all pivot around the discovery of timelessness in the mystic altered state of consciousness - shown, revealed and unveiled by the Holy Spirit during the uncovering of "hidden knowledge," branding the mystery of existence, with the fire of God's compassion, fully upon the consciousness.

Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use

Note: If you use antidepressants you will never experience mystical timeless rebirth because you must first navigate the emotional maelstrom of loss of a materialistic way of conceptualizing life.

Disclaimer: This is not a suggestion to go off your government approved meds. Whether or not you go off your government approved meds is to be discussed at length with your government approved meds provider.

At first nothing appeared changed.

But after a while, perhaps twenty minutes, I noticed first of all that the rug was no longer flat and lifeless, but had become a field of stirring and undulating hairs, much like the movement of the sea anemone or a field of wheat in the wind. Then I noticed that doors, walls, and windows were liquefying. All rigidities disappeared. It was as if I had been plunged to the bottom of the sea, and everything had become undulating and wavering. The door knobs were no longer door knobs, they melted and undulated like living serpents. Every object in the room became a living, mobile breathing world. I walked away, into a hallway opening into several small rooms. On the way there was a door leading to the garden. Gil opened it. The dazzle of the sun was blinding, every speck of gold multiplied and magnified. Trees, clouds, lawns heaved and undulated too, the clouds flying at tremendous speed. I ceased looking at the garden because on the plain door now appeared the most delicate Persian designs, flowers, mandalas, patterns in perfect symmetry. As I designed them they produced their matching music. When I drew a long orange line, it emitted its own orange tone. My body was both swimming and flying. I felt gay and at ease and playful.

There was perfect connection between my body and everything that was happening. For example, the colors in the designs gave me pleasure, as well as the music. The singing of mocking birds was multiplied, and became a whole forest of singing birds. My senses were multiplied as if I had a hundred eyes, a hundred ears, a hundred fingertips. The murals which appeared were perfect, they were Oriental, fragile, and complete, but then they became actual Oriental cities, with pagodas, temples, rich Chinese gold and red altars, and Balinese music. The music vibrated through my body as I were one of the instruments and I felt myself becoming a full percussion orchestra, becoming green, blue, orange. The waves of the sounds ran through my hair like a caress. The music ran down my back and came out of my fingertips. I was a cascade of red-blue rainfall, a rainbow. I was small, light, mobile. I could use any method of levitation I wished. I could dissolve, melt, float, soar. Wavelets of light touched the rim of my clothes, phosphorescent radiations.

I could see a new world with my middle eye, a world I had missed before. I caught images behind images, the walls behind the sky, the sky behind the infinite. The walls became fountains, the fountains became arches, the domes skies, the sky a flowering carpet, and all dissolved into pure space. I looked at a slender line curving out into space which disappeared into infinity. I saw a million zeros on this line, curving, shrinking in the distance, and I laughed and said: "Excuse me, I am not a mathematician. How can I measure the infinite?" To Dr. Janiger, who was passing by, I said: "Without being a mathematician I understood the infinite." He did not seem impressed. I saw his face as a Picasso, with a slight asymmetry. It seemed to me that one of his eyes was larger, and this eye was prying into my experience, and I turned away. Gil was sometimes there, but now I became aware that he was a child, that he had a big round face with a grin.

Now I was standing on the rim of a planet, alone. I could hear the fast rushing sound of the planets rotating in space. Then I was moving among them and I realized a certain skill would be necessary to handle this new means of transportation. The image of myself standing in space and trying to get my "space legs" amused me. I wondered who had been there before me and whether I would return to earth. The solitude distressed me and for the first time, the sense of distance, so I asked Gil very vehemently: "Are you sure that I will find my way back?" Gil answered reasonably: "Of course, I found my way back. I'm here." He asked if there was anything I wanted, a glass of water or a sandwich. I answered: "I want a pagoda." And after a while I added: "I realize this is an unreasonable request."

