neo-evangelist's claim the rapture is coming !!!

the rapture is coming we do not have to worry about the environment,global warming or overpopulation

Dominion theologist's claim that
we should not be concerned about the environment,
global warming or overpopulation!!!

"It is understandable and legitimate that the threatened self should look for salvation, but this should not happen through undervaluing or regulating to second place the urgent need to save real life from its distress."
- Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

"Familiarity with the ways of the Eternal as they are revealed in the physical universe certainly tends to keep a man sane and sober and safeguards him against the vagaries and half-truths which our creeds and indoor artificial lives tend to breed. Think of the obsession of the speedy 'end of the world!' which has so often taken possession of whole communities, as if a world that has been an Eternity in forming could end in a day on the striking of a clock." - John Burroughs

"The end-of-the-world prophecies so popular in American fundamentalist Christianity today tap into an authentic realization, except for the idea that our salvation will come from without. They imagine Jesus coming down from the sky to take away the True Believers in a rapturous escape from a world we have ruined. It is a thought form exactly parallel to that of the techno-utopians. Only the identity of their god is different." - Charles Eisenstein

John Calvin

John Calvin

"When money transactions replace gift transactions, the circle of self shrinks to eventually become the lonely, mercenary domain of John Calvin and Adam Smith. To live in the gift reverses that process, undoing the bonds of the discrete and separate self and all that goes with it. To live in the gift is to relinquish the compulsion to control, the program to label and number the world, the quest for reductionistic certainty, the drive to convert the world into money and property." - Charles Eisenstein

John (Jehan) Calvin, a strict literalist, believed Biblical scripture to be the actual incorruptible word of God which carried absolute authority.

John Calvin, trained to be a lawyer (red flag), studied under some of the best legal minds of the Renaissance in France.

Part of that training involved the newer humanistic methods of exegesis, which dealt with a text in the original language directly via historical and grammatical analysis, as opposed to indirectly via layers of commentators.

John Calvin legal and exegetical training was important as he applied these exegetical methods to the Biblical scripture.

John Calvin systemized the Protestant interpretation of the scriptures with the publication of The Institutes of the Christian Religion.

John Calvin self-consciously tried to mold his thinking along literalist biblical lines, and he labored to preach and teach a literal interpretation of scripture.

John Calvin taught total depravity (people are born evil and care only about themselves) and predestination (some people are destined to hell, especially those who refute the dogma of total depravity and predestination - heretics all!).

{Obviously John Calvin had a flawed sense of logic. Man is totally depraved and yet somehow those totally depraved human beings were able to perfectly document and accurately describe through Biblical accounts the attributes of God.}

"If there were no one to punish, then God would be incapable of demonstrating that
he was a mysteriously vindictive God." - John Calvin's explanation for evil!

John Calvin made the claim that only his interpretation of scripture was to be absolute - with stern retribution for transgressors. John Calvin founded the first Protestant absolutist theocracy in Geneva, Switzerland.

Calvinist Geneva, the "Protestant Rome," was a totalitarian police state with systematic subjugation of an entire populace according to a specific doctrine - Calvinistic dogma.

In 1542 the council approved John Calvin's religious regulations.

The ministry was divided into pastors, teachers, lay (nonreligious) elders, and deacons. The pastors governed Calvin's Church, and their permission was required to preach in Geneva. To control public behavior, an elected group of pastors and elders were given the right to search people's homes; to banish anyone from the city; to force attendance at weekly sermons; and to ban gambling, drinking, dancing, and immodest dress. Criticism of John Calvin or other church officials was forbidden, as were immoral writings and books about Catholicism. Punishment for first offenses was usually a fine. Repeat offenders were banished, and extreme offenses carried the death penalty. From 1541 until John Calvin's death fifty-eight people were executed and seventy-six were banished in order to preserve the moral order of Calvinistic dogma.

"Any sculpture or public art was forbidden. A special permit was required to print anything for publication. It was forbidden to write letters abroad, and local mail was all read by a committee, coming and going. Everyone was encouraged to spy on everyone else, children on their parents, workers against each other, servants against their masters." - Rafi Metz*

"Most savagely of all were punished any offenders whose behavior challenged Calvin's political and spiritual infalliblity. A man who had publicly protested against the reformer's doctrine of predestination was mercilessly flogged at all the crossways of the city and then expelled. A book printer who, in his cups, had railed at Calvin was sentenced to have his tongue perforated with a red-hot iron before being expelled from the city. Jacques Gruet was racked and then executed merely for having called Calvin a hypocrite." - Stephan Zweig*, The Right To Heresy

John Calvin was instrumental in the burning of Michael Servetus* – the physician who first accurately discribed the circulation of blood. Michael Servetus and John Calvin communicated by letter each trying to the other of his theology. Michael Servetus, while in Vienne, was denounced as a heretic by Guillaume Trie, a rich merchant who had taken refuge in Geneva and was a very good friend of John Calvin. Michael Servetus was convicted of heresy by the French inquisition but escaped before his execution could be carried out. Michael Servetus shortly thereafter attended a sermon by John Calvin in Geneva and was arrested. Michael Servetus was found to be a heretic and was condemned to be burned alive. The executioners tied Michael Servetus to a chair, lowered him into the flames, then raised him up, then lowered him into the flames again, and again, and again, so in all it took half an hour before he died (apparently they were unsure of suffering in the after life and wanted to make sure he suffered in this life).

!!! WARNING !!!

the Rapture

The Rapture is the name given to an event by neo-evangelists in which Jesus Christ descends from Heaven, accompanied by the spirits of all the saints of God, both from the pre-incarnation period and after, who have passed on prior to this event. The reincarnated bodily remains of these saints are transported from the Earth to meet the Lord and be rejoined with their corresponding spirits in heaven. Immediately after this, all Christians alive on the earth are simultaneously transported to meet the Lord and those who have preceded them in heaven. All are transformed into immortal bodies like Jesus' body, often referred to as the "resurrection body" - experiencing a literal rebirth.

The popularization of the term is associated with teaching of John Nelson Darby, prominent among the Plymouth Brethren, and the rise of premillennialism and dispensationalism in English-speaking churches at the end of the 19th century. In 1908, the doctrine of the rapture was further popularized by an neo-evangelist named William Eugene Blackstone, whose book, Jesus Is Coming, sold more than one million copies The first known appearance of the theological use of the word "rapture" in print occurs with the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909.

{Note on the Rapture:

If I was a member of the Syndicate of the Soulless I would form a plan.

First I would attempt to get as many people as possible to believe that they would be removed from life on Earth by a supernatural force and given a ride on a comet - oops! my bad - I meant they all are Raptured and get to go to a place called Heaven so they can live in Communion with the one that rejected them , the one they call God, who initially threw them out of the Garden. When enough "believers" bought the bait I would coordinate with my shadow army to help "Rapture" the believers. (They did this in Chile. They call the "Raptured Ones" the disappeared.)

I would execute my raids in the early hours of the morning sometime before dawn. My soldiers would come dressed in the glowing gowns of angels who would use an aerosol of psychotropic drugs on the "Rapture" victims upon stealthily entering their abode. Once they recognized my soldiers as angels coming to take them home to Heaven they would quietly leave, no need to bring possessions or even clothes as they are not needed in Heaven.

I would then load them into my flaming chariot (a black van with fire decals, gotta remember my victims are no longer coherent as the psychotropic drugs do there job). The van would be fitted with a carbon monoxide system but the driver would have an oxygen mask. By the time I arrived at my destination, a mass grave in an abandoned mine deep in the hostile reaches of the wilderness my Rapture victims would be long dead.

No one has heard anything or seen anything.

If they do we just say they are insane.

The next step seals the Syndicate of the Soulless' power on Earth. A pronouncement is made. "The Rapture has occurred and the only people left on Earth are Satan's slaves." Now the sheeple realize that they have gone against the will of God, against the Golden Rule and all things beneficial to life so they willing submit to their new overlords who use tricks of magic to the remaining sheeple that the Earth has been given over to Mammon for all time.}

last judgement

last judgement

The concept of a Last Judgment is found in all Abrahamic religions.

In Christian eschatology, the Last Judgment, Final Judgment, Judgment Day, or Day of the Lord is the judgment by God of each individual soul.

In Islam, the Last Judgment is called, among other things, yaum al-Qiyamah - literally "the Day of Standing" when Allah judges all of Creation.

The ideation of God is a conceptual construct.

This conceptual construct, held in the mind of man, may or may not, resemble the actual form of the Creator and Sustainer.

To suggest that a woman or man must hold a certain predefined conceptual construct that defines the Creator and Sustainer with absolute perfection is both ludicrous and patently ridiculous. And to suggest that - come Judgment Day - the conceptual construct you hold will be the basis of your admittance ticket into a out-of-body place called Heaven - is to suggest that you purchase a ticket to the most fantastic conceptual construct ever dreamed of by the delirious mind of man.

apocalypse theatre


"For thousands of years now people have been predicting the end of the world - and soon! Though their frequent postponement of the date of Armageddon detracts from their credibility, the basic psychic energy behind the loonies holding up placards on Times Square comes from a real source. They are tapping into a true insight: the edifice of civilization has an irremediable structural flaw that dictates its eventual collapse. We are on a collision course with nature and with human nature." - Charles Eisenstein

Apocalypse literally means the lifting of the veil. Apocalypse is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to mean "end of the world", which may be a shortening of the phrase apokalupsis eschaton which literally means "revelation at the end of the age".

Apocalyptic beliefs predate Christianity, appear in other religions, and have merged into contemporary secular society, especially through popular culture. Apocalyptic beliefs also occur in other religious systems; the Hindu concept of pralay and the Norse concept of Ragnarök



Ragnarök, literally translated as the "fate of the gods", is the battle at the end of the world. Ragnarök will be waged between the Æsir, led by Odin, and the various forces of the Jötnar, including Loki. Not only will most of the gods, giants and creatures involved perish in this apocalyptic conflagration, but almost everything in the universe will be torn asunder.