I returned to my starting point. I was standing in front of an ugly door, but as I looked closer it was not plain or green but it was a Buddhist temple, a Hindu column, a Moroccan ceiling, gold spires being formed and re-formed as if I were watching the hand of a designer at work. I was designing red spirals which unfurled until they formed a rose window or a mandala with edges of radium. As each design was born and arranged itself, it dissolved and the next one followed with confusion. Each form, each line emitted its equivalent in music in perfect accord with the design. An undulating line emitted music in perfect accord with the design. An undulating line emitted a sustaining undulating melody, a circle had corresponding musical notations, diaphanous colors, diaphanous sounds, a pyramid of ascending notes, and vanishing ones left only an echo. The designs were preparatory sketches for entire Oriental cities. I saw the temples of Java, Kashmir, Nepal, Ceylon, Burma, Cambodia, in all the colors of precious stones illumined from within. Then the outer forms of the temples dissolved to reveal the inner chapels and shrines. The reds and golds inside the temples created an intricate musical orchestration like Balinese music. Two sensations began to torment me: one that it was happening too quickly and that I would not be able to remember it, another that I would not be able to tell what I saw, it was too elusive and too overwhelming. The temples grew taller, the music wilder, it became a tidal wave of sounds with gongs and bells predominating. Gold spires emitted a long flute chant. Every line and color was constantly breathing and mutating.

It was then I began to experience difficulties in breathing. I felt immensely cold, and very small in my cape, as if I had undergone an Alice in Wonderland metamorphosis. I told Gil I could not breathe, and he took me to the doctor. The doctor calmed me with his words. I had asked for oxygen. He suggested I lie down and cover myself well. Gil was seated near me, grinning. I asked him if he had had difficulties breathing. I still had the impression that I had been among the planets. I remembered the illustration from Saint-Exupery's Little Prince, the child standing all alone on the edge of the planet. I lay down and covered myself. I looked at the curtains of the room and they turned to a gauzy gold. The whole room became filled with gold, as if by a strong sun. The walls turned to gold, the bedcover was gold, my whole body was becoming gold, liquid gold, scintillating, warm gold. I was GOLD. It was the most pleasurable sensation I had ever known, like an orgasm. It was the secret of life, the alchemist's secret of life. From the feeling of intense cold, as if I were chloroformed, of loss of gravity of the legs, and diminution in size, I passed to the sensation of being gold.

Suddenly I was weeping, weeping. I could feel the tears and I saw the handkerchief in my hand. Weeping to the point of dissolution. Why should I be weeping? I could see Gil smiling, and realized the absurdity of weeping when traveling through space. As soon as the concept of absurdity struck me, the comic spirit appeared again. It was another Anaïs, not the one which was lying down weeping, but a small, gay, light Anaïs, very lively, very restless and mobile. The comic spirit of Anaïs was aware of Gil's predicament: "Poor Gil, you are out with an ordinary weepy female! What a ridiculous thing to spoil a voyage through space by weeping. But before we go on, I want to explain to you why women weep: IT IS THE QUICKEST WAY TO REJOIN THE OCEAN. You liquefy, become fluid, flow back into the ocean where the colors are more beautiful."

The comic spirit of Anaïs shook herself jauntily and said: "Let's stop this weeping. Everything is more wonderful under water (than in space?). It is alive and it breathes." Space was lonely, and empty, a vast desert. After the feeling of GOLD I had a feeling of danger. My world is so beautiful, so beautiful, but so fragile. I was pleading for protection of this evanescent beauty. I thought I was the quickest mind alive and the quickest with words, but words cannot catch up with these transformations, metamorphoses. They are beyond words, beyond words. The Oriental cities vanished and the infinite appeared again, but now it was bordered on each side by the celestial gardens of precious stones on silver and gold stems. Temptation not to pursue the infinite, but to enjoy the gardens. Space is definitely without sensuous appeal.

The comic spirit of Anaïs stood aside and laughed at so much Russian-opera extravaganza. But the other Anaïs maintained her pose as a Balinese dancer with legs slightly bent, the tips of the fingers meeting in a symbolic gesture of pleading. I watched a shoreline of gold waves breaking into solid gold powder and becoming gold foam, and gold hair, shimmering and trembling with gold delights.

I felt I could capture the secret of life because the secret of life was metamorphosis and transmutation, but it happened too quickly and was beyond word. Comic spirit of Anaïs mocks words and herself. Ah, I cannot capture the secret of life with WORDS.


The secret of life was BREATH. That was what I always wanted words to do, to BREATHE. Comic spirit of Anaïs rises, shakes herself within her cape, gaily, irresponsibly, surrenders to the mystery of life.

Now I know why fairy tales are full of jewels.

Anais Nin

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