Ragnarök will be preceded by the Fimbulwinter, the winter of winters. Three successive winters will follow each other with no summer in between. The stars will vanish from the sky, plunging the earth into darkness. The earth will shudder, so violently that trees will be uprooted, and mountains will fall, and every bond and fetter will snap and sever, freeing Loki, the God of Mischief.


Armageddon is the final climactic battle between God, also known as YHWH Elohim, and Satan, written in the Book of Revelation in the Christian New Testament, or more generally, an apocalyptic catastrophe. The word Armageddon in Scripture is known only from a single verse in the Greek New Testament, where it is said to be Hebrew, but it is thought to represent the Hebrew words Har Megido, meaning "Hill of Megiddo". Megiddo was the location of many decisive battles in ancient times.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Armageddon is the battle when Satan unites the kings of the Earth against God's appointed King, Christ.

Rastafari believe it is Haile Selassie who appears in the Book of Revelation. Armageddon (or rather "Amagideon") is a slightly different theological concept, meaning not so much a specific battle, but rather the general state the entire world is in now, and has been getting progressively deeper in.

Seventh-day Adventists believe the final battle of Armageddon will take place after the thousand-year period mentioned in the Book of Revelation, where the righteous dwell with God in heaven and the wicked are judged. According to this account, Christ and his saints (and the Heavenly kingdom they now reside in) will come down to Earth, shielded from the wicked. Christ will raise the wicked dead, and Satan will prepare them to engage in one final battle between good and evil. Satan and his followers will attempt to overthrow Christ's followers, but will be overcome by the power of Christ. Under His command, God destroys Satan and the wicked once and for all with an overwhelming fire. The Earth will be cleansed by fire, purged of all evil, then, according to the final two chapters of Revelation, will be made new and restored to its original state before sin entered into the world. Then Christ and His redeemed saints will be declared victorious.

zombie apocalypse

Pharmageddon: The Death of Natural Medicine

"At the end of times the merchants of the world will deceive
the nations through their Pharmacia (sorcery)." - Rev 18:23

"Given this unseemly state of affairs, some believe we are on the precipice of a medical end-of-times or "Pharmageddon," if you will, where medicine is no longer directly associated in any way with healing, but rather is a form of mass control and a highly organized means of simultaneously defrauding the public of its wealth and health.

After all, is there any greater absurdity than a medical model that treats the symptoms of disease with sub-lethal dosages of toxic chemicals and in which there is no attempt to uncover, understand or remove the causes of those imbalances?

After all, what disease has ever been found to be caused by a lack of a drug?

Is acid reflux caused by a lack of proton-pump inhibitors?

Is heart disease caused by a lack of statin drugs?

Is osteoporosis caused by a lack of Fosamax?

Is cancer caused by a lack of chemotherapy?

Is depression caused by a lack of Paxil?

Absolutely not!"

Sayer Ji

Mayan countdown

End Time

End time, End Time, End times, End Times, End-time, End-Time, End-times, End-Times; or End of days and End of Days, usually refers to the eschatological ideas in the three Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). End times is often, but not always, depicted as a time of tribulation that precede the predicted coming of a messianic figure. A number of religions and faith traditions have eschatological beliefs about end times, resulting in various belief systems, traditions and behaviors.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that we are living in the last days. Some Latter-day Saints believe that the earth has a temporal existence of 7000 years and that the present day is somewhere near the 6000th year. Wars, pestilence, economic despair, natural disasters and a finally a great earthquake will signal the end times.

In Shia Islam the end of time theory believes that the coming of Jesus will coincide with the return of the Muhammad al-Mahdi, who is considered by Shias as the 12th appointed successor of Prophet Muhammad. Shias believe that Jesus and the Mahdi will work together to bring about peace and justice on Earth between all peoples of faith.

In Sunni Islam the Sun sets, does not rise for 3 days, then rises from the west, rising till mid-day and then setting in the west. The Dajal (The Anti Christ) appears and deceives the majority of mankind. Jesus Christ descends from heaven. Famine and disasters occur. A man appears in Madina and is named the Mahdi. A great war between Muslims and Jews occurs. A wind comes taking the souls of all Muslims leaving only infidels on Earth. (see The Rapture)

Zoroastrians believe "at the end of thy tenth hundredth winter the sun is more unseen and more spotted; the year, month, and day are shorter; and the earth is more barren; and the crop will not yield the seed; and men become more deceitful, more given to vile practices and they will have no gratitude. A dark cloud makes the whole sky night."

Zoroastrians also believe an end time battle will occur between the righteous and wicked. Sinners will be punished but then forgiven. The world will reach perfection as poverty, old age, disease, thirst, hunger, and death cease. Evil and the spirit of evil will cease to exist, dualism will end and goodness will prevail.

Day of Awakening

Osisris returns to Earth, resurrects every human that lived by the Golden Rule and all sorrow pass' away forever.


Top 10 Film Appearances of The Statue of Liberty

lady liberty under the New World Order

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lady liberty knocked off of her pedestal


lady liberty is the victim of a terrorist attack perpetrated  by the executive

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lady liberty selling apples on the street corner  while a drone circles overhead

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lady liberty has been disrobed and found to not be carrying any bombs lady liberty has become anonymous so as not to be incarcerated

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